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Friday, April 19, 2019

(4/19/2019 08:00:00 PM) - Al

Burnes and Petricka down, Wilson back, Donnie Hart up.

As mentioned at the link, Houser is pitching very well in AAA; while Gio would make sense also.

Burnes is an enigma...high K's, great K/BB ratio. Very poor BAbip, which is a luck stat. Very poor HR/FB%, which is also a luck stat.

Getting hit hard in the bigs is not good for his confidence or the team, however. It is a results oriented business.

4/19/2019 08:00:00 PM

(4/19/2019 09:30:00 AM) - Al

Love Jeselnik.

Many do not. Because they are wimpy pansies who hate to laugh. Blah.

4/19/2019 09:30:00 AM

(4/19/2019 02:30:00 AM) - Al

I hope no one missed leg day.


4/19/2019 02:30:00 AM

Thursday, April 18, 2019

(4/18/2019 07:50:00 PM) - Al

So nice to see. The lied and have nowhere to hide. So, they lie some more.

4/18/2019 07:50:00 PM

(4/18/2019 04:30:00 PM) - Al

My Congressman, ladies and gentlemen.

He's right you know.

4/18/2019 04:30:00 PM

(4/18/2019 04:00:00 PM) - Al

To be fair, their ratings are punishment enough.

4/18/2019 04:00:00 PM

(4/18/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

Punch back twice as hard. Heh.

4/18/2019 03:30:00 PM

(4/18/2019 03:20:00 PM) - Al

It's easy to change your mind when you're a hack.

4/18/2019 03:20:00 PM

(4/18/2019 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Jobless claims lowest since 1969, 2nd week in a row.

Funny, I've been told tax cuts and the free market just don't work...

Well, they don't if you don't work...

4/18/2019 03:00:00 PM

(4/18/2019 02:40:00 PM) - Al

You don't have to have a good reason to keep promoting a farce.

He "obstructed" by doing nothing wrong. And kicking Hillary's ass.

4/18/2019 02:40:00 PM

(4/18/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

This is how a patriotic president spends his day.

Barry would be trying to figure out how to send more pallets of cash to know, the country that openly harbors terrorists.

4/18/2019 02:30:00 PM

(4/18/2019 02:10:00 PM) - Al

If one didn't know better, one might think USAT hates this version...because it's not slanted.

4/18/2019 02:10:00 PM

(4/18/2019 02:00:00 PM) - Al

This is what is going on in the greatest country in the world while the left bitches about stuff they paid for, made up, and are unhappy the system worked perfectly and called out the obvious fraud.

I'm so glad they're not on my side. The hell with them.

They won't be happy until we're as miserable as they are.

Just imagine what they could accomplish if they did not spend their waking hours trying to confiscate money from the successful in order to mask their mediocrity.

4/18/2019 02:00:00 PM

(4/18/2019 01:50:00 PM) - Al


4/18/2019 01:50:00 PM

(4/18/2019 01:49:00 PM) - Al


On page 472, paragraph 2, I think it might say "Orange man bad."

Remember what the Hillary book said...Russia was just an excuse floated out there after one of the most embarrassing losses in presidential history. And the friendly old media ran with it, because they are the old media. 

4/18/2019 01:49:00 PM

(4/18/2019 01:30:00 PM) - Al

Me no like math!

I also don't like the way math works, because I said the opposite.

4/18/2019 01:30:00 PM

(4/18/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

I don't care he's a star QB at all.

Dating Danica? Damn.

4/18/2019 12:30:00 PM

(4/18/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

They misspelled utopia.

4/18/2019 11:30:00 AM

(4/18/2019 11:00:00 AM) - Al

But, we don't like him.

And moreso, we hate the fact he is the most successful president since Reagan...who was also despised by the left.

4/18/2019 11:00:00 AM

(4/18/2019 10:32:00 AM) - Al

By my math, Kimbrel has already cost himself $2.25M.

He took a winning lottery ticket and bought a bunch more lottery tickets.

Time will tell how it turns out, but he ain't no math major.

4/18/2019 10:32:00 AM

(4/18/2019 10:17:00 AM) - Al

The old media wonders why they are a laughingstock.

4/18/2019 10:17:00 AM

(4/18/2019 10:04:00 AM) - Al

Wait until that report comes in!

I don't like that report!

They are a parody of themselves.

4/18/2019 10:04:00 AM

(4/18/2019 10:01:00 AM) - Al

In a couple days, Columbine will be 20 years ago.

And, tomorrow will be 24 years for Oklahoma City.

Time is a helluva drug.

4/18/2019 10:01:00 AM

(4/18/2019 09:00:00 AM) - Al

They wonder why millennials are made fun of.

Learn how to say no? What an idiot. This broad couldn't lay sod without being reminded of "green side up" every few minutes. And then she'd run away crying because "they're being so demanding!"

4/18/2019 09:00:00 AM

(4/18/2019 07:54:00 AM) - Al

Rained a couple inches here yesterday. Last night, we had water standing in the backyard. This morning, street is almost dry, it will be as soon as the sun comes out. Not even a puddle left on the lawn.

