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Saturday, February 28, 2015

(2/28/2015 07:44:00 PM) - Al

The Crew sells 101K tickets. I know I saw several Twitter mentions yesterday of season ticket holders buying tickets, so I assume they gave them codes and counted that in the total.

2/28/2015 07:44:00 PM

(2/28/2015 03:31:00 PM) - Al

Wind chill is just a way of making weather folks feel more important.

2/28/2015 03:31:00 PM

(2/28/2015 03:08:00 PM) - Al

Of course, anyone simple enough to believe a word Jezebel or The Daily Beast says deserve to live in a cloudy fog of their own ignorance.

They lie. And they don't even try to pretend they don't. On the rare occasions they get caught, they feign shock and double down the next week.

2/28/2015 03:08:00 PM

(2/28/2015 11:44:00 AM) - Al

Women aren’t supposed to think for themselves, and if they do, they will be attacked and smeared as anti-feminist by the radical feminist left.--Cassy Fiano 

Read the whole thing here.

I love Cassy's thoughts on how liberals think so little of women that they feel they cannot afford $4 a month for contraception, or for that matter, exercise self control.

2/28/2015 11:44:00 AM

(2/28/2015 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Got a pair of emails the past few days that both basically say the same Governor Walker seems to be getting great press nationally of late, as he has given speeches in Iowa and at CPAC, the locals have been all over him.

One writer mentioned his Facebook feeds had direct physical threats and such vulgar language he went so far as to unfriend the guilty. Another said he was at a loss to explain it, because the right to work legislation was the result of the legislature, as the governor had said on many occasions since being reelected he would not push for it this session. He closed with this these people even pay attention?

Well...let's be blunt. When it comes to telling the truth about Governor Walker's record, the left's record is pretty much one of complete lies. When Barrett ran against him (the first time, not the one caused by the hysterical left's hatred of a balanced budget and gold benefits rather than platinum), they really didn't know what to make of him...his results as Milwaukee County executive showed sound leadership, decent results, and the ability to get stuff done. Let us not forget...if not for Milwaukee County and Dane County, Walker would have won by a 3-2 margin in each of his three elections...Reaganesque sized landslides. They are not just left, but wacko left, socialist left, USSR left, Cuba left. He looked to be a moderate Republican, because, well, he had to be.

After being elected and facing a budget deficit left by the previous administration, partially caused by the annual rubber stamping of property tax increases, but even larger increases in spending. Seriously, it's just math. As he discussed in his book, it does not take a genius to figure out in order to cut taxes and have a balanced budget, the pandering to the teacher's unions had to stop. The irony is, despite constant denials of what was important, the union gave in one every issue except one...they had to have the ability to deduct union dues, because they knew a good amount of teachers would not pay them otherwise. Several legislators begged the governor to accept this compromise, but he knew that it was vital to cut off the river of cash.

So, years later, we know only about half the teachers pay dues now that they have to write a check. About 40% of them vote for Walker. Whenever he visits schools, or his wife does, teachers quietly thank him for doing what was right, not what was easy. This is done behind closed doors, of course, because they are afraid of retribution by union bosses, and those that despise capitalism.

And we wonder why schools can't solve the bullying problem. They ARE the bullying problem.

So, Walker's time in Madison have been a success by every index or number. I still giggle at ads in 2012 bragging up Obama's 7ish% unemployment (all but solely the result of the jobs created in conservative Texas, by the way), and then criticizing Walker's 6ish% unemployment in 2014. The next day, they insisted they had lost because the electorate was so damn stupid.

Walker has simply stood up to the problem. Common sense and fiscal sanity go a long way, even in Madison. Of late, in my opinion, he's been running as the opposite of Obama. Obama stammers, complains, does nothing, and then blames the impasse on the GOP. When was the last time you heard him say what a great country we live in? Thanked our military for their service? Discussed his faith, his beliefs, and how positive he is about the future? I promise you, every single one of them is in Walker's last transcript.

How has the left reacted? As discussed above, the untruths have been screamed louder of late. Bad language has been added, because they do not understand that makes them look like uneducated simpletons. Remember, nothing looks worse on TV than picket lines, protests, and "sit down" demonstrations that often block traffic, block the entrances to the Bradley Center, and involve chanting loudly. Imagine you just getting home from working all day, turning on the TV, and seeing bad behavior like that? Work all day, pick up your child or spouse, go to the Bucks' game, and have some idiots plop down in front of the doors? One of my favorite moments were when they did this at the airport, and many travelers did just what I would do...walked right on top of them. They complained to the police and the police, well, told them the best way to avoid that would be not to sit down in the walkways.

Trust me, this does not result in moderate voters going home and being sympathetic to the "cause." It makes them angry, and you know what? They are not going to be less angry seeing people make fun of his bald spot, by calling him "Wanker," or by saying his wife is unattractive. It actually reaffirms to many how empty the arguments are against him. Many guys also are balding, have wives that do not look like models, and names that got them teased in 5th grade. It makes him a sympathetic character, and reminds people why they'd never run for office.

The only way they can voice displeasure is by voting. Thank goodness the unions are oblivious to this, and somehow think that soccer moms and others in the target bloc will see this boorish behavior and think, "Hey, I wanna vote to make them less grumpy."

It's a long way to November 2016. Heck, we're almost a year away from the first GOP primary. Candidates will ebb, flow, and go up and down plenty of times between now and then...often for reasons they have little or no control of.  So, if he remains in the top spot, or even the top three, the attacks will continue. As long as they are shooting blanks like they have thus far, I think it's helping, not hurting.

As of today, the heavy favorite for the Dems is Hillary Clinton, a woman who is despised by many on both sides of the much so, many voted for this young fella from IL who they knew nothing about instead of her. So much so, Obama chose Joe Biden instead of her, despite Biden's inability to not say something regrettable whenever he's let out of his cell in the sub basement.

Can she win? Yep. Can she beat a likeable guy who is positive, friendly, and not married to a proven philanderer who was impeached? Maybe. But I'll take my chances. And sympathy votes count just as much as all the rest. 

2/28/2015 11:00:00 AM

(2/28/2015 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Adam looks at 3B after Aramis retires.

I have often said my best bet is Jason Rogers, who is never mentioned, even though he is on the 40, played nothing but 3B in AAA last season, and was the minor league player of the year in 2013. I am not sure if this is because he is poor defensively (I can't say I've ever heard a word one way or the other) or because he has a husky build (you know, that's why Pablo Sandoval has struggled so).

He was a 30th round pick, so he's had to prove himself at every level, so often those players are artificially lesser thought of (similar to a pitcher who tops out at 87 or a player who plays a corner spot who has little power (because Wade Boggs wasn't able to be a HoF 3B because he didn't hit 25 homers every season). He's also an older prospect, as this will be his year of 27. That said, the guy can hit.

2/28/2015 08:00:00 AM

Friday, February 27, 2015

(2/27/2015 09:29:00 PM) - Al

Eric says not only is there a Beverly Hills High, it was used in a classic Xmas film.

2/27/2015 09:29:00 PM

(2/27/2015 04:50:00 PM) - Al

Sanders is a train wreck wrapped around a dumpster fire.

Won't take painkillers, smokes "natural" pot instead. Quit on the team because Kidd ran a tough practice. Said he needed treatment, and checks himself out and flies to the Caribbean.

He's exactly what you'd expect from a pothead with $15M in the bank. He's just one excuse after another, and has no motive to get better.

Note the way he talks about his "art." The only people who treat art and culture as more than a hobby are the very rich or the very spoiled.

Sadly, Mr. Sanders is both. I can't believe he'll get back into the game until he's hit rock bottom...several times. I'm not sure how long it will take him to spend his treasure chest, but you get the feeling it will be far sooner that we're thinking.

I hate to say it, but one phrase that is almost always wrong is "Addition by subtraction." Unless a player is worthless, a team is never better off paying him not to play. However, in this case, Sanders sold his future for 40 cents on the $1...I assume just so he didn't have to ignore the team and what they were telling him to know, get help and counseling. 

2/27/2015 04:50:00 PM

(2/27/2015 03:45:00 PM) - Al

Trae Jackson will not practice today, team's medical staff has not yet cleared him physically to do so, per WSJ.

He had hoped to practice yesterday and play Sunday at Senior Day.

2/27/2015 03:45:00 PM

(2/27/2015 02:08:00 PM) - Al

I can't believe there is actually a place called Beverly Hills High School. Never mind the Bucks practiced there this AM.

2/27/2015 02:08:00 PM

(2/27/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Just ignore them. The old media is almost powerless, as the only people who pay attention to them are the extremely low information voter.

Do I get upset when someone is critical of Ramblings? I hit "reply" and thank them for their email, and move on. If it gets to be silly, I just mark their silliness as spam and never see it again.

Let's be blunt here...our behavior is off the charts better than theirs. The bad language and inferred violence at the capitol speaks for itself. They still think they can yell and complain their way to power.

We listen to their constant temper tantrums, selfish wants, fibs, and quarter truths; and we vote. That's how we get back at them.

2/27/2015 10:00:00 AM

(2/27/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

The world is healthier, and the USA is unhealthier.

Thanks anti vaccine people. May wanna read the data that's, you know, not made up.

2/27/2015 09:00:00 AM

Thursday, February 26, 2015

(2/26/2015 08:49:00 PM) - Al

KRod's contract details
2017--club option for $6M 
$4M deferred, details have not leaked yet

I assume the deferred cash will be $1M per season over four different years, which minimizes the "hit," of course. The money; well, the two year total, is so minimal, well below market value for a veteran reliever who has had late inning success, the only possible criticism of the signing is the eventual financial hit, many moons down the road. 

Please. Like I'm concerned if Mark A will sell the team for $550M or $555M. Obviously, he was willing to spend about $60M or so in bonus and penalties to bring Moncada into the fold, so the money is there if he sees an opportunity.

2/26/2015 08:49:00 PM

(2/26/2015 03:42:00 PM) - Al

I barely watch any network prime time TV anymore (though the wife and I DVR The Chew every weekday and watch it in the evenings), but I have such high hopes for CSI Cyber, I already set a series recording.

Let's hope.

