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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

(1/31/2017 06:04:00 PM) - Al

Rambling wife brought home her W2 today. Ran our numbers through the tax estimator...made about $1000 too much to get $2-3K more in tax credit we have received in the past.

This is why smarter people than us keep track of this and lower their income annually. Multiply that by all those folks, you depress the economy a great deal.

That's why lowering the tax rate actually results in more taxes being collected...people maximize their incomes, and don't play as many games.

Sadly, that's far too complex for Ivy League textbooks.

1/31/2017 06:04:00 PM

(1/31/2017 04:30:00 PM) - Al

I blame man made global warming, which would begin about 40 years later...

And you think I'm kidding.

1/31/2017 04:30:00 PM

(1/31/2017 04:30:00 PM) - Al

This seems pretty obvious to me...Buffet preferred Clinton politically, but realizes Trump is probably very good for most American companies.

1/31/2017 04:30:00 PM

(1/31/2017 04:06:00 PM) - Al

Ladies don't understand what "sexism" means.

1/31/2017 04:06:00 PM

(1/31/2017 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Great minds...I was just thinking last night that the Dems trying to block all progress of the GOP is a reminder of the WI Dems running off to Illinois and refusing to do the jobs they were elected to do. I've seen that same comparison several times today, and usually with the did not work out well for the left in WI.

1/31/2017 03:00:00 PM

(1/31/2017 02:42:00 PM) - Al

Why school choice is good. The short version:

Students are not trapped in the cartel run by the teachers unions and its friends.

The funny thing is, no one even argues that those that take advantage of school choice test badly or anything, they just throw out racist and class driven accusations. It has worked and will continue to do so. Why? Parents care about their kids. Unions care about their members and its existence.

1/31/2017 02:42:00 PM

(1/31/2017 02:32:00 PM) - Al

INF Ehire Adrianza has been claimed off waivers from San Francisco. RHP Rob Scahill designated for assignment.--Brewers

Surprised to see this, as Scahill pitched well and was kept on the 40 man for a long while this offseason. Simply put, I assume they just like Adrianza more. 

Ehire will be 27 this season, and has played for parts of the past 4 seasons in SF, so I assume he is out of options. Excellent AAA numbers at offensive paradise Sacramento (.391/.431) and weak big league numbers (.292/.313), though that often happens when guys rarely play. Has played 2B/SS/3B, but 90% of his time has been at SS.

Ehire is pronounced AY-ray, per BR.

1/31/2017 02:32:00 PM

(1/31/2017 02:30:00 PM) - Al

No word on whether he cried as he said it.

It's easy to change your mind when you don't believe in anything.

1/31/2017 02:30:00 PM

(1/31/2017 02:17:00 PM) - Al

I predicted this a few weeks ago, along with more focus on the homeless and things like those mental health issues, drug abuse, and so on.

During a Republican administration, these issues are the fault of those in power; during a Dem one, they are tough social issues they are working very hard to fix.

Luckily, the old media's attempts to depress only work on those that respect them, a number that dwindles daily.

1/31/2017 02:17:00 PM

(1/31/2017 01:30:00 PM) - Al

This is true. The GOP would be working on plotting a path in 2018 and 2020, and whose members are far too busy working to behave a fraction as badly as the left has.

1/31/2017 01:30:00 PM

(1/31/2017 12:49:00 PM) - Al

David Stearns' name comes up in the password guessing case involving the Cards and Astros.

As mentioned, the source is not very credible, to say the least, though I do feel this is being treated as "hacking" when it is really just a case of someone taking advantage of poor internet security, using the same password over and over. 

1/31/2017 12:49:00 PM

(1/31/2017 12:28:00 PM) - Al

Faux angst.

Hypocrisy is common when you do not really believe in anything.

1/31/2017 12:28:00 PM

(1/31/2017 09:30:00 AM) - Al

Hysterical Facebook friends and insane protestors continue to bolster my confidence that I voted correctly.”--Instapundit comments


I have a FB friend who said she marked all the other races and pondered her choice for president for several minutes. She never did say who she voted for.

The last few days, she has sent out pro Trump links. Her comments are full of wrath and mean things.

Full circle in less than 90 days. Let's hope they continue. Calling people idiots and then begging for their votes makes no sense...but that's been the game plan so far. And, as many have pointed out, thus far, he's doing exactly what he said he would do. That's impressive in and of itself. Obama did not even deliver on his own health care plan, lying about it until the day it began; insisting you could keep your doctor, your own plan, and it would be affordable, long after he knew those things were completely false.

1/31/2017 09:30:00 AM

(1/31/2017 09:00:00 AM) - Al

I knew Act 10 would be very successful 7 years ago.

Why? Because the unions hated it. As Walker pointed out in his book, the entire fight was about unions being able to directly pull dues from their checks. Now that teachers have to send in dues, only about 50-60% do, and as one can imagine, a huge loss of political power for the unions, who have always just funneled their money back to the Dems.

That's why I know Devos will do such a good job. She wants school choice, the unions want the status quo.

That's why elections are so important.

1/31/2017 09:00:00 AM

(1/31/2017 06:30:00 AM) - Al

Wil Wheaton, just a tad to the right of Marx, is now the enemy for some lefties.

Why? He had the nerve to defend himself.

Eventually, they all turn on each other. The smart ones shrug, get a job, and become conservatives. The rest...I guess they keep protesting.

1/31/2017 06:30:00 AM

(1/31/2017 04:30:00 AM) - Al

There was no outrage because it's just fictional now. Many were embarrassed yesterday when they found out that Obama had done basically the same thing, but others either didn't care or just pretended not to notice.

1/31/2017 04:30:00 AM

Monday, January 30, 2017

(1/30/2017 11:30:00 PM) - Al

You know what else does not cause negative consequences? Withholding money from states who do not follow the law.

The hell with them.

1/30/2017 11:30:00 PM

(1/30/2017 08:51:00 PM) - Al

Fact check: True.

They think being loud and annoying helps.

It works against them, as it does not play in flyover country. 

1/30/2017 08:51:00 PM

(1/30/2017 06:07:00 PM) - Al

I've said it before, but any penalty is a heavy one to pay for what was essentially password guessing.

1/30/2017 06:07:00 PM

(1/30/2017 04:30:00 PM) - Al

They don't even know who the nominee is yet.

They don't understand why they lose.

1/30/2017 04:30:00 PM

(1/30/2017 04:18:00 PM) - Al

This is by far the biggest news of the day.

My proof of this is the left is focusing on the other issue, which they look ridiculous in doing because it's so similar to an Obama move. No one likes regulations, except the pencil pushers whose jobs depend on them justifying their job by pushing through regulations.

1/30/2017 04:18:00 PM

(1/30/2017 04:06:00 PM) - Al

President Obama disagrees with his own policy, and is such an attention whore he only managed to shut up for 10 days.

It's easy to change your mind when you don't really believe in anything.

1/30/2017 04:06:00 PM

(1/30/2017 03:30:00 PM) - Al

Years ago, back when I was in retail, I went to Marquette, MI to help with a mass hire for a store opening soon. I took the family because the wife thought it would be fun. I asked the Rambling son if he remembered anything about the trip, as we were only there for about 20 hours, as the ad never ran in the newspaper, so they sent me home.

{Why yes, I did work for a well run company, thanks!}

We ate at Red Lobster SUN evening, went to Lake Superior for lunch MON and to look around, before driving the 4 hours home. For whatever reason, I asked him last FRI if he remembered anything about our trip.

Rambling son: I remember one thing.

Me: What? How big Lake Superior was? 

RS: Nope. That I wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, and you and mom said no. 

Me: Wow, I don't recall that at all.

RS: (with a grumpy tone 11 years later): I do. 

There is no Chuck E Cheese in Marquette now, but I'm not sure if there was then or if he got mixed up. 

1/30/2017 03:30:00 PM

(1/30/2017 02:14:00 PM) - Al

If you are horrified by what you see Trump doing, is it because when Obama did things like that you just didn't see? Or did everything look different because it was Obama doing them?-Ann Althouse. 

Early front runner for quote of the year. Whole post is here. 

Scott Adams, who insisted Trump would win months before the rest of us figured it out, has a brilliant point. It's either insist Trump is Hitler or admit you were wrong. No one wants to admit they blew it, so they are doubling down...everything is a terrible mistake.

They don't understand that if everything is a blunder, nothing is a blunder. Very similar to crying wolf on racism. I see this as a continuation that, to be blunt, the Dems have nothing to say, so they complain.

