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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

(11/20/2018 01:25:00 AM) - Al

So I'm at a funeral yesterday, and I asked the priest for the wifi password. He said "Have some respect." I then asked if that was all lowercase and with no spaces.

Of course that really didn't happen. Because I don't go to funerals.

11/20/2018 01:25:00 AM

(11/20/2018 01:00:00 AM) - Al

She couldn't spell cat if you spotted her "cat."

11/20/2018 01:00:00 AM

Monday, November 19, 2018

(11/19/2018 07:04:00 PM) - Al

MLBTR have no FA's in the top 10 going to the Crew, but they came in 2nd for Eovaldi and 4th for Corbin, Happ, and Keuchel.

Being a contrarian, I had them signing Grandal (and Kelvin Herrera). I discussed this once before, as Yasmani is known to be an excellent pitch framer and solid defender, but had a rough postseason. If they feel this was a small sample, they will go after him. If they feel he is a crappy defender, they will not.

11/19/2018 07:04:00 PM

(11/19/2018 05:00:00 PM) - Al

30 point buck?

Hold his beer.

11/19/2018 05:00:00 PM

(11/19/2018 04:30:00 PM) - Al

I give Crenshaw credit for not beating the living hell out of everyone in this room and then giving himself up to authorities.

11/19/2018 04:30:00 PM

(11/19/2018 04:00:00 PM) - Al

Consistency is not their strength.

11/19/2018 04:00:00 PM

(11/19/2018 03:00:00 PM) - Al

I'm sorry, but the way I understand it, no woman has ever lied about anything in the history of time. That "innocent until proven guilty line is as outdated as the Constitution.*

Kids either. All those people are scum, with their witchcraft and talking animals...

*which, rumor has it, is over 200 years old.

11/19/2018 03:00:00 PM

(11/19/2018 02:30:00 PM) - Al

President Trump's approval rating at 50% today.

If only the average GOP politician were as popular.

11/19/2018 02:30:00 PM

(11/19/2018 02:11:00 PM) - Al

Brewers name coaches. Have heard of Hook, no surprise he is probably very analytics friendly. Been in organization for over a decade.

11/19/2018 02:11:00 PM

(11/19/2018 02:00:00 PM) - Al

Why won't anyone ask you out? Because a couple weeks ago, you insisted a guy asking you on a date was equivalent to sexual assault.

Funny how they never really think stuff out.

11/19/2018 02:00:00 PM

(11/19/2018 01:30:00 PM) - Al


11/19/2018 01:30:00 PM

(11/19/2018 01:00:00 PM) - Al


11/19/2018 01:00:00 PM

(11/19/2018 12:58:00 PM) - Al

BUMP/UPDATE: I see some folks are saying Carlos Herrera will be added to the 40 because he throws hard. He also had a 5.46 ERA in Appleton last year. And a K/BB ratio  barely over 1. And he'll only be 21. I doubt it.

Possible additions to the 40 man
Trey Supak--23 next season. Main cog in the Jason Rogers trade (Broxton was the throw in), former 2nd round pick of Pirates. ranks him 13th in system, split season between high A and AA; 8-7, 2.48 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 0.4 HR/9, 8 K/9, 2.80 K/BB. In my mind, he's probably the only sure add. Prediction: YES.

Jon Olczak--25 next season. Former 11th round pick of Crew, went 10-3, 1.39 ERA almost entirely in AA, all in relief. Followed that up with a 1.50 ERA in the Arizona Fall League. 0.98 WHIP, 0.2 HR/9 (only allowed 1 HR while facing 230 batters), 9.7 K/9, 3.3-1 K/BB. Sub .200 BAA versus both LH and RH hitters. Only gave up more than a single earned run once all of 2018. does not have him ranked in the top 30 prospects, probably due to his advanced age. Still, one cannot ignore video game type stats. He's a 2 pitch guy and solely a reliever, so his ceiling is not that high. Still, if not protected, he seems certain to be taken, something you cannot say about anyone else in the organization other than Supak. Prediction: YES