2/26/2015 03:42:00 PM

(2/26/2015 02:19:00 PM) - Al

I make the Rambling son this, minus the bacon, often when it's just me and him. One of his favorites.

I knew I should have patented it.

2/26/2015 02:19:00 PM

(2/26/2015 12:09:00 PM) - Al

KRod back to the Crew, 2y/$13M, though only $3M in 2015, likely some flexibility for another player if a trade or signing presents itself.

2/26/2015 12:09:00 PM

(2/26/2015 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Comics have lost all realisticness.

Next thing you know, the characters will be flying and dating guys that look like me.

2/26/2015 11:00:00 AM

(2/26/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

I like how Obama, who just vetoed a bipartisan bill, uses bipartisanship as a reason for the House to vote on a bill.--RBPundit

He can't keep his foolish, fictional reasons he is against capitalism straight for five minutes.

2/26/2015 10:00:00 AM

(2/26/2015 08:47:00 AM) - Al

KRod signs...with someone.

Heh. That's impressive in today's media circles.

2/26/2015 08:47:00 AM

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

(2/25/2015 01:42:00 PM) - Al

Wisconsin's traveling party left from Baltimore early Wednesday morning but was forced to land in Pittsburgh following an engine malfunction. The entire traveling party then was scattered across three hotels in Pittsburgh and were still awaiting a return flight back to Madison as of late Wednesday morning., a website that tracks the departure of airplanes, noted the Badgers' flight was in the air for only 44 minutes when it was diverted to land in Pittsburgh. The plane landed at 1:03 a.m. ET. That trouble came after the flight was delayed 90 minutes in Baltimore when the plane's door would not shut.

Wisconsin had a scheduled off day Wednesday and can clinch a share of the Big Ten title on Sunday against Michigan

Last night was worse after the game. By the way, they have school today. Heh. 

2/25/2015 01:42:00 PM

(2/25/2015 01:18:00 PM) - Al

Politifact, which usually leans a bit left, says even Dems agree with right to work.

You just have to ask it so it doesn't come off as anti union.

2/25/2015 01:18:00 PM

(2/25/2015 12:09:00 PM) - Al

Sanders makes excuses, says he has a problem, but never really explains why he's a pothead and why he has not made any effort to actually take care of his problem medically.

In answer to his question, he walked away because someone gave him $20M to do so. He also struggles to follow rules and laws set forth, for reasons he never discusses.

Millions of people live with his medical problems daily, and take it upon themselves to follow their doctor's advice and not spend all their time missing work and smoking pot. Until he decides to do the same, he'll keep shrugging his shoulders and blaming a condition that's very treatable. What a monumental waste of talent.

2/25/2015 12:09:00 PM

(2/25/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Cop: I have witnesses that say you were in there, standing behind the bar, screaming, swearing...

Man, dressed as a woman: I wasn't screaming. 

She needs to learn how to argue with a cop, because that ain't how you do it.

Drug dealer: I don't sell drugs, man. I use drugs, man.

I know the penalties are stiffer for dealers, but again, that just hurts my feelings. Yo, fella should have stayed in school and took some debate club.

2/25/2015 10:00:00 AM

(2/25/2015 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Rahm Emmanuel spent $7M on TV ads for the Chicago mayoral primary...didn't get 46% of the vote, needed 50% to avoid runoff.

That's Chicago. Far left Chicago.  Before Obama was president, Rahm would have gotten 80% or more because he would have swept the dead vote.

Obama's so unpopular, he's limited voter fraud. Who woulda thunk it?

2/25/2015 08:00:00 AM

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(2/24/2015 09:59:00 PM) - Al

Bucks somehow managed to knock Derrick Rose out for the season last night. Reported today with knee pain, torn MCL. They cannot do a trade, but they can add a free agent until 3/1 and have him be eligible for the playoffs.

Of course, there's no all star point guards available on waivers, to say the least. The Bulls look like they can be taken in the playoffs. I'd rather play them than the Hawks or Cavs, given this news. The Wizards are the other team likely to be a top four seed in the East.

2/24/2015 09:59:00 PM

(2/24/2015 09:33:00 PM) - Al

American Sniper murderer found guilty as hell.

He was actually just found guilty. As hell was an editorial comment. Because it's true.

Good luck in the Texas prison system after killing one of the most decorated Seals ever. He's gonna need it.

2/24/2015 09:33:00 PM

(2/24/2015 09:27:00 PM) - Al

Josh Gasser said this week the lost at Rutgers refocused the team. Expect the same result here. No more than 12 games remaining this season.--Badger Nation

Hard to get up for 30+ games. Tonight's game did not really mean much of anything. Simply not good enough to beat many teams at 70-80% effort. Of course, it's easy to get in the habit of playing at 3/4th's speed.

Many of us were not good enough to do that at any level...I had to give 95% in a pickup game during a free hour in high school to not be embarrassed.

Not to mention, a bad half, or even a bad ten minutes; can easily cost you a game. Add a bad ten minutes to a night when the 3 just isn't falling, that's a recipe for a loss.

2/24/2015 09:27:00 PM

(2/24/2015 09:16:00 PM) - Al

Laughing at Twitter folks trying to explain the "rules" for storming the court.

There are none. No student should ever spend one second on the court. As is, teams like Duke and Kentucky, and Wisconsin this year, are pretty much going to have this happen whenever they lose on the road.

I remember in high school, if someone set foot on the court in any type of hiking shoes or work boots, the whole world would end. I never really understood why, as the floor was heavily waxed, and I never saw a black mark that did not come off easily if you just rubbed it with your foot/shoe. I know now it was an overrreaction, as those thousands of students were not all wearing perfect shoes.

2/24/2015 09:16:00 PM

(2/24/2015 08:57:00 PM) - Al

No shame in losing at Maryland...any top 25 team can have a good game and beat any top club...especially in front of a sold out home crowd. The Terps have three very good players...those are the teams that typically do nicely late, as you can't focus on a trio.

Hopefully, it came early enough to correct anything the team may be doing incorrectly. They struggle against atheltic point guards, as Yogi Ferrell drove to the hoop repeatedly as well. Of course, not many teams are going to shut them down, that's why having really good players is a good thing.

2/24/2015 08:57:00 PM

(2/24/2015 08:49:00 PM) - Al

Smith would be claimed without a doubt if he had not been a reliever for most of his career. As is, while he may be useful, his ceiling is limited. That said, he does throw 93, so that's plus velocity.

2/24/2015 08:49:00 PM

(2/24/2015 06:48:00 PM) - Al

This is why teams let the Badgers shoot 3's and hope...if they miss most of them, they are very beatable, as is almost every team.

2/24/2015 06:48:00 PM

(2/24/2015 04:42:00 PM) - Al

Still chuckle whenever I hear something like the Arctic Tailgate has to be revamped due to the cold weather in the forecast.

I get it, it's dangerous to be outside. Let's be honest's just a publicity stunt anyway, as the old media is so gullible, they will provide free air time if they can show a few souls in parkas. Everyone knows 90% of the tickets will be sold online...but we can all just pretend we don't, right?  

2/24/2015 04:42:00 PM

(2/24/2015 01:58:00 PM) - Al

Badgers a 6-7 point favorite over the 15th ranked Terrapins.

At Maryland.

I was thinking it would be pick 'em. The linemakers love Bucky.

2/24/2015 01:58:00 PM

(2/24/2015 01:52:00 PM) - Al

Embedded image permalink

Christie tackling the problem head on...just like Governor Walker did.

2/24/2015 01:52:00 PM

(2/24/2015 01:25:00 PM) - Al


That's what they're afraid of. It isn't a coincidence protestors still use the same behavior they did back in the old days...for the most part, all but the violence...though we saw all the damage and vandalism that happened at the capitol when teachers got together in Madison.

Walker has won two elections since then, and while not landslides, he has won easily. Once, we spent $20M on a recall election that the unions insisted they had to have because4 they would win 60% of the vote...and they actually got fewer votes than they got 18 months prior.

The left curses, yells, and carries misspelled signs. They call in sick when they are not, because they are selfish, and don't give a damn about others.

The right (and many independents) shake their head at the childish behavior, and vote.

Because we're better than that.

2/24/2015 01:25:00 PM

(2/24/2015 01:05:00 PM) - Al

JS reports all but Braun and Ramirez are in camp (tomorrow is the official reporting day). Lucroy is there but was sent home with the flu.

I've been a bit queasy the last 48 hours tummy feels like I have a big lump of sand in nausea, no pain, just a strange feeling. I canceled an appointment for today yesterday, just in case I had the flu...many of my clients are elderly, and thus, have weak immune systems. I'm sure plenty of crap is going around, and I'm just wiped out...slept 14 hours last night and Sunday.

I'd ask the Rambling son, but I'm sure he'd just tell me I'm old.:)

2/24/2015 01:05:00 PM

(2/24/2015 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Thank goodness Ronnie did not have any special skills when the time came. I would have had to hire somebody to walk him through the line.

2/24/2015 11:00:00 AM

(2/24/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

I did not know "jigaboo" was a word either. I certainly did not know it was offensive.

2/24/2015 10:00:00 AM

Monday, February 23, 2015

(2/23/2015 09:19:00 PM) - Al

The left insisted they were "helping" the former slaves. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? This is why they rewrite history...the facts are painful to look at.

2/23/2015 09:19:00 PM

(2/23/2015 08:21:00 PM) - Al

Watching Meet Dave on the DVR.

1. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, in fact, many very good lines.

2. Gabrielle Union is one beautiful woman.

2/23/2015 08:21:00 PM

(2/23/2015 12:20:00 PM) - Al

Nebraska was a joy to watch (well, in Lincoln) last year.

Looks like Miles is suffering from "look at me" disease. While there are always a few who will applaud it, most folks look at it just like they do unions showing up to complain in a public temper tantrum.

2/23/2015 12:20:00 PM

(2/23/2015 11:49:00 AM) - Al

Brewers finish 2nd or 3rd for Cuban prospect.

2/23/2015 11:49:00 AM

Sunday, February 22, 2015

(2/22/2015 08:28:00 PM) - Al

The most transparent administration ever.

Refuses to cooperate as they cover up the IRS scandal....which is one of many, of course.