1/30/2017 02:14:00 PM

(1/30/2017 02:07:00 PM) - Al

I'm all choked up here...I don't know how long I can go on.--John Bolton on limiting travel to USA by terror friendly countries

Heh. No one's denying the execution of this was clumsy. However, crocodile tears and pretending not to notice this is a mirror of an Obama policy.  

1/30/2017 02:07:00 PM

(1/30/2017 02:04:00 PM) - Al

What did I say the other day? Run on this in 4 years and see how far you get.

No tears or protests when Obama did the same thing in DEC of 2011. Grow up.

1/30/2017 02:04:00 PM

(1/30/2017 01:30:00 PM) - Al

Why are leftists so upset with the temporary travel ban when it was Obama's idea to begin with?--Paul Joseph Watson

Ignorance or fictional outrage.

1/30/2017 01:30:00 PM

(1/30/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

Lots of this the past 48 hours:

I can't believe Trump is doing this!

It's the same thing Obama did in 2011 (or 2015, I've heard both).

No it's not. 

Yes it is. LINK.

(post deleted)

Faux angst at its finest.

Some people are so busy insisting the sky is falling, they don't notice the rainbows and sunshine. Damn shame.

1/30/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/30/2017 11:00:00 AM) - Al

One million jobs created, one stupid needless regulation.

Imagine how prosperous we would be if we got rid of hundreds or thousands. It'd be a nice test, wouldn't it?

1/30/2017 11:00:00 AM

(1/30/2017 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Sadly, the left is not dead, though it has not even began to learn the lessons the 2016 election should have taught them. The one thing they seem to be oblivious of is, even without the upset that was much due to having a horrible candidate going against a celebrity that was simply far smarter than everyone thought, is that even had Hillary won, she would have had to work with a Senate and House minority.

Years ago, the right was terrified of Ashley Judd having a long, fruitful political career. Now, she's a punchline, who would have little chance unless she moved to a far left state.

Until we hear they have accepted why they lost and why the nation's map is red, all is good. However, the middle ground of the party will soon take over, if for no other reason the Dem leaders average age is about 70-75. The longer it takes them, the better.

1/30/2017 08:00:00 AM

(1/30/2017 06:00:00 AM) - Al

Bill Clinton and Obama were both right...just too bad they did nothing.

1/30/2017 06:00:00 AM

(1/30/2017 02:30:00 AM) - Al

You know, I just don't understand why those rubes in the Midwest aren't buying our magazine anymore?

1/30/2017 02:30:00 AM

Sunday, January 29, 2017

(1/29/2017 11:30:00 PM) - Al

Reach across the aisle and compromise? Yeah, get right on that.

Like they did with Obamacare? Like they did in WI for a decade when the Dems controlled things, and my property tax went up every damn year to pay for platinum benefits for union members that already made more than me?

1/29/2017 11:30:00 PM

(1/29/2017 09:30:00 PM) - Al

Here's a hint for all those tweeting on my timeline about pro wrestling: it's not real, guys.--Jon Heyman

Africkinmen. There seems to be a direct correlation between being single in your early 30's; a white male, and being a pro wrestling fan.

Thankfully, the Rambling wife chased me down at age 28.

1/29/2017 09:30:00 PM

(1/29/2017 08:00:00 PM) - Al

Does not fit the narrative.

No one trusts the networks because they have narratives.

1/29/2017 08:00:00 PM

(1/29/2017 07:21:00 PM) - Al

Adam wonders if maybe Braun will not be traded.

I predicted last year he would not be. Why? Because everyone thought and assumed he would be. I am a proud contrarian. Well, that is not the only reason. Ryan spoke fondly of the city and organization and showed no desire to move on. Mark A did likewise with Ryan. Do you recall any of that happening with Gomez, or Lucroy, or others?


I don't think Mark A ever told Stearns not to deal him, but I believe there was a simple instruction...if we make a deal, it better be a good one.

1/29/2017 07:21:00 PM

(1/29/2017 06:55:00 PM) - Al

Just when you think Susan Rice's words could not possibly embarrass her a fraction as much as her performance, she does.

1/29/2017 06:55:00 PM

(1/29/2017 06:30:00 PM) - Al

Andrew Sullivan talks about becoming a US citizen.

He's still a Republican at heart, he just switched sides because he thought Obama was his best bet to make gay marriage legal. You can sense it in his writing, having to defend the many silly things he has. Note his kind words for those not on the coasts.

And yes, I would make legal immigration far easier and less time consuming. That in itself would reduce illegals, and free the authorities to focus on actual troublemakers instead of those whose work visas expired or have to be renewed.

1/29/2017 06:30:00 PM

(1/29/2017 03:40:00 PM) - Al

My 6th grade teacher said it best when asked why there weren't walls on our borders...

Bob Nugent: Because they're so long, it would cost a fortune. But, as soon as the expense of illegal immigration gets to be more than the cost of a fence or a wall, there will be one.

Random student: So, when will that happen?

Bob: About 5 years ago.

That would have been 1980.

He mentioned that California paid the brunt of the cost, so the federal government had little reason to spend the money on it, and since about 45 of the 50 states did not care, that it would be a tough sell. However, about 37 years later, the time seems to be upon us.

The funny thing is, some have compared it to the Berlin Wall, hinting that it's horrible. However, anyone can leave the US whenever they desire, just by...leaving.

{That's why it's so funny so many "threatened" to leave, but none of them have. Because they're all talk and no action.}

The Berlin Wall was built to keep the people from fleeing communism (because as those on the left would say, it's so wonderful!)

1/29/2017 03:40:00 PM

(1/29/2017 02:39:00 PM) - Al

I have no problem with them giving a quick look at green card folks coming in from known terrorist havens, even if they have been granted permanent residency.

That said, I don't have a problem with national security and fighting terrorism either. Freedom is not free.

Seems to me that, once again, the left is complaining loudly about a common sense program that Obama implemented and for whatever reason, got bored with and prematurely ended.

1/29/2017 02:39:00 PM

(1/29/2017 02:31:00 PM) - Al

Adam reports Mark A says the Brewers are trying to purchase the Carolina Mudcats, the high A club they just struck a deal with as an affiliate this past offseason.

As long as it is not a drain financially, having solid minor league homes is one less thing to be concerned about. Owning them is a way to accomplish this, to be sure.

1/29/2017 02:31:00 PM

(1/29/2017 12:30:00 PM) - Al

Heh. While protesters protest keeping bad people out, rubes scoff even more at protesters.

While the old media loves ignoring crimes committed by illegals, the public does not.

1/29/2017 12:30:00 PM

(1/29/2017 11:41:00 AM) - Al

Plenty of room for them in the Republican party.

I'm so old, I remember when Sarah Palin said we needed to "expand" the party and some not only laughed at her, but went out of their way to put down a more populist candidate because he wasn't conservative enough for them. Now, the far left is seemingly doing the same thing.

They often forget that the key is to win elections. I may prefer A over B and not really care for C much at all. But if C wins the primary and is running against some Democrat who would be devastating, you're damn right I'm going to support C.

Just as an example, of course.

The irony is, I've been called both a RINO and a far right extremist. They can't even decide where I fall, even though I have not changed a single position or value since my late teen years. I haven't changed my mind because I thought them out once, and if you make the correct decision once, you don't need to constantly rethink and adjust them.

I have often given the example of gay rights...years ago, I was a darn liberal for believing it was not my right to say what consenting adults did in the privacy of their own home. I did not care if they had "marriage" rights or not, because marriage should not be a government concern anyway, as I have pointed out numerous times, why should two people pay differing amounts of taxes if they are married or if they are single? When you believe in freedom, it is easy to make simple decisions instead of flip flopping every 4 years in order to have a better chance of getting elected.

1/29/2017 11:41:00 AM

(1/29/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

My Twitter friend Stefanie has shed her liberal label due to the bad behavior of the Occupy leftovers. Adult language at the link, but they deserve it. I proudly stand with her brother in law and all other law enforcement.

1/29/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/29/2017 10:43:00 AM) - Al

Mike Huckabee was always thought of as a far right goofball when he was running for president, and I never really took him seriously as a candidate. However, seeing him on Outnumbered several times and commenting on various topics, I have found him to be very funny and very intelligent on issues, especially involving the old media simply not being truthful.

As for the latest round, other than that, they're doing a fine job. Especially wrong and completely incorrect is anyone who refers to a "Muslim ban," which is pretty much is just a falsehood, in that there is no mention of religion in the order.

Anyone who has used that term can be pretty much completely ignored as a lying partisan hack. 

1/29/2017 10:43:00 AM

(1/29/2017 01:30:00 AM) - Al

And they'll loudly wonder why they are awash in druggies and crime.