Troy Stokes--23 next season. Former 4th round pick by the previous regime. Spent 2018 in AA, .343/.430, with 19 steals in 21 tries. Ranked 15th best prospect in system by Won minor league Gold Glove for defensive work last year. Why is this a question? Well, he's only 5-8. He has a below average throwing arm, and while he can play all 3 OF spots, has played LF 85% of the time in the minors (though playing on the same team as Corey Ray has upped that number). BA of only .233 LY, only .251 in 2017. Walks a lot, but strikes out often as well, 27% of his PA's last year. Finally, Tyrone Taylor was already added to the 40, and Corey Ray, while he does not have to be protected from the Rule 5 due to his lack of pro experience, obviously ranks above Stokes as a prospect. He's a borderline guy, and under Stearns, they rarely are protected. Still, one number jumps out at me...44%. In 2018, 44% of his hits were for extra bases, and 38% in his career. Doubles often turn into homers as players develop and add muscle. I would not be surprised if he's not, but I'm guessing he is. Prediction: YES.

Bubba Derby--25 next season. Former 6th round pick of the A's, acquired with Nottingham in Khris Davis swap. 4.49 ERA in Colorado Springs, which, as with the rest of the western PCL, is an offensive environment. Derby will almost certainly have a major league career, but it's tough to get excited about him. Kind of a blah guy, seems to me there are many minor league FA's of similar talent. That said, only 25, so he may turn into something more. I have him as a slight miss. Prediction: NO

Jake Gatewood--23 next season. Former 1st round pick of the Crew. Ranked 10th by Prodigious power, but after bouncing all over the field on defense, seems to have settled in at 1B (though projects to have the athletic ability to be a 1B/LF/RF in the majors). .302/.466 in tough to hit Southern League. Only 28 walks to go along with 114 K's. To me, he just makes too many outs. Prediction: NO

Cody Ponce--25 next season. Former 2nd round pick of the Crew. 7-6, 4.36 ERA in AA. Fastball, cutter, curve all are projectable to the majors. I think he'll eventually be a solid reliever. Just not enough upside and success yet to add to the 40. Prediction: NO

Devin Williams--24 next season. Former 1st round pick of Crew. Missed all of 2017 due to injury. Throws hard, but no success since 2016, when he was decent in high A. Prediction: NO

Nate Griep--25 next season. Former 8th round pick of the Crew. Good AA reliever, 2 30+ saves seasons in minors. Walks too many, mediocre versus LH bats. Prediction: NO

Nate Orf--29 next season. Undrafted FA. Lost his luster to many after 25 mediocre big league PA's, but he can still hit, run, and defend 7 positions. His ceiling may be that of a utility guy, but that's what we have thought he was for years. He could have been had for a 40 man spot last SEP and went unclaimed, so it's doubtful anyone will take him and have to keep him on the 25 man all season, especially with his advanced age. I think he'll have a nice career though. Prediction: NO.

Conner Harber--25 next season. Drafted in 16th round by Crew. 2.54 ERA, but mostly in high A ball. Too many walks too. Similar to Griep actually. Prediction: NO.

Quintin Torres Costa, a lefty reliever who may have been added for SEP, had a very nice season in AA/AAA, but had to have Tommy John surgery afterwards. I assume he will go unprotected and undrafted, as a team would have to pay him a major league salary to sit on the DL and then keep him up all of 2020.

11/19/2018 12:58:00 PM

(11/19/2018 12:14:00 PM) - Al

Just wondering how big of a nerd you gotta be to enter the realm of this discussion.

11/19/2018 12:14:00 PM

(11/19/2018 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Consistency is not their strength.

11/19/2018 09:00:00 AM

(11/19/2018 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Attention whore (pun intended) unhappy with unwanted attention from telling tales.

That's a shame.

11/19/2018 08:00:00 AM

(11/19/2018 05:30:00 AM) - Al


I'm not saying they're hypocrites. They don't need my help.

The funny part is, he's failed at everything he's attempted to do, except get elected. Obamacare is nothing less than a disaster for those who are stuck with it. His economy was 8 years of "bad luck" and "malaise." And, especially damning, was both his foreign policy and economic failures have been easily righted simply by someone giving a damn.

11/19/2018 05:30:00 AM

(11/19/2018 01:30:00 AM) - Al


They choose their battles poorly. See Kavanaugh, Brett.

11/19/2018 01:30:00 AM

Sunday, November 18, 2018

(11/18/2018 08:35:00 PM) - Al

Think how nice it would be to get paid to not be able to count ballots as well as a damn 7 year old one night every couple years.