2/22/2015 08:28:00 PM

(2/22/2015 08:17:00 PM) - Al

Casuals often say "so and so should never face a RH hitter," but in reality, as Matheny points out, that's impossible. You can do it in September and in the playoffs, and you can use guys that way if SP's go 7 innings on a nightly basis.

In '11, the Crew didn't even bother with a LH reliever and had an outstanding bullpen. How soon we forget.

2/22/2015 08:17:00 PM

(2/22/2015 05:09:00 PM) - Al

Traevon Jackson says he will travel with the team to Maryland Tuesday, and then practice Thursday. Intends to play next weekend, at home versus Michigan State, Senior Day.

2/22/2015 05:09:00 PM

(2/22/2015 12:32:00 PM) - Al

No one ever finds Jesus on prom night.

Not a perfect analogy, but I love that line so much, I work it in whenever I can.

2/22/2015 12:32:00 PM

(2/22/2015 12:18:00 PM) - Al

We saw Rudy and W on the worst day of their lives. Both reacted with strength and patriotism.

Obama insists ISIS is not Islamic.

My goodness, it's the first I. 

2/22/2015 12:18:00 PM

(2/22/2015 10:54:00 AM) - Al

Patty Heaton doesn't think much of Kerry's "hold hands and sing folk songs" approach to dealing with terrorism either.

And, she looks a lot better than I do.

2/22/2015 10:54:00 AM

(2/22/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Found while looking for something else...the model in the Hardee's Velveeta meltdown ad is named Xian Mikol.

This is her Twitter page. The fact I have no idea how her name is pronounced is very likely not the only thing preventing us from having a relationship.

2/22/2015 10:00:00 AM

Saturday, February 21, 2015

(2/21/2015 11:52:00 PM) - Al

Just noticed that the clocks should be going forward next weekend, but because Saturday is the 28th, and not the 1st, it gets pushed back until the 8th.

Because, you know, who wants it to be light until 6 instead of 5? Everyone?

The benefits of double daylight time are endless, and the negatives almost nonexistent. That's why it's so's so obvious, everyone thinks they must be missing something. Crime would be lower, there's more evening time for exercise and family time, and far less electricity would be used. Just leave the clock at DST in the fall, and then continue the "spring ahead, fall back" tradition. The irony is, they did it in Europe during WW2, it worked, and they dumbly just said, "Well, let's go back to the old dumb way."

2/21/2015 11:52:00 PM

(2/21/2015 08:10:00 PM) - Al

I blame the tea party myself.

2/21/2015 08:10:00 PM

(2/21/2015 07:51:00 PM) - Al

I wonder what the delay on this was...not that Kenyon Martin is a huge loss (I assume they could resign him if desired)...but this was reported as complete days ago.

What's kind of sad is, Larry managed to smoke pot his way out of the league, made excuses and never took responsibility, and walks away with $20M. And, whenever he decides to lace up his sneakers again, he'll have a dozen teams begging him to play for them.

Make fun of him being a pothead all you want, I had to "remind" my old employer to pay me my built up vacation time.

2/21/2015 07:51:00 PM

(2/21/2015 03:59:00 PM) - Al

Marquette game gets done at 3:55, Admirals take the ice at 7.

Watching the changeover would be more fun than the hockey game for many of us.

2/21/2015 03:59:00 PM

(2/21/2015 03:56:00 PM) - Al

2008, Obama calls Bush "unpatriotic", liberals cheer. 

2015, Guiliani says something similar, he gets death threats.--Nate Hillman

True, yep.

Funny, absolutely.

2/21/2015 03:56:00 PM

(2/21/2015 03:53:00 PM) - Al

Fifty Shades of Grey is romantic only because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal Minds episode.--Lost In Hell

I have people insisting it's domestic violence, but many who insist it is not.

Sadly, I don't care enough about the subject matter to figure it out.

2/21/2015 03:53:00 PM

(2/21/2015 03:36:00 PM) - Al

Years when it's ok to mock the president: 1981-1992, 2001-2008 

Years when it's not ok: 1993-2000, 2009-2016--Kyle Smith

And since 2009, it's also been racist. Keep it straight, will ya?

My goodness, if Obama would have to put up with a fraction of what W did, he would have ran back to Chicago crying seven years ago.

2/21/2015 03:36:00 PM

(2/21/2015 12:44:00 PM) - Al

Dakich is 100% correct...teams like the Badgers do "get bored." I'm sure many of them wish the NCAA's would hurry up and get here.

One of my favorite sayings is "enjoy the journey" (which seems to be a shortened version of another saying, and given my love of a good editor, makes sense). Many people are so intent on this or that, they forget that the goal is years away, and to, in effect, enjoy the ride.

Today's game is the 2nd weekend in a row that the opposing team has just thrown in the white flag, and not bothered to "lengthen the game," which is a fancy term for a tough press, and fouling to stop the clock. It rarely works, especially if the deficit is more than 3-4 to begin with. That said...the other option is to just let the clock run out and lose. Last SUN, ILL did exactly that, and today, MIN let the clock go down from 3 minutes to 35 seconds before finally starting to foul, down 8 or 9, when the math simply does not work.

2/21/2015 12:44:00 PM

(2/21/2015 12:21:00 PM) - Al

Badgers' basketball conference opponents next season:

Home only:  Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Rutgers
Road only:  Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern, Penn State
H&H:  Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan State, Purdue

I have no idea how many guys each team graduates, but that is a mighty tough home and home. 14 of 18 versus the top ten this year.

Funny, they were talking today about how it will be Hayes and Koenig next year, and Dekker may or may not be back (I'd be long gone, but some feel he will stick around). Heck, if Sam does return, they may still be a favorite for the league. Of course, if Diamond Stone decides to be a Badger, they might be too.

We're so used to winning, I can only imagine the hand wringing, mock jumping off the cliff if they would finish 6-12, 14-15.

2/21/2015 12:21:00 PM

Friday, February 20, 2015

(2/20/2015 11:55:00 PM) - Al

Me: So, what do you have planned for the weekend? 

RW: Going to go over to a friend's house tomorrow to scrapbook. You and boy are on your own for lunch. Be home in time to go to church, the Rambling son is supposed to run the powerpoint. Sunday, the bell choir plays at the beginning of the late service, so I'll just play and leave. You?

Me: Badgers play early tomorrow, so after them, I'll get a good nap in. Bucks play Sunday afternoon, so I'll have to decide whether to nap before or after the game. Luckily, the Rambling son and I went grocery shopping after I picked him up from school, cause it's looking like a full weekend. 

RW: Um, yeah.

I'm telling you, damn near like Mardi Gras around here. 

2/20/2015 11:55:00 PM

(2/20/2015 11:43:00 PM) - Al

You know, we can put a man on the moon, but we can't ever set it up so we can hear the questions they ask the coach or manager in the postgame presser.

Seriously, if the old media guys aren't smart enough to speak into a mic, kick them out.

2/20/2015 11:43:00 PM

(2/20/2015 11:18:00 PM) - Al

One of my favorite moments is when a Dem tells the truth.

It happens so rarely, you just have to sit back and enjoy it.

Have another drink Hillary. No wonder Bill seeks the company of other women.

2/20/2015 11:18:00 PM

(2/20/2015 10:41:00 PM) - Al

Crew signs Donnie Murphy to minor league deal.

Donnie spent the spring in Maryvale 2-3 years ago and opted out to go elsewhere at the end of March. He's a bit of an odd duck, a utility infielder who can play all three spots adequately who has some pop in his bat, almost a .400 career SLG in the majors. Of course, if he got on base, he'd be starting somewhere, so that's his weakness, a .279 career OBP.

Hector Gomez is out of options, and Elian Herrera is in camp as well, so Murphy is probably the 3rd best bet. Of course, his hope is someone goes down which creates another spot; or that he has a good spring and another team needs a backup.

2/20/2015 10:41:00 PM

(2/20/2015 10:28:00 PM) - Al

Bucks looked a bit "off" much of the night, but still manage to beat the Nuggets, DEN never getting it below 5 in the 4th quarter.

MCW is not able to go due to a toe sprain, so Ennis ended up backing up Bayless and played decently and quite a bit.

2/20/2015 10:28:00 PM

(2/20/2015 10:23:00 PM) - Al

As camp opens, let me remind the old folks and inform the newbies what I discuss.

--I do not talk about pre arby guys signing or having their contracts renewed. They are under team control, talking about it is the epitome of casual.

--I rarely discuss stats in the spring, at least until the last week or two. I realize Lohse and vets like him have their own timelines and are ambivalent about their numbers. So am I.

--I rarely discuss players being sent down we all expected to go down. For example, Wang will be sent to minor league camp, and will begin the year in Brevard County or Biloxi. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

--I will talk about injuries and guys being DFA'd, or released.

2/20/2015 10:23:00 PM

(2/20/2015 09:21:00 PM) - Al

100% true.

The irony to me is, the left is incredibly negative, the sky is falling, the world is going to hell...but Rudy G speaks the truth, and "How dare you, sir?!"

2/20/2015 09:21:00 PM

(2/20/2015 07:19:00 PM) - Al

Whenever Van Jones is in a room, he's by far the biggest racist. He is simply nonsensical whenever the topic of race is brought up, because he has to try and slant what non racists say as racist, while trying to turnhis racist views as not racist.

It's exhausting, and it doesn't work. Luckily, as a socialist in the media, he is protected by his own.

2/20/2015 07:19:00 PM

(2/20/2015 02:33:00 PM) - Al

Liberals freaking out that WI looks to be ready to pass a right to work bill.

They simply hate freedom. The only time they want people to have a choice is when it involves killing a child in the womb.

And yes, I am pro choice, until the six month mark, when it can probably survive in the world. I do not "like" abortion of any sorts, but until we have the technology to allow a 4-5 month old fetus to survive without being inside mom, I value the mother's freedom more.

People pick on me, but recent studies show many agree with me, but just don't say it. And yes, I am one of the very few willing to admit it is what it is, and it involves the death of a human being, just like a miscarriage.

And, if unions are so damn great, they will flourish, even in right to work states.

But they aren't, and they don't. Anywhere. Because they only protect the worst of the worst. The best don't need help, and neither do the average.