1/29/2017 01:30:00 AM

Saturday, January 28, 2017

(1/28/2017 10:30:00 PM) - Al

This is working out perfectly. The left doesn't realize Trump is doing just what Obama did for twice the time, they're just upset because they're always upset.

Meanwhile, as pointed out, the Dems are famous for shrugging their shoulders at terror attacks, insisting we should just let them happen since stopping them is so difficult. But they are very upset about terror friendly nations not being able to fly a few folks to the USA.

Crazy like a fox

1/28/2017 10:30:00 PM

(1/28/2017 09:25:00 PM) - Al

Presented without comment.

1/28/2017 09:25:00 PM

(1/28/2017 07:00:00 PM) - Al

Ask me why I'm a Republican?

Same reasons this guy is.

1/28/2017 07:00:00 PM

(1/28/2017 06:24:00 PM) - Al

Badgers scored 32 points in the first 36 minutes...and then put up 29 in the last 9.

Sometimes, the shots just don't go in. If you win when they don't, you might just have something.

1/28/2017 06:24:00 PM

(1/28/2017 05:30:00 PM) - Al

Pallets of cash still happily accepted.

1/28/2017 05:30:00 PM

(1/28/2017 05:12:00 PM) - Al

She should have been fired as soon as she hit the"tweet" button.

1/28/2017 05:12:00 PM

(1/28/2017 04:00:00 PM) - Al

Two thoughts here:

1. They better line up a guest host now, because she will get a lot of "colds" and is often "dehydrated."

2. On a scale of 1-10 of attention whoredom, the Clintons are a 633.

1/28/2017 04:00:00 PM

(1/28/2017 03:38:00 PM) - Al

A couple quick thoughts...

1. If anyone thinks Americans are losing an iota of sleep over not allowing these terrorist friendly hellholes free reign to walk into the USA, more power to you. Run on that in 2018 and 2020.

2. I have not seen many reporting that Obama signed a similar order limiting folks in DEC. Par for the course. The mock angst is all party fodder.

1/28/2017 03:38:00 PM

(1/28/2017 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Taking names.

After 8 years of an apology tour, just so good to see.

From the comments:  

Awesome to think our ambassador to the UN has the interests of the US first in mind. What a change from the Obama era.


1/28/2017 03:00:00 PM

(1/28/2017 02:30:00 PM) - Al

Patiently waiting for someone else to point out the shortsightedness of pro life never Trumpers who spectacularly misjudged not only his ability to win, but the impact it could have on laws and how they are "interpreted." 

One of the many meltdowns that were had in the days after the election was over the fact that Evangicals supported Trump at a higher clip than they had Romney. As the left smugly felt this proved how stupid their opponents were, in reality, it reminded us of two things...they vote, and since they rarely have a candidate they agree with 100%, they understand you support the candidate and party that best suits your beliefs.

The utopians and those with their nose so high in the air they risk falling over backwards that decided to punt four years of history? I've seen their true colors, and I know they're far too timid for politics. To me, they ceased to exist.

1/28/2017 02:30:00 PM

(1/28/2017 01:30:00 PM) - Al

From what I've seen, this is exactly how the left feels. They barely tolerated us when they were winning, and now, it's pure hatred.

1/28/2017 01:30:00 PM

(1/28/2017 12:32:00 PM) - Al

Rasmussen, who got the election almost correct, has Trump at a 59% approval.

Gallup, who missed the results painfully, has Trump at 42%.

Doubling down on oversampling Dems much? The rubes are so stupid, they'll never even notice!

1/28/2017 12:32:00 PM

(1/28/2017 12:04:00 PM) - Al

Teams often "pack it in" against the Badgers, and other good teams, and allow them to shoot a plethora of 3's. When they go in, we sit and wonder what they are thinking...but on the rare occasion when a team struggles from long range, it's a very effective strategy.

Let's hope they start falling in the 2nd half. With a short 3 point line, teams simply do not win in the college game shooting 1-12 from 3 and 5-25 overall.

1/28/2017 12:04:00 PM

(1/28/2017 11:39:00 AM) - Al

No kicking the can down the road yet, at least.

1/28/2017 11:39:00 AM

(1/28/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

I think we'll see and hear a lot more about stuff like this now.

Nothing the public hates more is idiots that block traffic and behave badly.

1/28/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/28/2017 10:09:00 AM) - Al

Crazy like a fox.

I began using that phrase during the primary, when it became obvious that despite the left's (and many on the right) insistence he was a darn fool, he just kept winning and convincing the old media to print exactly what he wanted them to (when he skipped the one debate, and the next day, no one talked about the debate, only Trump, was the turning point for me; it was obvious he was playing chess, we were playing checkers).

There's a lot to digest here, but to sum it up, for the first time in memory, Trump got the liberal networks to cover the March for Life march by simply asking if they were going to give it coverage. Also, in doing so, what was originally called The Women's March is now, even by CNN, being referred to as a gathering of pro choice liberals.

Finally, take a few minutes and watch Mia Love's speech, and compare/contrast with Madonna's. Then imagine some rube in Kansas, or South Dakota, or perhaps more timely, Michigan, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, that works hard all day, and comes home to check You Tube and watch clips of the speeches from these events...who do you suppose they're going to drift toward? One spends the day calling you too stupid to live, while another talks about protecting children and patriotism? Tough choice.

This is why the USA map is almost all red. Simply put, the Dems have become a party for folks with nothing to worry about. Some scoff and insist the GOP only looks out for the rich...but depending on what exit polls you study, those making six figures either supported Hillary or split evenly. The middle class, the folks that the left has insisted for the past couple decades does not exist, voted overwhelmingly for Trump. The poor voted for Hillary, though not by a huge margin. When I was a teen, the country prospered under Reagan, because of tax cuts, tiny government, and a strong military. It produced millions of "Reagan Democrats."

It seems like I recall another candidate who appealed to moderates, independents, blue collars, and even some Dems and rode them to victory...while the left insisted it was because of a previously unnoticed influx of uneducated ignorant group of hillbilly rednecks, who wouldn't know a museum from a mausoleum, and for damn sure wouldn't be able to spell either one.

Governor Walker has basically followed the exact same path in WI, with an aggressive dose of reduced spending (Reagan was saddled with a Dem House, limiting his ability to do so.) added in for good measure.

Perhaps, just maybe, the middle class did not disappear, the Dems just stopped looking for them and giving a damn about the part of the country where they live.

1/28/2017 10:09:00 AM

(1/28/2017 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Seen on of the guys who ranted about Trump's victory and decided it was "racism" (as I have mentioned often, nothing screams racism more than voting for a black man twice and then voting against his white female replacement) was posting about what he was going to do in the next 2, 4, and 8 years. It was basic, no work involved stuff like calling his reps, talking to people about why they vote how they do, maybe getting involved in local politics, and most of all, supporting friends as they try and get through these troubled time.

Snowflake alert...good luck with all that. Calling and leaving recorded messages and complaining to pals ain't gonna win you anything, and take zero effort. The best part is, in the comments, he replied to someone by saying, "Granted, the omeba that voted for the liar aren't smart enough to understand the vocabulary I use."

1. I'm not very bright, but I think he meant "amoeba." 

2. Of all the attributes to criticize a candidate for as a Hillary supporter, truthfulness is a strange place to start. It's like me saying he could stand to drop a few pounds.

Nothing makes me feel better about the future than seeing the left constantly call swing voters names.

1/28/2017 10:00:00 AM

(1/28/2017 09:47:00 AM) - Al

The premier has enjoyed a positive start to her visit, with Republicans lavishing praise on her address to their conference in Philadelphia.

After she laid into two decades of 'failed' liberal interventionist foreign policy, receiving three standing ovations, one congressman raved that she might be Mr Trump's 'long lost sister'.-Daily Mail

So, are Trump's ideas still stupid when they are echoed by the respected PM May? 

Those that were hoping he would embarrass himself on the world stage appear to have swung and missed again.

1/28/2017 09:47:00 AM

(1/28/2017 02:00:00 AM) - Al

The idea that there's no illegal votes cast in a nation of 320M people...with many areas having no voter ID laws, is so ridiculous, there's not a chance anyone would believe it. As I said the other day, I don't know if there's a few thousand or a few million, but there are certainly local and state elections that have been decided by this.

That didn't stop the old media from trying.

That's why no one respects them.

1/28/2017 02:00:00 AM

Friday, January 27, 2017

(1/27/2017 11:00:00 PM) - Al

Losing more respect for Obama the more you find out about him.

Wait until one of thugs he pardoned kills someone. The silence in the old media will be deafening, and the next day, they'll be discussing Trump's latest tweet with levels of disgust that will be off the charts. 