This always amazes me. Basically, if I would have slept from noon-8pm yesterday, it would have been too dark to notice after that. I would have woke up this AM and had no idea.

4/18/2019 07:54:00 AM

(4/18/2019 07:30:00 AM) - Al

My local news just had a woman on that said children "never lie about sexual assault."

321 charges, never got a single conviction. Rewriting history is what they do. And they wonder why we call them fake news.

4/18/2019 07:30:00 AM

(4/18/2019 03:00:00 AM) - Al

They hate the greatest country the planet has ever known.

Think about that.

4/18/2019 03:00:00 AM

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

(4/17/2019 04:30:00 PM) - Al

You don't pay for the truth. You pay for fiction.

They did, they lied about it, and they failed.

I'm glad they're not on my side. Because they suck at it.

4/17/2019 04:30:00 PM

(4/17/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

It's a mystery that may never be solved.

I still remember my good friend Dave at the pizza place I worked at for 5 years in Eau Claire telling me one night I was not working, a discussion took place that the subject matter could best be summed up as "how does Al always have a girlfriend that seems just a bit too good looking for him?"

It remains one of my proudest moments.

4/17/2019 03:30:00 PM

(4/17/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

Well said.

If all my stuff was as brilliant as this, I would post more.

4/17/2019 02:30:00 PM

(4/17/2019 01:30:00 PM) - Al

It's funny because it's true.

4/17/2019 01:30:00 PM

(4/17/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

They choose their heroes badly.

4/17/2019 12:30:00 PM

(4/17/2019 12:00:00 PM) - Al

I was on the fence about the Yelich trade. I liked him, his contract, and the fact he was in his prime. Then, I read the message boards, and the perpetual rebuilders hated it. Those who are always looking a half decade into the future despised it.

At that moment, I decided it was a helluva trade.

I was right.

4/17/2019 12:00:00 PM

(4/17/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

Heh. Hard not to notice.

4/17/2019 11:30:00 AM

(4/17/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

I continue to get emails and tweets asking why I am posting less.

--I am putting in more hours for work. As a 1099 executive (yes, I do love that term), I work as little or as much as I want to.

--The Rambling wife's health issues are no better or no worse, but she is scheduled for surgery next month.

--I have developed a close relationship with my "platonic girlfriend"* in Georgia**. Odds are, I would rather be chatting with her online than blogging. Since that time does not really change the time spent with the Rambling wife and son, well, hours in the day.

At this point in her life, she has stress and challenges that will, hopefully, go away soon. You make time for that.

--Finally, I fully realize most of my stuff is drivel. I like drivel, but it's not needed. I make less than $1000 a year from the ad revenue. I do this for fun. I'm not going to set "work hours" to ensure X amount of material. 

Thank you for your concern. I know if several people bother to contact me, hundreds are thinking it.

*Best term I can come up with. We're like family. Neither of us can deny it, neither of us understand it. It's strange as anything. We both hate most everyone...but not each other.

**One person mentioned I wrote up my Atlanta trip recap on Facebook but not on Ramblings. I should do that, as I have plenty to say about the road trip I did not mention on FB. Soon. Maybe.

A sneak preview? Illinois is as long as a bad relationship. It takes 15 hours to drive from central WI to Atlanta, and 8 of it only gets you to southern IL. Damn.

4/17/2019 11:30:00 AM

(4/17/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

Whenever you try and overrule the free market, you will struggle to attain the results you hoped for.

4/17/2019 10:30:00 AM

(4/17/2019 10:00:00 AM) - Al

People treat things they did not earn badly.


4/17/2019 10:00:00 AM

(4/17/2019 09:30:00 AM) - Al

Complete nonsense.

They have a 6-12 record. A 90 win pace would be 10 wins. They have 144 games to make up 4 wins.


Anyone who looks at a team's record before 40 games are played is kind of a rube.

4/17/2019 09:30:00 AM

(4/17/2019 08:41:00 AM) - Al

For those curious, Petricka was sent down on paper to Appleton. He will return when Wilson is put on the paternity list, which could be as early as today.

No one cares about minor league rosters...or minor league wins and losses for that matter. Simply put, the minors only exist to develop major league players. That's why those calling for minor leaguers to make real money to be 80-90% roster filler are completely off pun intended.

4/17/2019 08:41:00 AM

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

(4/16/2019 07:22:00 PM) - Al

Jeffress and Wilkerson added, Peralta and Petricka down.

I like Wilkerson more than most, his numbers remind me of Woodruff's last year, when many casuals had given up on him too. Wilkerson has somewhat pedestrian stuff, but so did Maddux. Smart pitchers always overachieve.

4/16/2019 07:22:00 PM

(4/16/2019 02:30:00 AM) - Al


She's pretty too.

4/16/2019 02:30:00 AM

These are the good old days. Some folks are just too busy wishing the streets were paved with gold to enjoy the good times.

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