The fact that unions despise giving the citizenry the right to not belong to their little group tells me all I need to know. If it smells like Marx and Lenin...

EDIT: It occurs to me many of you have no ideas what this means. Definition below:

"Right-to-Work" is a state law that prohibits employers and unions from requiring an employee to pay dues or fees to a union in order to keep his or her job. 

2/20/2015 02:33:00 PM

(2/20/2015 02:22:00 PM) - Al

Another Facebook friend lost their dog after Xrays showed a tumor on his liver.

Just when I was able to tell people about Ron without my eyes watering.

2/20/2015 02:22:00 PM

(2/20/2015 02:17:00 PM) - Al

I see on my Facebook page that one of my friends has been paying $600 a month for his family's cell phone plan, and another chimed in he owed $800 one month because of overages. Both are claiming to be broke and about to make changes. Both say their pleas to limit data usage has been ignored for months.

I don't even know how much we pay, but I do know it isn't over $150. Of course, we have one smart phone with somewhat limited data and two flip phones, as I would rarely use the additional features, and the Rambling son is 12 and also has a tablet and a laptop, so the only bonus for him would be the ability to go online to and from school.

2/20/2015 02:17:00 PM

(2/20/2015 02:11:00 PM) - Al

Strange the Bucks have supposedly agreed to a buyout with Sanders, but they had to waiver Martin to get down to the NBA limit of 15 so the they could finalize the trade. I do not know the details, but Larry being a pothead sure has caused the team problems, though they have been better without him.

Remember that "team meeting" right before Xmas? Sanders has not played a minute since. You have to wonder how much he was yelled at or his attitude/motives questioned.

2/20/2015 02:11:00 PM

Thursday, February 19, 2015

(2/19/2015 10:25:00 PM) - Al

MLB to implement 3 ways to improve pace of game: 1.Batters must keep foot in box 2.Time between innings enforced 3.MGR Challenge from dugout.--Jim Bowden

I don't see any of them working at all.

As I have explained several times, the increase in length of games is almost completely because of:

1. More time between innings...TV pays huge money, and this will not go down.

2. More pitching changes mid inning, due to specialization.

3. Pitchers holding the ball longer and throwing to 1B more. Because it works.

The above changes do not touch the reasons for the increase. Very minimal, a couple minutes at best. Umpires simply hurrying things up, pushing a faster pace, would be worth ten minutes.

2/19/2015 10:25:00 PM

(2/19/2015 09:59:00 PM) - Al

Got a nice note from Matt, plugging his book. It may appeal to many of you, and is only $4.

2/19/2015 09:59:00 PM

(2/19/2015 07:22:00 PM) - Al

Heyman says the Brewers are a longshot, but still in, on Yoan Moncada.

2/19/2015 07:22:00 PM

(2/19/2015 07:07:00 PM) - Al

Yahoo is reporting Bucks plan to waive Kenyon Martin. He has been injured, so if he is not close to returning, it makes sense, as the NBA refusdes to add some sort of DL.

That would leave the roster at 14, and several players will be released in the next few days, as teams took on contracts to make trades work with the salary cap, but have no desire to keep the player.

2/19/2015 07:07:00 PM

(2/19/2015 03:51:00 PM) - Al

Bucks make huge trade, send Knight to Suns, get three players, including Michael Carter-Williams.

Other than mt hatred of hyphenated names, this looks like a solid deal...I loved Knight, but Carter-Williams is a tall (6-6) pg who makes a defensive mismatch occur almost every game. He is also more of as true point guard, as BK was always a two guard playing point. He was a star at Syracuse, was the 11th pick in ther draft two summers ago.

Tyler Ennis, another point guard also from Syracuse, was the 18th overall pick, and a guy I bet the Bucks targeted when they tried to move up in the draft last summer. He has barely played in PHOE, and has spent much of the season in the DLeague.

Finally, Miles Plumlee, a C from Duke, looks to be a decent reserve, last year, he put up 8 points and 8 rebounds in 24 minutes per contest. 26th pick in the draft

The Bucks will have to make a roster move, as even without Sanders and Knight, they will still be one over, barring some sort of injury exception being granted.

EDIT: Chad Ford now reporting Kendall Marshall, who is out for the season, was included in the trade to the Suns. That means the Bucks will be at 15 as soon as the Sanders "drug money buyout" is complete.

2/19/2015 03:51:00 PM

(2/19/2015 12:19:00 PM) - Al

Brilliantly boring?

I would say it is Midwestern, and why the cool coasties make fun of flyover country.

Such ideas work, by the way. That's why the left hates them. While liberals insist they need more money annually to still run a deficit, Walker has shown he can lower taxes and simply not give every special interest group more cash every year.

2/19/2015 12:19:00 PM

(2/19/2015 11:52:00 AM) - Al

Unethical behavior by professors?

Of course. That's one reason people become college realize, it's not against the rules for them to have relationships with their students, right?

2/19/2015 11:52:00 AM

(2/19/2015 11:48:00 AM) - Al

Oklahoma City and Brooklyn are close to completing a trade centered on Brook Lopez and Reggie Jackson.--Yahoo

Bucks have been trying to work a deal involving Jackson. 

2/19/2015 11:48:00 AM

(2/19/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

There is Sarah Palin, gorgeous, and you can understand the charisma. She is irresistible.--Norm McDonald,

Norm saying Palin stood out even at the SNL 40th anniversary show, with hundreds of celebs.

That's why they hate her.

2/19/2015 10:00:00 AM

(2/19/2015 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Norm McDonald explains Eddie Murphy would not play Bill Cosby...said he would not beat a man while he's down.

Norm and Eddie are both good guys. I would not rip on Cosby either, since there are no facts against him, just allegations of people with far, far less money than him.

2/19/2015 08:00:00 AM

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

(2/18/2015 11:46:00 PM) - Al

As for the Bucks, Ersan is mentioned the most as what the Bucks are looking to move, though Bayless' name has come up as well in discussions for a true point guard that would move Knight to the shooting guard spot; Reggie Jackson of OKC and Ty Lawson of Denver.

Henson's name also being discussed, but I would assume they'd need another big man to replace him.

2/18/2015 11:46:00 PM

(2/18/2015 11:17:00 PM) - Al

In one of the strangest facts to come out of the trade deadline, the Nets are trying to work out a deal with the TWolves to send Kevin Garnett back to MIN.

Regardless, Garnett tells Yahoo that he hopes to buy the Timberwolves when he is done as a player.

2/18/2015 11:17:00 PM

(2/18/2015 08:17:00 PM) - Al

Larry Sanders will get $14.5M over seven years in the buyout that is pending approval and will soon be official, per NBA sources.

Or, as Larry put it, that's plenty for drugs.

If clean, Sanders will sign a huge contract this offseason as well. Athletic 7 footers are few and far between.

2/18/2015 08:17:00 PM

(2/18/2015 08:12:00 PM) - Al

Bucks trying to add rotation player, use $9M they have in cap space with soon to be official Sanders blowout.

I've long been a believer that Brandon Knight is an off guard playing the point just because the teams he has played for do not have a true 1.

Also, Guttierez's 2nd ten day expired today, and he is a FA. He will not be signed again until after the trade situation is more clear, I assume.

2/18/2015 08:12:00 PM

(2/18/2015 05:55:00 PM) - Al

We all can see the Vols' player was fouled and could have never avoided the cheerleader.

2/18/2015 05:55:00 PM

(2/18/2015 04:43:00 PM) - Al

Bucks ratings way up...and still low.

Brewers had a 5.55 last season, so Bucks are at about 40% of that. Given that the Bucks play during the cold months, when more people are inside, all things being equal, they should be higher. The fact that they are not, and the Brewers are well higher tells me the Crew's fan base is probably about 3 times bigger/more likely to watch.

2/18/2015 04:43:00 PM

(2/18/2015 04:27:00 PM) - Al

This is why he remains unsigned.

I just guessed yesterday he would end up with a $5-7M deal with a $1-2M buyout of a team option for '16, so I guess that equals $6-9M, so $10M isn't that high. That said, he'd probably be signed and ready to go if his asking price was the same as the market,

As is, he will probably miss the first week or two of camp due to the fact he has no employer to list on his visa, and until he gets one, is unable to apply.

2/18/2015 04:27:00 PM

(2/18/2015 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Embedded image permalink

Female conservatives say this all the time.

I often say the same thing about liberals...why are they so damn unhappy all the time? And why would anyone want to be a grump like them?

2/18/2015 11:00:00 AM

(2/18/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Embedded image permalink


2/18/2015 10:00:00 AM

(2/18/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

The Bucks have the brightest future in the NBA?

Don't hear that often.

2/18/2015 09:00:00 AM

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

(2/17/2015 09:10:00 PM) - Al

Governor Walker was on The Kelly Files tonight, and said he did not feel his stance on religion and evolution is anti science at all. I'm not sure what his beliefs are, but I believe in both, as do many others.

He also shared that he was not home when the protestors showed up yesterday, but his elderly parents were (house sitting, I assume). He said his dad just turned down his hearing aid, and his mom felt bad for them, almost sent them some chocolate chip cookies she was baking.

Allow me to say, that is not going to cost him any votes, it sounds just like what my parents would have done. Considering the extreme poor taste it is to protest at one's house anyway (as one emailer said today, why don't they protest where people vote, as Walker has won three times, all pretty handily), I would say a few independents probably switched over toward Walker after hearing his common sense, easy going reply. 

2/17/2015 09:10:00 PM

(2/17/2015 07:00:00 PM) - Al

Bucks and Sanders supposedly making progress on buyout, not expected to ever suit up again for Bucks.

Meanwhile on Twitter, every fan dreams his team will sign Larry. If clean, he might be one of the most coveted in season FA's in a decade.

2/17/2015 07:00:00 PM

(2/17/2015 02:13:00 PM) - Al

Miracle on Ice hockey team to get back together for the first time since gold medal ceremony this weekend.

Plenty of tickets available, but rural New York is not even that close to New York City.

2/17/2015 02:13:00 PM

(2/17/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

I don't want a bunch of people at my house when I'm not expecting anyone to be at in my house. I want to go home and relax and watch TV in my pajamas. And the worst part is, now I have to pretend I want all these people in my house for hours.--Mario Batali, on why he hates surprise parties.