1/27/2017 11:00:00 PM

(1/27/2017 05:53:00 PM) - Al

What's so pathetic is, the fact the president has to issue an executive order just to remind folks that ignoring the law is no longer cool now that a new sheriff is in town.

1/27/2017 05:53:00 PM

(1/27/2017 05:48:00 PM) - Al

I am fully aware of this and have posted it before...this is why it was approved and planned where it is.

1/27/2017 05:48:00 PM

(1/27/2017 04:37:00 PM) - Al

Matt Wieters being discussed by the Brewers.

As with most any proven major leaguer, I'd have no problem with him on a one year deal. Catchers are renowned for aging quickly and badly, and next year he'll be 31. As a switch hitter, he'd be an option for a contender at DH and as a starting or reserve C or 1B (though he's only played 4 games there).

1/27/2017 04:37:00 PM

(1/27/2017 12:23:00 PM) - Al

Just had a CBS piece on the local noon news on the TPP, which President Trump ended almost immediately. They talked to an Iowa farmer, who they frustratingly did admit voted for and still supports the president (maybe as a small sign of progress, they did not even call him stupid), but is worried because about a third of the corn he grows has been exported. He is worried about his prices in the future.

What they did not say is that corn prices are low right now, and other than a few "boom" years, remain constant when adjusted for inflation. If TPP helped, it was not a whole lot.

More importantly, as pointed out, no one expects there to be no trade deal, others will be negotiated and signed. Those that do not like change may wish to retreat into their safe space. I don't know who said it first, but at the very least, it ain't going to be boring.

May you live in interesting times.

1/27/2017 12:23:00 PM

(1/27/2017 12:00:00 PM) - Al

A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon we understand where all the money went for 8 years.

1/27/2017 12:00:00 PM

(1/27/2017 11:47:00 AM) - Al

Scooter handling this very nicely, as he should. Heck, he's making $2.5M, he should be positive. All over the nation, KMart and Sears store managers go to work and try to improve their store even though their company is in flames, and they are compensated in the mid 5 figures, for the most part.

The truth is, last year, Scooter was a below average MLB 2B. However, the year before he was slightly above average, meaning, over two seasons, he was probably pretty similar to the league average. While many teams have no interest in him, I guarantee you, he'd be a step up for at least 5-7 clubs right now, but, due to their place in the success cycle, or the fact they want to give a prospect first crack to play there.

Realistically, Scooter is probably like to end up somewhere else when a contender has their 2B go down with a ligament tear or other serious injury, or, when . I have no doubt he can play SS (no one mentions 3B, but I'm sure he could play there too) or the OF, though his weak arm and lack of point to point speed would all but certainly mean he would be a substandard defender. That said, half the players in the sport are inferior by definition.

The bat does play, at least as long as the defense is passable...David Eckstein played 10 years in the bigs, and most of his games at SS, despite having limited range and arm strength...because he could get on base, unlike some slick fielding SS's whose reasons for carrying a wooden stick to the plate are purely cosmetic.

1/27/2017 11:47:00 AM

(1/27/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

She's With Him is sad to me, because some choose to remain private, because they are afraid of the repercussions of admitting they are Trump supporters.

Loud and proud. A decade or so ago, many were afraid to admit they were gay. I said how stupid that was, and that it would help them, not hurt them.

{On that same note, it's silly for pro athletes to hide this too. Even the Crew's minor leaguer Dave Denson has been overwhelmed with free publicity, even though his talent is questionable at best, though his body type reminds me of me.}

Time has proven me right. Anyone dumb enough to not like you because of your race, political beliefs, religion, and so on is not worth knowing or being friends with.

The hell with them.

1/27/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/27/2017 10:45:00 AM) - Al

The idea that the left is patriotic because they're not stupid do they think we are?

That does make sense though, as those on the right loved Trump's speech. The idea of America first is lost on those that do not love America.

1/27/2017 10:45:00 AM

(1/27/2017 10:35:00 AM) - Al

Just saw this story on Fox (because CNN and MSNBC are too damn busy).

If you are fortunate enough to be financially comfortable, you may wish to help them out.

EDIT: Just had a email asking if I would appreciate it if someone donated would somehow promote Ramblings' readers, such as "Jim from Al's Ramblings."

I have always been of the Charles Winchester belief that all true gifts of charity should remain anonymous, as, it is not true charity if one receives credit for giving. Therefore, if you do choose to contribute, no "free marketing" is asked for.

1/27/2017 10:35:00 AM

(1/27/2017 10:30:00 AM) - Al

I filled the bird feeder this morning, and put another suet in the holder. There is a light layer of snow on the deck, but being the tough guy I am, I took the seed and suet out barefoot.

Probably not the best idea, looking back. I was probably out there for 15-20 seconds, and that was about as long as I could have made it.

1/27/2017 10:30:00 AM

(1/27/2017 10:24:00 AM) - Al

Doing what he said he would do?

No wonder they hate him.

1/27/2017 10:24:00 AM

(1/27/2017 10:11:00 AM) - Al

I must admit, seeing the Dems this unhappy about school choice and not simply more of the same throwing money at the unions and hoping scores stop falling makes me adore Devos.

1/27/2017 10:11:00 AM

(1/27/2017 08:30:00 AM) - Al

Today is the annual Right to Life march in DC, when the old media pretends there are not 500K folks in our nation's capitol.

Last SAT, there were somewhere between 200K (the number I recall hearing last weekend) and 500K (the number they're claiming was there).

Somehow, I don't think we'll see wall to wall coverage of the former today like we saw of the latter. In case you are wondering, that's because they are so unbiased.

1/27/2017 08:30:00 AM

(1/27/2017 06:00:00 AM) - Al

A piece of our dishwasher fell off last night, and the Rambling son could not find where it had fallen from. I went out to assist, and pointed it out. I told him the filters looked filthy, so he took them off and they were, so we soaked them in the sink overnight.

From now on, I told him we're going to clean them the 1st of the month, along with changing the AC/furnace filter. He said, "You mean we're not going to change them until you think of it on the 25th or so and then say we can skip it next month."

Yes. Yes, that's what I meant.

1/27/2017 06:00:00 AM

(1/27/2017 03:30:00 AM) - Al

What's this free market stuff?


1/27/2017 03:30:00 AM

(1/27/2017 01:30:00 AM) - Al

President Trump invited the Pope for lunch on his mega yacht, the Pope
accepted and during lunch, a puff of wind blew the Pontiff's hat off, right into the water. It floated off about 50 feet, then the wind died down and it just floated in place.The crew and the secret service were scrambling to launch a boat to go get it, when Trump waved them off, saying "Never mind, boys, I'll get it."The Donald climbed over the side of the yacht, walked on the water to the hat, picked it up, walked back on the water, climbed into the yacht, and handed the Pope his hat.The crew was speechless. The security team and the Pope's entourage were speechless. No one knew what to say, not even the Pope. But that afternoon, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN reported that: "TRUMP CAN'T SWIM!"--seen on Facebook

It's funny because it's true.

1/27/2017 01:30:00 AM

Thursday, January 26, 2017

(1/26/2017 08:08:00 PM) - Al

It seems to me the nation would come together a lot quicker if the losers would stop insisting they came up on the short end because their opponents were sexist, racist, and too stupid to even understand what that means.

1/26/2017 08:08:00 PM

(1/26/2017 08:05:00 PM) - Al

This is interesting, as one of the Rambling son's teachers thought he should be checked to see if he was on the autism spectrum when he was a little fella. I know next to nothing, but until she said that, we and every other teacher thought he was a normal lad. At the time, the Rambling wife worked in a clinic with a specialist in such things, and she talked to him about 5 minutes and had no idea why she was checking him.

The Rambling son was born in June, so he is among the youngest 25% of his class. I assume that may well have played a part in it, although to be kind, that teacher was, on a good day, rather weak. She was the same one that "ran out of time" teaching the multiplication tables and missed about half the month of May because she "had to use up her sick hours." The last month was almost entirely field trips, substitute teachers, and movies.

1/26/2017 08:05:00 PM

(1/26/2017 07:00:00 PM) - Al

They just can't help themselves. And they wonder why no one believes them.

1/26/2017 07:00:00 PM

(1/26/2017 06:47:00 PM) - Al

Glenn, better known as Instapundit, lost his dad yesterday. He wrote a few weeks ago that his father was in hospice, so it was not unexpected, but if you enjoy his stuff, which I link to often, you may wish to wish him well.

1/26/2017 06:47:00 PM

(1/26/2017 04:00:00 PM) - Al

We're in the very best of hands.

This is why they hate Devos. She cares about kids getting a good education. These clowns care only about themselves.