What a frickin' idiot. Don't let the door hit ya in your incompetent should be in prison ass on the way out.

11/18/2018 08:35:00 PM

(11/18/2018 04:44:00 PM) - Al



11/18/2018 04:44:00 PM

(11/18/2018 12:19:00 PM) - Al

Teams will be filling out their 40 man rosters before TUE when they must be set to give teams prep time for the Rule 5 draft (FYI, if you see anyone using the self important and incorrect, but fancy "Rule V" moniker, they're the type that won't tip because they're afraid the recipient might spend it on booze).

It occurred to me that I have not given you my predictions, though I already admitted being incorrect on Tyrone Taylor.

11/18/2018 12:19:00 PM

(11/18/2018 12:13:00 PM) - Al

Eovaldi was on the Brewers' list long before his stellar late season success. Probably pushed his demands out of the Crew's range, but they can make a solid offer and make others overpay, as happened last year with Cobb, Darvish, and others.

11/18/2018 12:13:00 PM

(11/18/2018 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Why do they call it fake news?

Because it's fake news.

11/18/2018 08:00:00 AM

(11/18/2018 01:30:00 AM) - Al

I have mentioned this often. When you hear the term used, it's always a person completely ignorant of the Constitution.

11/18/2018 01:30:00 AM

Saturday, November 17, 2018

(11/17/2018 07:50:00 PM) - Al


8M people own AR15's, many own several. I'm not saying they're just out to take your guns. But they are, and they do not hide the fact once they take them, you'll be helpless to stop them from killing you.

Which is why the founding fathers guaranteed that right. They were protecting the citizens from those who insist we should eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

Ironic, huh?

11/17/2018 07:50:00 PM

(11/17/2018 06:17:00 PM) - Al

DJ Wilson should join them as soon as he gets healthy. Even with their tremendous depth, quality role players like Delly hasn't got more than a coupler minutes except in garbage time.

11/17/2018 06:17:00 PM

(11/17/2018 04:30:00 PM) - Al

To the left, the real enemy is the right...not terrorists or foreign powers.

This was Obama's belief too, butt his clown is actually dumb enough to say it out loud.

11/17/2018 04:30:00 PM

(11/17/2018 01:00:00 PM) - Al

Rosenthal says Moustakas' best fit would be with the Brewers on the MLBN.

One of the most underrated aspects of the team Stearns built was the defense and the baserunning. MM is not a speed demon, but he is not a plodder either, like Aguilar and whoever catches.

Another interesting aspect is that the Crew will only bring in one infielder, and that includes Schoop, who will get about $10M if offered arby. Shaw's ability to play 2B or 3B allows them to look for the best fit at either spot.

11/17/2018 01:00:00 PM

(11/17/2018 12:30:00 PM) - Al

Only against whites.

11/17/2018 12:30:00 PM

(11/17/2018 11:16:00 AM) - Al

The GOP's failure to embrace President Trump's unapologetic fiscal conservatism and successful economic blueprint is probably why they do not have 55-58 Senate seats next year.

In the AZ aftermath, one need not look past how unpopular their incumbents were when one wonders why so many Republicans stayed home. If you had bothered to show up and vote and your senators were Jeff Flake and John McCain, seemingly going out of their way to keep progress from happening every day in DC, it's an easy call to stay home.

11/17/2018 11:16:00 AM

(11/17/2018 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Hannah is mighty cute, but I only watch to listen to her speak.

That's how angels talk, you know.

They're building a cabin that they are going to use as a gym and a guest house. By the look of her muscular thighs, she does not need to work out another day in her life. 

11/17/2018 11:00:00 AM

(11/17/2018 10:00:00 AM) - Al

I blame the Model T SUV.

11/17/2018 10:00:00 AM

(11/17/2018 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Not only is this off the charts stupid, the fact they did not have puppies offends me to the bone.

11/17/2018 08:00:00 AM

(11/17/2018 06:30:00 AM) - Al

Well, to be fair, anything works when you look like Shania Twain.

Trust me, puddles of urine ain't working for me.

11/17/2018 06:30:00 AM

(11/17/2018 05:30:00 AM) - Al

Watch it to the end.

11/17/2018 05:30:00 AM

(11/17/2018 02:00:00 AM) - Al

It's funny because it's true.

11/17/2018 02:00:00 AM

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