Just for the sake of clarity, I also don't want a bunch of people in my house when I am expecting them. But that's just me.

2/17/2015 10:00:00 AM

(2/17/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Facts: Boston has received 93 inches of snow this winter.

Many areas of the Upper Peninsula have received over 200 inches of snow this winter, per Lake Superior

The difference? Yoopers don't bitch and moan about it. And the national media not only doesn't care about the UP, I doubt the vast majority could find it on a map.

Except for Brian Williams, of course. He discovered the UP. I think Spain funded his voyage. We would celebrate Brain Williams Day every year...but he's too modest, he said not to fuss.

2/17/2015 09:00:00 AM

Monday, February 16, 2015

(2/16/2015 04:40:00 PM) - Al

Top twelve movies take in $204M over the three day weekend. Most since November, 2013.--Box Office Mojo

What? Movies have been pronounced dead so often in my lifetime, their continued success is all but guaranteed...because people are almost always incorrect. This is why I'm a contrarian, a capitalist, and a proud American. Because most people are too ignorant to get it.

In fifty years, I'm not even positive we'll still be taking our nutrients by mouth, but I guarantee you people will still be paying to watch some sort of large moving pictures with sound.  

And the next time you read a piece on the end or death of movies, feel sorry for them, as you laugh at their ignorance. 

2/16/2015 04:40:00 PM

(2/16/2015 04:17:00 PM) - Al

Larry Sanders is considering taking buyout from Bucks, according to sources. He's undecided if he'll take it, but it's being discussed.--Alex Kennedy

I seriously have to wonder if Sanders is indeed the stupidest person on the planet, if he could just show up for work and get $40M+...and instead, he would take less.

Either he thinks some other team would sign him for close to that total, or he's out of marijuana money.

And, if he's healthy and clean, he just might be right. I just don't know if he'll ever be clean.

2/16/2015 04:17:00 PM

(2/16/2015 04:08:00 PM) - Al

This means 40% of the citizens have no idea what is going on.

2/16/2015 04:08:00 PM

(2/16/2015 04:03:00 PM) - Al

The left simply have no idea why they keep losing elections.

Because they are so out of touch, they think this is normal.

I'm so glad they are not on my side. And I'm so glad I'm far, far better than that.

2/16/2015 04:03:00 PM

(2/16/2015 10:30:00 AM) - Al

Jon Stewart is just as big a fraud as Williams is. He just lied about Republicans and policy, not about being shot at.

2/16/2015 10:30:00 AM

Sunday, February 15, 2015

(2/15/2015 10:09:00 AM) - Al

Interesting note, from 2012-14, the Brewers ranked 15th (of 30) in UZR, which measures defense, at a -1. Weeks was -34 runs. So, without Rickie...does that make the Crew an above average defensive team?

To be honest, it probably does. Rickie was awful when he came to the bigs, worked his way up to average (and turned the DP very quickly), and then after his injury in '11, became well below average again.

One thing to keep in mind...while he may well not be very good at 1B/LF/RF (I doubt he'll play much if any 3B, due to Seager and Weeks' defensive limitations), he'll probably be better at those spots than he was at 2B. It's also interesting that Cano is not much of a defender either, so Mariners' fans may not even notice. Gennett's defense seemed far better than it was just because Weeks' range was so limited. 

2/15/2015 10:09:00 AM

(2/15/2015 09:19:00 AM) - Al

Save this list and have a good chuckle in June/July.

Winter ball is a great place to find sleepers, guys that may have added a pitch, improved a pitch, or found a extra mph or two. But, thinking some player is going to "break out" because of a small sample against inferior competition, many of which are using it to stay or get in shape, with no concern about the outcome...lotsa luck with that.

Not to mention that guys who play a lot, especially pitchers, are unlikely to get through a season both healthy and not fatigued.

2/15/2015 09:19:00 AM

Saturday, February 14, 2015

(2/14/2015 09:03:00 PM) - Al

Just clicked on a Facebook profile, last two posts read like this:

Flight delayed again, that makes 71.06% since January of 2013. 

Flight out of MSP delayed. 63.6% out of this airport.

Percentage this person is a total pain in the ass...100%.

2/14/2015 09:03:00 PM

(2/14/2015 01:44:00 PM) - Al

Already caught lying about Walker's record. They are very worried, as they never rip on those they are not afraid of.

The irony here is, as the article points out, despite insistence that the sky is falling when Act 10 was passed, no one can think of a single thing that has been harmed, except that the union no longer is playing the mafia in blackmailing taxpayers to not just pay for platinum benefits, but pay for platinum benefits from a union funded pretend company, which served solely as a money laundering arm of the Democratic party.

Mary Burke, who was unemployed for years before being watching everyone else take a step back, which gave the illusion of her stepping forward, tried to lie about one district, and was sternly called an incompetent liar by the superintendent. Burke has gone back to being unemployed and living off her family's money, while declaring publicly that doing so is unethical and evil...if you're a conservative, of course.

Hey, I'd be all for raising income taxes too if I did not have an income. Well, no I wouldn't be, but I actually believe in something. 

2/14/2015 01:44:00 PM

Friday, February 13, 2015

(2/13/2015 06:54:00 PM) - Al

Crew signs a pair of RHP's to minor league deals.

Both low ceiling, Rob Wooten types. Destined for AAA, barring injury.

2/13/2015 06:54:00 PM

(2/13/2015 06:48:00 PM) - Al

Nick Noskowiak of Sun Prairie has been released of his LOI by Marquette.

He's been dealing with depression and the like. 

2/13/2015 06:48:00 PM

(2/13/2015 06:32:00 PM) - Al

As is often the case, they are 100% incorrect.

Baseball pretty much requires only a glove and a ball, I never owned an aluminum bat until I was 17 or 18, and then only reason I bought one is I wanted a 34 inch, 30 ounce one (I was way ahead of my time, most others were in the 34-36 ounce range back then). Football is far spendier, as is hockey, as there is padding and uniforms involved. Tennis, golf, even bowling is more expensive. Basketball will always be both the cheapest and most urban friendly, as a court (or just the 3 point range to the hoop) takes up what, 25x50 feet? 

2/13/2015 06:32:00 PM

(2/13/2015 06:16:00 PM) - Al

Eddie Van Halen looks like he aged a couple decades overnight.

2/13/2015 06:16:00 PM

(2/13/2015 02:41:00 PM) - Al

As is, the strike zone is the size of a belt buckle. I'm not sure how you get much smaller than that.

2/13/2015 02:41:00 PM

Thursday, February 12, 2015

(2/12/2015 09:31:00 PM) - Al

Another day, another embarrassment at a school.

Mind boggling.

2/12/2015 09:31:00 PM

(2/12/2015 05:51:00 PM) - Al

Badgers' add a shooting guard from Ohio, have one scholarship left, and they are holding it for Diamond Stone.

2/12/2015 05:51:00 PM

(2/12/2015 01:33:00 PM) - Al

Lots of people simply despise 50 Shades of Grey. That said, it's already sold a zillion tickets in advance, so it's going to be a huge hit.

2/12/2015 01:33:00 PM

(2/12/2015 12:53:00 PM) - Al

Heyman reports Weeks will play "a lot of OF" with the Mariners.

I have often pointed out that LF/RF's only average a couple chances per game, and those are often just routine fly balls. That said, Safeco is a large OF and will also hold down Weeks' power potential. I wish him the best, but it does not seem like a good fit.

If you look at guys like Marlon Byrd, Delmon Young, and other RH sluggers, Weeks could have another half decade as a semi regular, getting 400 PA's a season. At the very least, it would have been nice had he found a team with a LH 2B, and then play some 1B/LF/RF/DH. With Cano and Cruz on the roster, he's limited.

2/12/2015 12:53:00 PM

(2/12/2015 12:42:00 PM) - Al

Tammy Baldwin can't even pretend to be bothered with military family problems.

Note the difference between her and Ron Johnson.

Perhaps Tammy should take a few moments out from trying to raise taxes and spending and at least give the illusion she cares. Remember, they mock us for being patriotic.

2/12/2015 12:42:00 PM

(2/12/2015 11:00:00 AM) - Al

You know they're terrified when they start digging. Remember, the old media completely ignored Obama's drug using, his USA hating minister, and the fact he's an incompetent, unqualified loon.

But, you know what? Let's try and figure out why Walker quit school thirty years ago. They're running scared.

2/12/2015 11:00:00 AM

(2/12/2015 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Jon Stewart, a man who got 1.5 ratings, a smidge less than Mike Huckabee's 1.7, was apparently beloved by the entire nation.--Ace of Spades HQ

His show was not only far left propaganda, it was unfunny. His fame was the result of the liberal old media trying to promote a liberal show that was not very good. The excuses on why the ratings were so low ranged from blaming Nielsen to saying dorm rooms and public places, where, you know, is where young and hip kids watch a hip guy like Stewart.

His fame was fiction. Hillary didn't lie about Benghazi, just like she didn't lie about being under direct sniper fire. Carry on rubes.

2/12/2015 10:00:00 AM

(2/12/2015 09:30:00 AM) - Al

I thought I had posted this, but I guess not.

Changes to MP, most beginning when the season begins.

2/12/2015 09:30:00 AM

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

(2/11/2015 11:09:00 PM) - Al

Jim Bowden reports Rickie Weeks has signed a 1y/$2M deal with SEA, pending a physical.

Needless to say, the Mariners are set at 2B, with Cano, so that would leave 1B/3B/LF/RF/DH as possibilities. Nelson Cruz appears set as the DH, and Kyle Seager is at 3B. That leaves 1B (Logan Morrison, a lefty hitter), RF (Seth Smith, also a lefty bat) and LF (Dustin Ackley).

At best, it would appear Rickie was brought in as a lefty masher who can play several positions, albeit, probably with below average defense, at best. Given that he is from FL, and is going to a team with the best 2B in the sport, it would appear he took the only big league offer he got.  It's kinda sad, really.

2/11/2015 11:09:00 PM

(2/11/2015 10:15:00 PM) - Al

Bucks win 30th game, first time in NBA history to double their win total of previous season before break, thanks Elias.