1/26/2017 04:00:00 PM

(1/26/2017 02:00:00 PM) - Al

How dare you, sir?

Calling Manning a traitor is far kinder than the words I would use. As has been pointed out often, people have been shot and hanged for less.

1/26/2017 02:00:00 PM

(1/26/2017 12:00:00 PM) - Al

59% approval?

If you just watched the news, you'd swear it was 5.9%. They try and report events as negative, and the public sees them as positive.

1/26/2017 12:00:00 PM

(1/26/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

I tried to write a fictional piece about "renting a girlfriend" when I was in college, but soon found there was no interesting way for the story to go except for the woman falling for the guy. I even tried to have the guy not like her and go back to his old girlfriend, as the rental gal chased him, but I was just digging myself a bigger hole.

The funny thing is, that plot has been used in many movies, many on Lifetime and Hallmark, and while those may involve a woman "renting" a guy, it always ends the same. Every once in a while, I'm proven correct, no matter what the Rambling wife says.

1/26/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/26/2017 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Why does the left keep pretending there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration?

{Well, we know why, they want the votes.}

And while it is silly and painful, the voters know the difference. The Dems keep making themselves look ignorant by not being able to separate the two.

1/26/2017 11:00:00 AM

(1/26/2017 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Most are paying far more for far worse coverage. They should be kissing our feet. Imagine paying $600 a month with a $8K pay $12800, and THEN the insurance kicks in.

The rubes just don't get it.

1/26/2017 10:00:00 AM

(1/26/2017 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Glenn points out the old media is being played...and they continue to not be able to figure out they are being played.

The irony is, they have been shown to be completely out of touch, and they just keep making the same mistakes.

1/26/2017 09:00:00 AM

(1/26/2017 05:00:00 AM) - Al

Ann points out That Girl came before Mary Tyler Moore, and that she always felt MTM was a blatant rip off of TG.

History is often rewritten to glorify someone. Moore's show has always been treated as "special" though it appears it was not the first of its kind.

Growing up, one of the Madison stations always had MTM and Bob Newhart on at some point during the day in syndication. I grew to really like Bob as I got older, but never did think Mary was funny. I suppose I was not the intended audience, for that matter.

1/26/2017 05:00:00 AM

(1/26/2017 04:00:00 AM) - Al

Musberger going to work for sports betting radio network.

1/26/2017 04:00:00 AM

(1/26/2017 02:00:00 AM) - Al

Out of touch? What do you mean?

I can't believe I have to talk to these stupid rubes that voted for me...

1/26/2017 02:00:00 AM

(1/26/2017 12:30:00 AM) - Al

This isn't fake news, but it sure is stupendously stupid.

1/26/2017 12:30:00 AM

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

(1/25/2017 10:00:00 PM) - Al

Despite the fact the polls were way off last fall, Twitter is still full of poll results acting as if a question of "How is Trump's presidency going?" may change the outcome.

They are a whiny bunch. Good to see.

1/25/2017 10:00:00 PM

(1/25/2017 09:00:00 PM) - Al

Suddenly, the left are not fans of executive orders?

The hypocrisy is rich.

To be honest, I'm still not a fan. That said, when Trump matches Obama's amount, I'll start to worry about it.

Goose, gander, all that.

1/25/2017 09:00:00 PM

(1/25/2017 08:02:00 PM) - Al

Just let them keep talking.

Many hate the fact Trump is doing exactly what he said, but his voters do. Meanwhile, Dems can't stop doing and saying stupid things to push in the middler away.

1/25/2017 08:02:00 PM

(1/25/2017 04:30:00 PM) - Al

The bad behavior of the left is pushing some over to the other side.

A wise man said this would happen, but I can't recall who it was...

1/25/2017 04:30:00 PM

(1/25/2017 03:30:00 PM) - Al

I'm telling you, the only way to show people how terribly inappropriate the president's decade old language was is to, you know, use more inappropriate language.

This is why they lose.

1/25/2017 03:30:00 PM

(1/25/2017 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Not only are Overton's minor league stats really good, he's a former 2nd round pick. Doubt he'll make it through waivers.

Also, on a Brewers' note, he has excellent B/KK ratios, K/9 numbers, and a very low HR/9. 

Frias throws harder and has also had success at nearly every minor league level. Almost every player DFA'd at this stage is a solid player or prospect.

1/25/2017 03:00:00 PM

(1/25/2017 02:30:00 PM) - Al

I loved it. It was very patriotic.

1. We have to remember the old media that did not like it are the same ones that insisted for 18 months Trump could not win.

2. Unpatriotic people gonna be unpatriotic...and they're not going to like patriotism.

1/25/2017 02:30:00 PM

(1/25/2017 02:25:00 PM) - Al

The well fed and warm have plenty of time to concern themselves over fictional problems.

1/25/2017 02:25:00 PM

(1/25/2017 01:58:00 PM) - Al

A wise man said that celebrities would not stop dying in 2017, but I can't recall who it was...

Mary Tyler Moore passes away.

1/25/2017 01:58:00 PM

(1/25/2017 01:42:00 PM) - Al

Krugman is one correct prediction away from his first correct prediction.

1/25/2017 01:42:00 PM

(1/25/2017 07:30:00 AM) - Al


It's funny because it's true.

1/25/2017 07:30:00 AM

(1/25/2017 05:30:00 AM) - Al

Seeing this so soon after the reporter lied about the MLK Jr. bust being moved out of the White House almost makes one think the old media may be biased and in desperation mode. 

Why don't they, you know, report the news rather than printing fiction?

1/25/2017 05:30:00 AM

(1/25/2017 01:30:00 AM) - Al

The fact that liberals are so quick to dismiss the fact that lots of illegals vote...makes me all but positive lots of illegals vote.

Now, as mentioned in the editorial, there are somewhere between 11M and 30M people living here that are not citizens or with proper paperwork. The fact the disparity is so large is telling in itself. I assume a lower percentage of illegals vote than citizens, so let's just say about 15% cast a ballot. Using the numbers above, that would be 1.5-4.5M votes...and they tend to vote heavily for Dems, 70-90%.

1/25/2017 01:30:00 AM

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

(1/24/2017 08:00:00 PM) - Al

For anyone that does not understand why so many NBA trades seem hellishly one sided, read this primer on Mo Williams...Williams is injured and out for the season, the last year of his contract.

Despite that, the Nuggets have now traded for, waived, and resigned the point guard, and are now expected to release him to make room for former Bucks' forward Johnny O'Bryant. Because of the salary cap and the various rules and exceptions that go with it, Williams is being used to "create" more cap room.

1/24/2017 08:00:00 PM

(1/24/2017 06:36:00 PM) - Al

I predicted this would happen...well, I said Carlson would do just fine, and I'm sure his ratings will crater a bit after he's been on a while. Megan Kelly was not the star of a show, she was just another Fox News host.

Fox has its own brand, and as long as a host is somewhat entertaining and puts on a quality show, they'll do just fine. One look at Greta's ratings at FNC compared to MSNBC tells the story.

1/24/2017 06:36:00 PM

(1/24/2017 04:05:00 PM) - Al

This gent should enjoy the moment, because he's very likely to become Hitler's and Satan's offspring in a few days.

1/24/2017 04:05:00 PM

(1/24/2017 02:00:00 PM) - Al

Clinton got 47% of the vote in PA/WI/MI, which matched/exceeded her polls. But Trump hugely beat his polls because undecideds broke his way.--Nate Silver

75 days later, Silver still making excuses, and will simply not admit he, and most everyone else, simply got it wrong.

A few guys, Mike Moore included, hit the nail on the head, and we all thought they were nuts. Silver's reluctance makes me think even less of him.

1/24/2017 02:00:00 PM

(1/24/2017 01:30:00 PM) - Al

The irony here is, for years, people complained about the fans voting, but they are almost always right. Writers once gave Raffy Palmiero a Gold Glove the year he played 10 games at 1B, and now we see players just voting for teammates and old friends.

This reminds me of the Food Network show, "The Best Thing You Ever Ate," which was basically just their show hosts giving free publicity to a good buddy, regardless of the food's quality.

1/24/2017 01:30:00 PM

(1/24/2017 01:00:00 PM) - Al

The thing is, how does she still have a job?

If she would have said, "I don't think Obama is the best president ever," she would have been labeled a racist and fired within minutes of it hitting the old media.

If it weren't for double standards....

1/24/2017 01:00:00 PM

(1/24/2017 12:01:00 PM) - Al

Fangraphs ranks the Brewers' prospects, reminds us it's a very deep system.

A long read for some on their lunch hour.

I'll comment on this later when I study it a bit more, but everyone is too down on Brett Phillips. The Crew challenges their young players, and BP struggled a tad, but he was very young for AA. He'll be fine. Guys that take that many walks at a young age rarely do not keep getting better.

1/24/2017 12:01:00 PM

(1/24/2017 12:00:00 PM) - Al

I'm so glad guys like Tom Cotton are on my side, and Chuck Schumer is not.

1/24/2017 12:00:00 PM

(1/24/2017 11:34:00 AM) - Al

I must admit, this is one impressive beginning.

1/24/2017 11:34:00 AM

(1/24/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

BUMP: Just got a nice note from the author herself. She does not feel she is "far left of center" and does not see herself crossing the line anytime soon. She's likely far smarter than me and moreso, far more eloquent, so I am just adding this to reflect that she does not agree with my opinion. Maybe I'm thinking with my heart and not my head.

The smugness of liberalism as of late has made me hesitant to declare my identity recently. The “we know better than you” attitude is too reminiscent of the patriarchal right. The “father knows best” attitude from the right has quickly turned into “mother knows best” on the left. The dismissive nature with which liberals, myself included for a long time, viewed legitimate concerns of those on the right, not the far right, just simply the middle right, like my sister and brother in law, as backward or selfish, is wrong.--Stef Williams

Read the whole thing. Stef is far left of center, but she is having doubts as she gets older. She'll get there soon. 

1/24/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/24/2017 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Regan has been speaking the truth for years now as a business reporter. Nothing beats a strong, conservative woman.

1/24/2017 11:00:00 AM

(1/24/2017 07:30:00 AM) - Al

They are so gutless.

1/24/2017 07:30:00 AM

(1/24/2017 05:00:00 AM) - Al

The difference?

A more cynical person would say one made fun of a Dem.

1/24/2017 05:00:00 AM

(1/24/2017 02:30:00 AM) - Al

A wise man has said this many times.

1/24/2017 02:30:00 AM

Monday, January 23, 2017

(1/23/2017 02:56:00 PM) - Al

Considering how stupid and hapless men are, I'm surprised they survived the day!

This is why Trump won.

1/23/2017 02:56:00 PM

(1/23/2017 01:39:00 PM) - Al

A wise man has been pointing this out for ages, but I can't remember his name...

Liberals protest. Conservatives vote. The only real exception to this is the annual pro life march each year, but since the old media barely covers it, I am unaware it happens. :)

1/23/2017 01:39:00 PM

(1/23/2017 12:34:00 PM) - Al

The Rambling wife grew up in Pepin county, which voted overwhelmingly for Trump, 60-36...after voting for Obama twice.

Again, we need to remember a couple things, and one of which is starting to become obvious. While loyal liberals called Trump voters names, and a few continue to do so, the irony is, Trump's votes came from moderates and independents, and some Reagan Democrats (in a few years, they might be called Trump Democrats). In Pepin county, in WI, and in most of flyover country, the only people who voted for Hillary was the liberal who is far left of center, they would never consider voting for anything but the Dem on the ballot.

1/23/2017 12:34:00 PM

(1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM) - Al


Heh. That is some funny stuff, but not one bit any more stupid than the not my president hashtag.

1/23/2017 12:00:00 PM

(1/23/2017 09:30:00 AM) - Al

All the name calling and bullying behavior...from the left.

It reminds me of the utter shock and disbelief when Walker not only won the recall, but won easily, by far more than he had won by in the first place. Those on the left shook their fist in the air, said everyone that voted against them was stupid, and said that we were doomed.

{Note to readers: Does this sound oddly familiar?}

I will always remember what was said, and while I cannot quote the source, I have long repeated it, because it is true.

Liberals complain, call the system unfair, protest and march. Conservatives vote. 

For a long time, the citizens of WI watched coverage of protests in Madison, vandalism, trespassing, sick outs, and so on. A costly recall. Insisting the governor, a family man, was Hitler...or worse. They watched a long, drawn out temper tantrum from people who, for the most part, made more money and had far better benefits. They were unable to do anything about it.

Until, they could vote. And vote they did.

{Note to readers: Does it sound oddly familiar NOW?}

1/23/2017 09:30:00 AM

(1/23/2017 05:00:00 AM) - Al

Lots of Facebook chatter today about how the march did not represent them. Almost all from women, too.

Getting gutsier about admitting that, contrary to popular belief, everyone ain't a liberal.

1/23/2017 05:00:00 AM

(1/23/2017 02:00:00 AM) - Al

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.--Milton Friedman

And judging the results with emotions rather than facts. Is it worth every successful person paying more taxes out of their own pocket to implement said program?

As Phil Gramm said, the answer is almost always no.


1/23/2017 02:00:00 AM

Sunday, January 22, 2017

(1/22/2017 08:41:00 PM) - Al

Patriots open as a 3 point favorite.

I would have guessed 4-5, so I would expect this to go up a point or two.

1/22/2017 08:41:00 PM

(1/22/2017 05:20:00 PM) - Al


That's for sure.

1/22/2017 05:20:00 PM

(1/22/2017 04:43:00 PM) - Al

One of the best called games I've ever seen, thus far at least. The penalties have been obvious, and the errors have been very close and corrected quickly. 

1/22/2017 04:43:00 PM

(1/22/2017 04:22:00 PM) - Al

Seen on Facebook...elderly woman bullies another passenger, kicked off plane.

Watch both videos.

And smile.

That's a shame. 

1/22/2017 04:22:00 PM

(1/22/2017 02:50:00 PM) - Al

Regardless of the outcome today, don't forget the guys you wanted to run out of town are in their 4th NFC Championship game in 10 years.--Justin Garcia

Fact check: True.

Spoiled by success is a perfect description. 

1/22/2017 02:50:00 PM

(1/22/2017 02:00:00 PM) - Al

I thought it was a very patriotic, very well done speech. Since then, I have been surprised at the rhetoric that it was full of hatred. Actually, it was full of truth, that the current ways...

{OK, your choices are "let's spend more money" or "let's spend a lot more money."}

...are not only not working, but so ridiculously ignorant, it's embarrassing.

A lot of this is just politics as usual...I have spoken a few times that Trump seems to be the most gay friendly president ever elected, as Obama and Clinton both ran on "marriage is one man and one woman" until the Supreme Court said otherwise. Still, many in the gay community are complaining, about what is unspecific...much of it seems just habitual anti GOP talk.

We'll have to see if Trump's speech produces any lines that are still vastly quoted 36 years later, as his "government is the problem" quote is still widely used by the right and treated like a fart in church by the left. I thought his "when you open your heart to patriotism, there's no room for prejudice" was good, though maybe a bit forced. I did like it overall, as Republicans are often mocked for their patriotism, while Dems rarely show love for country in the same way, as they find fault with and insist the greatest nation in the history of the planet is ripe with problems that include a falling sky and must be repaired...almost always involving redistribution of income from the successful.

1/22/2017 02:00:00 PM

(1/22/2017 01:32:00 PM) - Al

Thad Motta and Ohio State have won 10 or more conference games for 11 straight seasons.

The Badgers have finished 4th or higher in the Big Ten for 16 straight seasons. 

Both just mentioned on the BTN game. The above facts are almost beyond belief given the ups and downs and how tough the Big Ten is year in and year out...even more so when one considers how good Tom Izzo and Michigan State have been.

1/22/2017 01:32:00 PM

(1/22/2017 12:02:00 PM) - Al

A while back, we saw a piece that looked like satire, but was actually just written by a far left snowflake that was shocked (SHOCKED!) that their candidate had lost, and their party had been blown out.

This reads the same way, but not only is it real, it kind of explains how out of touch the elitist left is. Highly educated, comfortably wealthy, white collar job holding folks, choose to live in a place that is artificially overpriced...and now complaining because her lawyer hubby who had a government job is temporarily unemployed because he worked for Obama.

Her income, as an executive in a nonprofit, doesn't even cover the bills! She compares her marching to that of Martin Luther King Jr. Seriously. And you thought those refugees in Syria had it rough. So, she spent her SAT out marching in DC...for what, you ask? Um, I don't really know. The self importance oozes from her, as does her selfish interests.

I saw many folks on Twitter yesterday chuckling about spoiled rich white women bitching about losing an election. Reading the garbage Liz 3 Name passes off as a problem, but is really just a minor inconvenience for a successful urban professional family; I can't help but agree.

By the way, once again, they were stupid enough to leave garbage everywhere. It shows their lack or respect and their "I'll leave that for the little people" mentality.

The lasting impact of this will be in how yesterday will be remembered. The garbage, the attitude, the bad language...those things do not play well in, wait for it, flyover country. I think it will play well where the Dems did well; in Dem areas among whites. However, there was not even a hint of any economic message yesterday...which come to think of it, reminds you a lot of the Hillary campaign.