Also, Sanders' suspension ended before tonight's game, but apparently the Bucks were able to get an injury exception for Kenyon Martin, per the JS.

2/11/2015 10:15:00 PM

(2/11/2015 10:01:00 PM) - Al

Bob Simon passes away.

Brian Williams would have saved him, but was busy putting out a fire at an orphanage on a day in which several kittens and elderly women were visiting, for no apparent reason.

2/11/2015 10:01:00 PM

(2/11/2015 05:34:00 PM) - Al

Obama wants permission to do the air strikes he's already doing.

Of coursed, air strikes are all but worthless when not combined with boots on the ground.

Never mind this group of terrorists was called a JV team last year.

We're in the very best of hands.

2/11/2015 05:34:00 PM

(2/11/2015 04:03:00 PM) - Al

40's are full, but this kid is an actual prospect, though probably a low level one. I doubt he sneaks through waivers.

2/11/2015 04:03:00 PM

(2/11/2015 12:48:00 PM) - Al

Lucroy will miss up to six weeks with a hammy injury.

That would leave him two weeks before the season begins, so all is good. Marty is a fine backup anyway, so a short term injury is easy to tolerate.

2/11/2015 12:48:00 PM

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

(2/10/2015 08:37:00 PM) - Al

I'm not of the opinion Shields was underpaid a penny, as SP's get hurt a lot. Hence, Lester and others just got hellishly overpaid.

That said, Theo probably doesn't care, as the Cubs have both sucked and wasted money on mediocrity for years.

2/10/2015 08:37:00 PM

(2/10/2015 08:20:00 PM) - Al

Dakich basically saying Badgers' opponents, for the most part, not help on defense...especially if they are defending a guy on the 3 point line.

I've said a few times that in fifty years, we'll see a different basketball defense...for the most part, teams still play the sane D as they did before the three point shot was introduced. Teams still do not give enough of a priority to the 3, because it counts 50% more than a 2. Just in the past couple seasons, we have seen teams adjusting slightly, racing to jump in front of 3's, and letting them take a step or two in and take an uncontested 17-18 footer...they realize the open 3, hit 40% of the time, is worth 1.2 points, while the open 2, hit 50-55% of the time, is worth less.

2/10/2015 08:20:00 PM

(2/10/2015 08:09:00 PM) - Al

It's official, no one on the left ever gets fired by a network on the left.

Williams will be back in plenty of time to question Walker, Christie, or whoever the Republican nominee is about ethics.

May you live in interesting times.

2/10/2015 08:09:00 PM

(2/10/2015 06:11:00 PM) - Al

A while ago, I mentioned that, against the laws of mathematics, seven teams in the Big Ten had 3 losses.

As of today, none do...but six teams have 4 losses.

I'm sure the other teams think to themselves...this would be so much fun...without Wisconsin in the league.

2/10/2015 06:11:00 PM

(2/10/2015 01:17:00 PM) - Al

(Liberals) will attack a person who served with honor and distinction, while eliding over a man who lied about combat so he could land an anchor job.--Rick Wilson


2/10/2015 01:17:00 PM

(2/10/2015 01:13:00 PM) - Al

Most of these moves would barely be noticed by the casual fan, but all the things they talk about eliminating; mostly loogys and other specialists, are cheap and just as easy for a small market team to have than a big market one. The DH would also be costly, as a bench player are usually far cheaper than a DH (though a pair of platoon sluggers can be had for far less.

2/10/2015 01:13:00 PM

(2/10/2015 12:50:00 PM) - Al

Badgers with a tough road game tonight in Nebraska. Only an 8 point favorite, and the Huskers destroyed them last season in Lincoln. Games like this can make a .500 team's season, and give them a push into the tournament as a "quality win."

Just read the Huskers have the best home conference mark in the past two seasons...13-2. Badgers and Wolverines are 12-3. 

2/10/2015 12:50:00 PM

(2/10/2015 12:12:00 PM) - Al

Milwaukee has no idea how to fund their share of a Bucks' arena, but has $125M to throw away on a streetcar that will be obsolete before it is built.


2/10/2015 12:12:00 PM

(2/10/2015 10:20:00 AM) - Al

They start their brain washing early.

You know what I think will fix this? Giving the schools lots and lots of money from the people that earned it.

2/10/2015 10:20:00 AM

(2/10/2015 09:34:00 AM) - Al

The old media has done its best to bury the Hillary lie. It will be tough to do so the longer the Williams' thing goes on.

2/10/2015 09:34:00 AM

(2/10/2015 09:31:00 AM) - Al

Final draft order set, and the Crew will have about $8M to spend.

2/10/2015 09:31:00 AM

Monday, February 09, 2015

(2/09/2015 11:50:00 PM) - Al

Usually, if someone is willing to pay a $200M bribe, it's bad business.

Walker seems to be batting 1.000.

2/09/2015 11:50:00 PM

(2/09/2015 10:09:00 PM) - Al

Bucks win again. That's 29, and I know some sports books had them at 30 or less in their over/under for the season.

Those tickets are probably for sale on some Vegas Craig's List as we speak.

2/09/2015 10:09:00 PM

(2/09/2015 01:51:00 PM) - Al

If Weeks would simply have his agent tell teams he's happy to play anywhere, he'd have several offers. As long as he continues to maintain he should be a 2B, he's a headache and looked at as a bit of a goofball.

2/09/2015 01:51:00 PM

(2/09/2015 12:30:00 PM) - Al

The judge just realized Obama simply does not care about Islamic terror.

2/09/2015 12:30:00 PM

(2/09/2015 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Most college grads I worked with in retail were just worthless...they thought they were far too good for the job.

And yes, they feel the same way about sales.

2/09/2015 11:00:00 AM

(2/09/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

It all starts in the schools. And she's right, it's already happening.

Would this happen if she was Islam? Or a lesbian transgendered person? Absolutely not. In fact, I'd say she'd be allowed to speak if she were anything but white and Christian.

2/09/2015 09:00:00 AM

Sunday, February 08, 2015

(2/08/2015 07:31:00 PM) - Al

I would agree.

I would say the fact that some folks struggle with the fact weather varies pretty much says it all.

2/08/2015 07:31:00 PM

(2/08/2015 03:09:00 PM) - Al

It's official...Brian Williams has never told the truth in his entire life.

2/08/2015 03:09:00 PM

(2/08/2015 02:56:00 PM) - Al

I've mentioned this before, but it can be said again. We hear a lot of complaining about gas prices, and while they are down to just over $2 a gallon, the work that goes into it...exploring, drilling, transporting, separating, conversion, and then treating for a variety of local and state regulations, and then finally transporting again...remains the same.

That said, no one complains about paying 99 cents for a bottle of water...$7.92 a gallon. I just bought some store brand eye drops a couple days ago, $1.08 for 0.5 ounces...$276 a gallon; and yes, it is almost entirely purified water.

And if you choose to print this post for some reason, printer ink, which is about 90-95% distilled water...$3000 a gallon. Some up to $10K.

2/08/2015 02:56:00 PM

(2/08/2015 02:54:00 PM) - Al

Anyone that can read knows vaccines don't cause autism...but what if they did?

These are the same fear mongers that burned witches at the stake.

2/08/2015 02:54:00 PM

(2/08/2015 02:21:00 PM) - Al

The evidence is mounting that Brian Williams may have fabricated Katrina stories in order to bash GWB. No one should be surprised.--Ken Gardner

As I said at the time.

They lie, tell untruths, and then scream that they are being ignored. I'm glad they're not on my side. I'd rather lose without them than win with them. I'm better than that.

If Williams is still able to report on a Topeka school board meeting after being proven as a complete fraud, we're closer to Pravda than a reliable media.

2/08/2015 02:21:00 PM

(2/08/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Enjoy the show.

To be blunt, BW's tales of glory sound extremely realistic compared to Hillary's. And the doctored video is as funny as Airplane.

2/08/2015 09:00:00 AM

Saturday, February 07, 2015

(2/07/2015 10:37:00 PM) - Al

This is why I ignore Obama's claims of a balanced budget in a dozen years. He knows he's lying, we know he's lying, just like we knew Clinton was lying.

2/07/2015 10:37:00 PM

(2/07/2015 08:28:00 PM) - Al

Allow me to sum it up for you.

1. Criminals are cowards.

2. Criminals are afraid to get shot.

3. Hence, nothing stops a criminal quicker than a honest, law abiding citizen that's ready to shoot a criminal.

Remember, the Dems in Madison insisted when Walker signed open carry into law that WI would be the wild, wild west. Instead, you would be hard pressed to even notice the difference. Why? Because lawful citizens carrying guns is not a problem. Criminals carrying guns is...but they were doing it before.

They lie, and they are on the wrong side of every single issue.I'm glad they're not on my side.

2/07/2015 08:28:00 PM

(2/07/2015 08:13:00 PM) - Al

Will read teleprompter for food.

Katie Couric has sure achieved a hell of a lot of considering the only thing she can do and not suck at it is wear a shirt skirt.

2/07/2015 08:13:00 PM

(2/07/2015 08:08:00 PM) - Al

So we're up to at least three major stories that Brian Williams told lies about... And the review of his track record continues.--Kevin Cole

If he was for a balanced budget, he'd have lost his job by the the time he got to the r sound in "I think I may have misremembered..."

Luckily, he's for spending more than they take in, so all is well.

2/07/2015 08:08:00 PM

(2/07/2015 06:48:00 PM) - Al

Bucks have re-signed guard Jorge Gutierrez to a second 10-day contract. He will be available for tonight's game vs. Boston.--Bucks PR

Someone answered the phone and said Larry will be out at least another week, it sounds like.

2/07/2015 06:48:00 PM

(2/07/2015 06:17:00 PM) - Al

Lots of roster possibilities for the Bucks. As of now, Jorge Gutierrez isn't on the roster. Kidd said team waiting to hear from

Heh. It never fails to amaze me that sports leagues all but shut down on weekends. I would say if Sanders is going to be reinstated Monday, they don't want to pay JG for ten days if he'll only be around two.  And, you can only sign a player to two ten day deals in one season.

2/07/2015 06:17:00 PM

(2/07/2015 06:08:00 PM) - Al

Wisconsin now showing strong interest in DeLaSalle senior Sacar Anim. Marquette, St John's and NW offered.--WisBBYearbook

The Gophers, however, are strangely absent from those who have offered. Anim is a 6-5 2/3 from Mpls who like many, is improving his stock with a strong senior season.
Wisconsin now showing strong interest in DeLaSalle senior Sacar Anim. Marquette, St John's and NW offered. - See more at:
Wisconsin now showing strong interest in DeLaSalle senior Sacar Anim. Marquette, St John's and NW offered. - See more at:

2/07/2015 06:08:00 PM

(2/07/2015 05:57:00 PM) - Al

Fascinating that the left's idea is to shift the soaring cost to taxpayers, many of them not college-educated.--Patrick McIlheran

It shouldn't be. Spend more and tax more is always the left's solution. Punish the successful is all they know.

2/07/2015 05:57:00 PM

(2/07/2015 05:14:00 PM) - Al

Bucks not signing Jorge Guttierez to another ten day contract...for now.

Not sure if they have a move in mind, or if they aren't sure if he is the guy. That said, he had a pair of stellar efforts, and I'm very surprised. Given he has played under Kidd before and played well, something might well be up.

EDIT: Hoops Hype is reporting Sanders' suspension is up time wise, and may be reinstated soon, if he has met all criteria for such.

2/07/2015 05:14:00 PM

(2/07/2015 04:16:00 PM) - Al

I assume his schedule is full dating models, rescuing puppies, and stopping supervillians from performing evil (with his bare hands and certainly without a firearm).

NBC has been raked over the coals, and I'm sure there are many who never want him on the air again. In lieu of a suspension, I assume this is the brass hoping it just blows over and they can put the guy on who spins everything left and the rubes of the public won't even notice.

This is the company that employs proven idiots like Sharpton. You cannot be too liberal, or too unreliable. As is the case with Alec Baldwin, no matter how deplorable your behavior is, as long as you're "one of therm," your position is secure.

2/07/2015 04:16:00 PM

(2/07/2015 04:06:00 PM) - Al

Watched a good game between a pair of Missouri Valley Conference teams this afternoon. It's a very good conference, usually about the 8th best in the US...Wichita State has been the best team in the MVC the past few seasons. I could not place what exactly it was, but the game seemed kind of choppy...I thought maybe it was the fact open 3's were routinely missed, an oddity in the Big Ten and others I usually watch.

Watching the Gophers/Boilers now, I realize what it was. In the MVC contest, every touch foul was called. Both teams were in the bonus with about 10 minutes left, both in the double bonus with about 5 minutes left. The whistle would blow almost every possession, or every other, at least.

The Gophers just were called for a foul with 1:21 left in the game...their 5th of the half. The under 4 minute media timeout was not whistled until under the two minute much more enjoyable to watch. Refs need to let the kids play, and quit trying to make every call. Make the obvious calls, and let the rest go. 

2/07/2015 04:06:00 PM

(2/07/2015 02:28:00 PM) - Al

I'm shocked. Back when Brian Williams and I killed Osama Bin Laden, he seemed like an honest guy.--Conan O'Brien


2/07/2015 02:28:00 PM

(2/07/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

At least Williams isn't claiming to have saved puppies from a fire.


What a frickin' loon.

2/07/2015 09:00:00 AM

Friday, February 06, 2015

(2/06/2015 10:36:00 PM) - Al

Bucks have three home games before the break, and while they have not played well at home, they are 27-22 thus far, and will be favored by 7+ points in all three games. If they can win 2 of the 3, they will be on pace for 46 wins.

The math on that is almost off the charts. Of course, they've played far more road games than home games, so they can hopefully catch up a bit; but it doesn't matter if they don't improve their record at the BC.

Badgers play at 4:30 tomorrow, and while they'll be a 20some point pick over Northwestern, they are probably due for a bad game.

2/06/2015 10:36:00 PM

(2/06/2015 05:31:00 PM) - Al

MLB to use Super Bowl type bidding for all star game.

They should open it up to non MLB cities. That said, a summer weeknight is a mighty tough sell compared to the Super Bowl

2/06/2015 05:31:00 PM

(2/06/2015 05:23:00 PM) - Al


I see an opportunity for savings here. As would anyone with common sense and an ouncer of fiscal responsibility. That said, I understand why the Dems are clueless.

I could cut $300M from their budget and have time to take the afternoon off. They're overpaid, underworked, and every time one speaks, they embarrass themselves.

Reminds me of a certain group who vandalized the capitol after calling in sick and lying about their doctor's notes. The more they bitch and moan, the more people hate them. They are fools, not to mention that they are fools with a horrible PR firm.

Keep it up, boys and girls. And don't forget to call the public that voted Republican in record numbers names. Plenty of room over here in the land of those who believe in freedom, patriotism, and capitalism.

2/06/2015 05:23:00 PM

(2/06/2015 05:09:00 PM) - Al

Obama foreign policy, summed up in one sentence:

These damn Christians keep bothering the peace loving Islams.

And we wonder why he's been wrong on every decision he's made in six years.

Just once, I'd like to hear him talk about American exceptionalism, and then say terrorists are evil and they have no excuse.

Just once. Because until he does, he's as clueless as Brian Williams in a truth factory.

2/06/2015 05:09:00 PM

(2/06/2015 03:21:00 PM) - Al

Pompous Iron Chef eats at McDonald's for the first time.

Of course he hasn't. And we wonder how a restaurant in New York City could open and close in two weeks and charge $22 for a burger. Because they're out of touch. 

Says the fries and coffee are really good though.

2/06/2015 03:21:00 PM

(2/06/2015 11:30:00 AM) - Al

Dan Rather vouches for Brian Williams.

That's the Dan Rather who insisted falsified documents he touted were true...until proven he was a lying scumbag. CBS admitted to using documents that no one could authenticate...because they were fake. Rather, for those too young to recall, resigned in disgrace after his ratings plummeted.

I don't think this is really the type of help BW needs right now.

2/06/2015 11:30:00 AM

(2/06/2015 10:52:00 AM) - Al

If Williams said it, I guarantee you it was a lie.

Please. By the time BW spent one minute in Nawlins, room service was 24 hours a day and hookers were on speed dial.

The irony is, all the rubes that believed every word as if uttered by their creator himself.

2/06/2015 10:52:00 AM

(2/06/2015 10:30:00 AM) - Al

I mentioned this a couple days ago. The old media is doing their best to ignore this little nugget of information, but it will leak out. Because she lied then, and has never explained why she lied, even though she was just a meaningless figurehead.

Hillary is despised by an incredible amount of people. This ain't gonna help. You can bet Hillary's people are all asking Williams for favors already to make up for this little snafu.

2/06/2015 10:30:00 AM

(2/06/2015 10:23:00 AM) - Al

Schools are notorious for this. They think they can do whatever they want to, because they know better than the rest of us. It's also why they are so inept at handling bullying...they do it every day. Remember their behavior when Governor Walker tried to be fiscally responsible? Vandalism. Bad language. Millions of dollars wasted in an unnecessary and unheard of recall.

Because their idea of an open discussion is yelling louder than those that disagree.

That's why we often have a daily embarrassing incident...they are trying to save us from our own stupidity.

2/06/2015 10:23:00 AM

(2/06/2015 09:30:00 AM) - Al

Tom Brokaw is a loyal Dem, and a loyal NBC dude.

He knows Brian Williams should be fired, after begging him for years to quit lying about it.

NBC just doesn't take it seriously, because they don't take the military seriously...just like our president.

2/06/2015 09:30:00 AM

Thursday, February 05, 2015

(2/05/2015 11:58:00 PM) - Al

I don't think you need to look past the Broxton and KRod trades to approximate Papelbon's value. A low level prospect and an organizational soldier type who has a tool of some it speed, velocity, whatever.

2/05/2015 11:58:00 PM

(2/05/2015 07:08:00 PM) - Al

Nice of them to give that old racehorse a home.

2/05/2015 07:08:00 PM

(2/05/2015 05:53:00 PM) - Al

Every woman looks terrific at 22.

Lesson learned.

2/05/2015 05:53:00 PM

(2/05/2015 05:01:00 PM) - Al

News you can use...if you freeze fresh eggs by mistake, yes, they are still good.

In fact, if you over buy, you can freeze eggs up to a year, per the American Egg Board (which, FYI, is a real thing).

However, you should remove them from the shell, as eggs expand a bit and may crack the shell. Store them in a Ziploc bag, and freeze away.

By the way, the Rambling son needs to do a better job bringing in the groceries from the trunk. His excuse?

"I didn't see them there."

My question is, will the yolk and white still be separate after they thaw? It's like a Ramblings science experiment!

EDIT: By the way, you often hear people say microwaved eggs are not safe, or should not be done...they may not kill all the bacteria. Well, the American Egg Board has a recipe on their front page that basically has you microwaving an egg in a ramekin, which of course, makes it round, so it fits nicely on a bagel or english muffin, so apparently, it's fine. At one of my retail stops, I would often walk over to the bagel shop in our strip mall as soon as another key holder wandered in at 8 or 9 and get a pumpernickel or garlic bagel with sausage (or ham), egg, and cheese (they gave you your choice or cheddar, swiss, or a couple others...I always got swiss). This was back in 1998 or so, but I recall that it was only like $1.59...even if I added a hot chocolate, it was under $3.

Those were the days.  

2/05/2015 05:01:00 PM

(2/05/2015 04:28:00 PM) - Al

I just noticed today is the 5th. Today would have been Ronnie's 19th birthday (well, we would have celebrated it anyway, and you don't know it wasn't).

We miss you buddy. I told my eye doctor today about him, and didn't even tear up.

Small steps.

2/05/2015 04:28:00 PM

(2/05/2015 04:22:00 PM) - Al

Like drug dealers and child molesters, they always protect their own.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to regale anyone who will listen about the time I canceled my date with Anna Kournikova because Jennifer Love Hewitt happened to be in town.

Of course, maybe I, ahem, "misremember."

2/05/2015 04:22:00 PM

(2/05/2015 04:17:00 PM) - Al

Veterans? How can anyone not be upset?