Also, do not forget, white women that made up the vast majority of the marchers yesterday, that were "furious" and "motivated" to action...voted for Trump 53-43. Or, looked at another way, almost 3 out of 5 outraged by the wrongdoing...rolled their eyes and enjoyed a day of their weekend.

1/22/2017 12:02:00 PM

(1/22/2017 10:57:00 AM) - Al

The thing is, they don't think anyone will notice this little fact.

The thing that keeps weaving its way through my mind is Pelosi's famous quote, "Gotta pass it to find out what's in it," while the GOP has yet to even repeal a massive, costly failure, the left keeps asking what they're going to replace it with.

Wait until they pass it and then you'll find out.:)

1/22/2017 10:57:00 AM

(1/22/2017 05:00:00 AM) - Al

As per WaPo, the sun rose at 7:23 a.m. in Washington, DC. casting doubt on everything else WaPo predicted would happen if Trump became President.--Mike Huckabee

I am disappointed, because I was looking forward to seeing a couple gulags open. By the way, didn't these people promise they would leave?

1/22/2017 05:00:00 AM

(1/22/2017 02:30:00 AM) - Al

The left's solution?

Spend more!

I'm glad they're not on my side.

1/22/2017 02:30:00 AM

(1/22/2017 12:30:00 AM) - Al

A one sentence recap?

Fight like a girl.

You can insist "staying above the fray" is more presidential or classy. It also allows those criticisms or lies/half truths to take hold, which eventually cause damage.

1/22/2017 12:30:00 AM

Saturday, January 21, 2017

(1/21/2017 06:30:00 PM) - Al

Spicer blasts the old media for fibs, lies, and half truths, old media blames Spicer for being rude. On day one. Just great to see.

Note, they don't even consider just telling the truth.

I guarantee you, as soon as he left the room, someone whispered, "I can't believe someone's calling us on this."

1/21/2017 06:30:00 PM

(1/21/2017 05:37:00 PM) - Al

Badgers hang on to defeat the Gophers. Every W on the road is huge, and it took OT to do so. Heckuva game, the game winning shot went off the rim at the buzzer. 

1/21/2017 05:37:00 PM

(1/21/2017 05:13:00 PM) - Al

I predicted they would sign Romo.

Looks like they offered Feliz, Santiago, and Romo.

1/21/2017 05:13:00 PM

(1/21/2017 04:30:00 PM) - Al

Image may contain: meme and text

Right about now, parents of Occupy drug dealers are saying, "No I checked, Dakota isn't in the basement. Did he have a court date today? Maybe a meeting with his probation officer? Community service? I hope he didn't cross state lines again."

1/21/2017 04:30:00 PM

(1/21/2017 04:29:00 PM) - Al

I have yet to see a good looking protester.--The Poli Chick

1/21/2017 04:29:00 PM

(1/21/2017 03:00:00 PM) - Al

This is why so many of us never fit in at college. And wonders why it's basically  almost entirely funded by tax dollars.

1/21/2017 03:00:00 PM

(1/21/2017 02:00:00 PM) - Al

Fact check: True.

It's also a good description of bullying behavior. You wonder why liberal public schools can't rid their schools problem? Because they are bullies themselves.

1/21/2017 02:00:00 PM

(1/21/2017 01:30:00 PM) - Al

This is why they lose elections.

1/21/2017 01:30:00 PM

(1/21/2017 01:00:00 PM) - Al

The irony is, the annual March for Life is next week, and will far outdraw today's march...and most folks won't even hear about it.

This is why no one trusts the old media. 

1/21/2017 01:00:00 PM

(1/21/2017 12:41:00 PM) - Al

Posted without comment.

1/21/2017 12:41:00 PM

(1/21/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

Nicely written piece on how Trump used the redness of the electoral map to push himself to an electoral victory. As they point out, it is also why the GOP has a huge advantage in Congress.

When you see a well researched article like this, you realize how ignorant all the "everyone is a racist" mumbo jumbo was, which we pretty much knew after people went from a black president twice to a white man...choosing both over the same unpopular, unhappy woman. 

1/21/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/21/2017 11:15:00 AM) - Al

This is very close to what the Rambling wife said this morning.

What's especially funny to me, you ask? Almost every woman in DC today will be white. According to exit polls, Trump won white women 53-43.

Hey, hey, ho ho, we lost by 10 don't ya know.--Something I should have trademarked.

The proper title would be The Abortion March.

1/21/2017 11:15:00 AM

(1/21/2017 11:00:00 AM) - Al

There is no better truth serum for a liberal senator than to be up for reelection in two years.

As for the riots, while I hope no cops were injured (the hell with the rioters), there's nothing better for Trump and the Republicans. All over the country, folks got done with work and heard about bad behavior, and blamed those on the left for it.

I'm so old, I recall when it was racist not to give a new president a chance.

1/21/2017 11:00:00 AM

(1/21/2017 10:58:00 AM) - Al

Trump's been president almost a full day. No concentration camps? No gulags? No thermonuclear war? SLACKER!--Larry Elder

I don't know about you, but I'm surprised we didn't cease to exist overnight

1/21/2017 10:58:00 AM

(1/21/2017 10:30:00 AM) - Al

If you recall, the GOP quickly approved all of Obama's cabinet picks in 2009, not because they loved them, but because they could not stop them.

The Dems just can't help themselves.

1/21/2017 10:30:00 AM

(1/21/2017 10:10:00 AM) - Al

Other than that, it was a successful 8 years.

Good riddance.

1/21/2017 10:10:00 AM

Friday, January 20, 2017

(1/20/2017 08:31:00 PM) - Al

My favorite caption for this?

May you find someone who looks at you like Bill Clinton looks at Ivanka Trump.

The irony is, no one is defending Bill at all, as by far the most common comment was "he was staring at Melania, not Ivanka."

1/20/2017 08:31:00 PM

(1/20/2017 04:58:00 PM) - Al

Heyman reporting Joba Chamberlain and the Crew have agreed to terms. Tom H says he assumes it is a minor league contract.

I wanted him last year, and when Joba went out of his way to say teams were interested in him that he has no desire to play for, I just assumed he meant MIL, so I am a bit surprised to see him sign with them.

Different times, not as popular, though his production was not bad. Many seem to not like him, for whatever reason.

1/20/2017 04:58:00 PM

(1/20/2017 04:45:00 PM) - Al

Greg Gutfeld with an excellent point...Trump's 16 minute speech was brief and to the point. Especially in a short attention span world. As Gutfeld said, Obama's speeches were always flowery, long, and like a 20 minute encore, always seemed to leave you waiting impatiently for it to be over.

1/20/2017 04:45:00 PM

(1/20/2017 04:30:00 PM) - Al

I got the Falcons and Pats this weekend, though I would not be surprised by either a Steelers or Packers victory.

I am 7-1 in the playoffs thus far, and can't feel too badly about missing the GB/DAL game, as it was a matter of inches several times.

1/20/2017 04:30:00 PM

(1/20/2017 04:25:00 PM) - Al

First Barron smile of the day...if you have 4:24 in the pool...

1/20/2017 04:25:00 PM

(1/20/2017 04:00:00 PM) - Al

Rasmussen has Trump at 56% approval as he enters office, lower than Obama's 67%...but not nearly as much as one would think by listening to the old media.

1/20/2017 04:00:00 PM

(1/20/2017 02:30:00 PM) - Al

If you want to lose middle America, if you want to lose the people that may not have voted for Trump, you throw rocks at police officers and riot in the streets.--Chris Stirewalt

A wise man said something similar.

1/20/2017 02:30:00 PM

(1/20/2017 02:06:00 PM) - Al

Trump asks for everyone to stand in honor of President Clinton and Secretary Clinton.

It just kills the left to see behavior like this. He talks tough, but is nothing but gracious to the Obamas and Clintons when not trying to win an election.

1/20/2017 02:06:00 PM

(1/20/2017 02:03:00 PM) - Al

This is one heckuva good start.

1/20/2017 02:03:00 PM

(1/20/2017 02:00:00 PM) - Al

Emailer says his son is an Army officer. His commanding officer invited all his subordinates in today for lunch, and they watched the inauguration together as they ate. When the speech was over, the CO got up, turned the volume down on the TV, and told the group that when they were done eating, they were free to go for the weekend, and he'd see them Monday. He then added, "It's a different world. We ain't nobody's (expletive) anymore."

He adds that the room broke out in cheers and applause several times during the speech, including a standing ovation when President Trump (it'll never happen!) said the words radical Islamic terrorism were said.