As others have been pointing out, Williams lies every night on the evening news, or at least doesn't tell the truth. He was a horrible person before, and now we just have the proof. The idea he still has a job is all you need to know about how far left the "news" you see reported is.

2/05/2015 04:17:00 PM

(2/05/2015 04:12:00 PM) - Al

Derek Jeter, whatever. I have been bragging up Hannah Davis since she was the Direct TV genie.

That is one leggy broad.

2/05/2015 04:12:00 PM

(2/05/2015 03:57:00 PM) - Al

I'm sorry, but whenever Nate Silver is forced to handicap a race that is not already decided, he comes off as one of the stupidest, unable to say what he wants to at all, people on the planet.

Hillary is nowhere near 75%. She may not even run.

That said, the fact that political pundits such as 538 can't find any depth on the Dems' bench at all makes me feel wonderful. Liz Warren? She's a lying idiot. If she's their 2nd choice, I'd be offended to be their 3rd, 4th, or 25th.

2/05/2015 03:57:00 PM

(2/05/2015 01:14:00 PM) - Al

Magic fires coach, Scott Skiles expected to be offered job.

2/05/2015 01:14:00 PM

(2/05/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

He'd still be lying about it had the military guys not outed him.

What a scumbag.

2/05/2015 09:00:00 AM

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

(2/04/2015 09:55:00 PM) - Al

Bucks win over Lakers.

They were an unlucky team last season, but their good fortune is just off the charts this season. Mind bogglingly so.I have no doubt that they are also better, but my goodness, they hit 3's, get calls, and often, the ball just seems to carom to them.

What's truly astounding is how many offensive rebounds they allow, turnovers they have...and they still win. I'm 45, and I'm never seen anything like it.

2/04/2015 09:55:00 PM

(2/04/2015 08:55:00 PM) - Al

Of course he has.

If Brian Williams ever works another day for NBC we will all know for sure they are as biased and pathetic as we've always thought they were.

2/04/2015 08:55:00 PM

(2/04/2015 07:41:00 PM) - Al

Crew signs former closer Chris Perez to a minor league deal.

No downside on signing a vet who has had success to a minor league contract. He wasn't that bad last season, and is a big RH who throws hard. Should have seen this coming, as those are Doug faves.

This hurts a guy like Wooten, and maybe Henderson and Thornburg, as they have options, and Perez will be gone if he doesn't go north.

2/04/2015 07:41:00 PM

(2/04/2015 07:08:00 PM) - Al

Another day, another embarrassing incident in a school.

You know, I wonder why they can't get this bullying problem under control? Perhaps because they can't do the simplest things themselves.

2/04/2015 07:08:00 PM

(2/04/2015 06:57:00 PM) - Al

The left mocks real war heroes, and then lies to become one themselves.

And then lies about it for a dozen years. Hillary did the same thing, if you'll recall.

But no, he's as unbiased as they come. But Fox, no, they lean right.


2/04/2015 06:57:00 PM

(2/04/2015 05:14:00 PM) - Al

They fiddle with the numbers. They have for six years.

It's what you do when you think you can boost the economy by taking more money from those who earned it and "spreading the wealth" to those who do not.

2/04/2015 05:14:00 PM

(2/04/2015 05:10:00 PM) - Al

I don't think most would care if they did an entire issue of "plus size" models when they look like that.

2/04/2015 05:10:00 PM

(2/04/2015 11:36:00 AM) - Al

They have the freedom to not vaccinate, but when you ignore public safety, you can teach your germ ridden kids to ignore common sense and science at home.

"So Mommy, is the moon made of regular or nonfat cream cheese?"

"Be quiet, and straighten your aluminum foil hat sweetie."

2/04/2015 11:36:00 AM

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

(2/03/2015 11:31:00 PM) - Al

If I saw this on my way to work, I'd go home.

2/03/2015 11:31:00 PM

(2/03/2015 07:34:00 PM) - Al

I'm struggling to comprehend that the WNBA caps their salaries at $107K, while some Russian team can pay her $1.5M.

I believe in Russia (and other counties) that companies own teams and use them for PR and marketing purposes. No way she brings in that kind of money, though her marketing impact is nearly impossible to measure.

2/03/2015 07:34:00 PM

(2/03/2015 06:59:00 PM) - Al

NE not calling time out was simply brilliant.

At the time, I told the Rambling wife I could not believe the Patriots were not taking one, though I admit, I thought SEA had a pair left.

Funny, it took two days for the old media to realize SEA did not have time to run the ball three times...though admittedly, they could have had they went no huddle, but probably chose to let the clock run to keep Brady off the field.

Had they went up three with a minute left, NE may not be favored, but with all their time outs, they have to be considered in great shape to at least get a FG attempt.

2/03/2015 06:59:00 PM

(2/03/2015 04:59:00 PM) - Al

Herrera clears waivers, accepts outright to Colorado Springs, with a non roster invite to spring training.

Elian may well have been compensated, either with cash or an opt out date near the end of spring training...or, with a handshake that the Crew will not stand in his way if a team wants to put him on their 25 man roster.

2/03/2015 04:59:00 PM

(2/03/2015 04:49:00 PM) - Al

I just saw this hilarious ad during SVU. I think I've heard it before, but never paid attention to it.

2/03/2015 04:49:00 PM

(2/03/2015 04:41:00 PM) - Al


For all my dog lovers that check in, sent in by a Ramblings' reader and family member.

I agree with it 100%, but at the moment, we have no desire to add another. I hope some of you feel otherwise, as there are always dogs available. 

2/03/2015 04:41:00 PM

(2/03/2015 04:29:00 PM) - Al

Question for my loyal readers...why is there no generic (or off brand) Sodastream syrup?

Not only is the syrup expensive (it used to be about $3.99 a bottle, and is now $5.99-6.99), some of it is mediocre at best...the orange tastes nothing like traditional orange pop, it almost tastes like some sort of health drink, while the cream soda needs vanilla added to make it palatable.

The theory I have is there is generic syrup, but nowhere that sells Sodastream machines are allowed to sell anything but the Sodastream variety...since Target, Wal Mart, and everyone sells Sodastream, we just never run into it.

Shoot me an email or tweet if you know of any.

2/03/2015 04:29:00 PM

(2/03/2015 04:20:00 PM) - Al

If I was wealthy and lacking in common sense enough to buy organic milk, I'd buy this in a second.

Naysayers will ridicule, but imagine if they can get 5% of the US milk market. Heck, 0.5% would probably make it worthwhile.

2/03/2015 04:20:00 PM

(2/03/2015 03:27:00 PM) - Al

The past six years have been really tough for this country.--Joe Biden

I love it when someone forgets and lets Biden, the foreign policy expert, out of his padded, locked room, somewhere in the White House basement.

Joe, I agree.

2/03/2015 03:27:00 PM

(2/03/2015 11:06:00 AM) - Al

Sequel to Mockingbird to be printed.

I had no idea Harper Lee was a woman. That shows you how high society I am.

2/03/2015 11:06:00 AM

Monday, February 02, 2015

(2/02/2015 10:03:00 PM) - Al

Bucks hang on to edge TOR in Canada. Four in a row, and first time at 4 over.500 in years.

2/02/2015 10:03:00 PM

(2/02/2015 02:05:00 PM) - Al

It must be nice being a casual, second guessing fan. Two weeks ago, the Packers should have been more aggressive late in the game. Yesterday, the Seahawks should have been less aggressive.

The truth? All they're really saying is, they should not have done what they did...because it didn't work. Realistically, did SEA have time to run the ball three times? Doubtful, though I admit, I do not know how much time was left or how many timeouts they had. I do know I've seen an awful lot of runs stuffed at the line, and I've seen an awful lot of passes completed that were wide open in that situation.

Bad pass, and the rookie guessed correctly, based on what he learned during all the film they looked at. And by the way, there's a reason why you're watching the game second guessing. Quit embarrassing yourself.

2/02/2015 02:05:00 PM

(2/02/2015 09:00:00 AM) - Al

It's funny because it's true.

2/02/2015 09:00:00 AM

Sunday, February 01, 2015

(2/01/2015 09:16:00 PM) - Al

Two great teams, tremendous game.

The kid from West Alabama just guessed they were going to run that play based on their formation. Good for him.

Hardly any memorable commercials, by far my favorites were the movie previews.

That said, I have to wonder if Kate Upton's body armor is historically accurate. I think I will study this for long, long hours in the near future.

2/01/2015 09:16:00 PM

(2/01/2015 08:12:00 PM) - Al

Jerry takes a date to Tim Whatley's Super Bowl party. She dumps Jerry when he cries at a commercial."What? The dog really loved that horse!"--Modern Seinfeld

It'd still be the funniest show on TV. Heck, the reruns are 15-25 years old, and they are.

2/01/2015 08:12:00 PM

(2/01/2015 05:31:00 PM) - Al

I got the Pats.

2/01/2015 05:31:00 PM

(2/01/2015 11:53:00 AM) - Al

Six hours of NBC pregame.


The irony is, ESPN is running their pregame from 11-1, and then running throwaway crap. ESPN2 has women's basketball and then repeats of WSOP. CBS Sports Network has cheerleading, Fox 1 has ultimate fighting reruns.

No one really counter programs the actual game, though I would think ESPN could put on a mighty serious pregame from 4-5 (you could continue it until 5:30 for that matter) and then edit together some sort of X Games highlights show, which would appeal to many non football fans.

The Rambling wife and I always watch the game more for the commercials. The Rambling son has no interest in the game, though he has usually enjoyed our all appetizer dinner and the ads too. He told me just now he's not going to "waste all evening watching football" when he can just look up the funny ads on You Tube tomorrow.

He's not the only person that thinks this way. I understand the reluctance of networks to spend money and compete for what's left of the viewing audience, but it seems like a fine time to air a stereotypical Lifetime movie, involving a young widowed woman and a handsome handyman. Heck, it's not like they can't air it again and again, as they will anyway (on that note, Lifetime is reairing a movie which premiered Saturday). I know the potential audience is smaller, but given the lack of alternatives, it seems like a good opportunity for a lesser known channel to make a splash.

2/01/2015 11:53:00 AM

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