The military is overwhelmingly Republican. It makes me feel far more secure that I'm on the right side.

1/20/2017 02:00:00 PM

(1/20/2017 01:28:00 PM) - Al

Image may contain: 1 person

Especially true today. How dare they not just take it?!

1/20/2017 01:28:00 PM

(1/20/2017 12:06:00 PM) - Al

Fox News commentator says Bernie Sanders could have given a good portion of Trump's speech, and did actually, during his primary run. It was a very liberal speech from a Republican president. It makes the angst from the left even more comical.

They are calling it "the speech of the forgotten man." It was a speech written for the everyday, common American; not for the elites on the coast, not for The New York Times. His specific mention of the West Virginia coal miner was not coincidence, as Obama and Hillary both proudly did all they could to eliminate their jobs, rather than create more.

Many have said how rarely he used "I," a complete about face from Obama, who used "I" as many use "um" or "like," kind of a verbal tic.

1/20/2017 12:06:00 PM

(1/20/2017 11:51:00 AM) - Al

Glenn's thoughts are here. He too noticed the lack of booing this time around. Polite and civil Dems acted like bullies, the evil Trump fans did not.

I was on a webinar, so I missed the fact Schumer was reading a letter from a Civil War soldier. Why was Schumer speaking anyway? Is it tradition to have the minority party have a speaker?

1/20/2017 11:51:00 AM

(1/20/2017 11:43:00 AM) - Al

Brit Hume and Chris Wallace both stunned by the tone of the speech, big promises made, incredible confidence shown. In my retail career, I worked for many managers, and it always seemed if they aimed high, they were far more respected than if they aimed for mediocrity....even if they only accomplished mediocrity.

Tucker Carlson points out how mad he sounded at empty, decaying factories; at the state of our inner cities...just like many of his voters are. Carlson also mentioned it was not a conservative speech, as many of this who supported Trump are just as unhappy with the GOP as they are the Dems. 

I'll just throw this in here rather than in a new post...Facebook friend who is in DC on vacation, said by far the most interesting thing to her is how many sharpshooters she and her hubby saw, on top of almost every building. They are guessing at least 150. Also, the amount of "athletic men in dark suits" in the crowd, assumed to be FBI, Secret Service, or other government agencies; numbered in the thousands.

Obama salutes the military as he boards the chopper...old habits die hard.

1/20/2017 11:43:00 AM

(1/20/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

The Dem theme song for the Trump presidency.

That's a shame.

Fittingly, I do feel fine. 

1/20/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/20/2017 11:22:00 AM) - Al

For the most part, most of Trump's speech could have been given by a Dem. Lots of very moderate and some lefty talking points.

The man can hold a pep rally. I was surprised at his constant talk of action, of accepting challenges. I don't think I'm going to be using the phrase "kick the can down the road" anytime soon.

Most of all, the patriotism and American pride that emanated from his speech was a great change of pace. When he finished talking, they showed the crowd, and it looked like you could pick out a random 11 of them and they'd have no problem taking on New least until they took a hit or two. 

1/20/2017 11:22:00 AM

(1/20/2017 11:00:00 AM) - Al

I suppose getting our pallets of cash back would be asking too much.

1/20/2017 11:00:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:54:00 AM) - Al

I'm so old, I can remember when Mike Pence was throwing away his future by accepting the vice presidential nomination.

1/20/2017 10:54:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:52:00 AM) - Al


You mentioned yesterday you grew up thinking there would be a black president, and to you, it was not a big deal. I pretty much feel the same way, and take the same viewpoint with a woman. However, I never thought I would see a gay president, and have changed my mind in the past 5 years. How do you feel about that, and what's your opinion on a transgender president? 


This is one of the more unique emails I've ever received. My feelings on gays have not changed since I was young; however, the public opinion has slowly joined mine. My opinion used to be very liberal, and now is middle of the road. My view? I don't care what anyone does with other consenting adults, as long as it does not bother anyone else. None of my business. Will we see a gay president? Maybe. Few voters would be bothered, and most of those are elderly. I'm not sure if there will be one by 2050 for example, because only 5-10% of the population is gay. That's a mighty small base.

Transgender? I'd say the same thing, but with an even smaller percentage...0.5% is accepted, but that depends on your definition, the ones who have had surgery is a fraction of that. Therefore, it's the same as above, but with an even smaller number. For example, Caitlyn Jenner could easily run for office and win in her lifetime, though she is 67 and has shown no inclination to run, to my knowledge.

1/20/2017 10:52:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:30:00 AM) - Al

Fact check: True.

I was just a child when Reagan was elected and in office, but I do know that the threat of nuclear war was constant fodder, especially because that darn Reagan did not shudder in fear at the mere mention of the USSR. This was when movies such as The Day After not so subtly pointed out we were all gonna die.

1/20/2017 10:30:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:29:00 AM) - Al

Tiffany Trump very much resembles Lindsay Lohan before the latter went nuts.

1/20/2017 10:29:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:27:00 AM) - Al

I heard nothing but applause when the president was introduced. A vast difference from 2009.

1/20/2017 10:27:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:25:00 AM) - Al

Barron always looks exactly how I would...wishing he were anywhere else but a formal ceremony.

1/20/2017 10:25:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:23:00 AM) - Al

I assume the crowd today will not be nearly as large as 2009, due to the excitement of the first black president.

That said, they just showed an overhead shot, and the crowd is so far away, I assume they can't even hear the ceremony, even with the PA's. There are people well past the reflection pool (I believe that's what it is called).

1/20/2017 10:23:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:15:00 AM) - Al

Hillary was just chatting with W.

She should be glad W is far too polite to say, "I can't believe you're even less popular than I was."

1/20/2017 10:15:00 AM

(1/20/2017 10:00:00 AM) - Al

They don't want poor kids to be able to go to good schools...because they want to keep the schools segregated.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear they have ulterior motives.

1/20/2017 10:00:00 AM

(1/20/2017 09:54:00 AM) - Al

Media: You people suck. You're stupid, uneducated hicks and rubes from flyover country.

Citizens: You suck. You're elitist. We don't care for you.

Media: How dare you?

It's funny because it's true. Hillary called them deplorables. They took it and got even in the ballot box.

1/20/2017 09:54:00 AM

(1/20/2017 09:33:00 AM) - Al

Why they lose.

You can almost hear them in 2018 and 2020.

Hey there, you idiots that we called idiots over and over...join us this time. Hey....where ya going?

1/20/2017 09:33:00 AM

(1/20/2017 03:30:00 AM) - Al

I like the idea of tipping just because so many cheapskates don't.

What's so sad is, they're happy to pay $22 for a meal, but complain about paying $27.

1/20/2017 03:30:00 AM

(1/20/2017 02:00:00 AM) - Al

In reality, about 95% of businesses close because they're broke. You can not mention that if you wish, but it's still true.

1/20/2017 02:00:00 AM

Thursday, January 19, 2017

(1/19/2017 08:34:00 PM) - Al

If Obama is treated with a fraction as much scorn as W'll be played nonstop and the attendees mocked.

1/19/2017 08:34:00 PM

(1/19/2017 06:02:00 PM) - Al

And Hillary isn't president too?

This is just getting better and better.

1/19/2017 06:02:00 PM

(1/19/2017 05:30:00 PM) - Al

So, if CNN was (officially) run by the Dems...would they be any more biased?

1/19/2017 05:30:00 PM

(1/19/2017 04:30:00 PM) - Al

Wait until they tell the voters how "tried to work" with the new administration, and the public replies "you didn't even show up."

I simply love the fact they have not learned a thing.

1/19/2017 04:30:00 PM

(1/19/2017 04:07:00 PM) - Al

I'm seeing lots of independents, moderates, and those who voted for Johnson say similar things of late. 

My favorite quote?

The fact the teacher's unions can't stand her means that despite not knowing a thing about her, I fully support her nomination.--as seen as Facebook

1/19/2017 04:07:00 PM

(1/19/2017 04:00:00 PM) - Al

As a wise blonde woman once said, it's like he's going down a checklist on "how to make us less safe."

Shortening the sentences of 330 drug dealers is not a place to start, or end.

1/19/2017 04:00:00 PM

(1/19/2017 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Just finished watching 13 Hours.

Allow me to say, if every American would have been forced to watch it the day before they voted, Hillary would have lost by 50 points.

As well she should have.

1/19/2017 03:00:00 PM

(1/19/2017 02:30:00 PM) - Al

I gain all my strength by drinking the tears of liberals so I love that everyone is having so much anxiety.--Meghan McCain


They truly thought they'd never lose again. The fact they are unhappy makes me feel even better.

They understand how us patriotic rubes feel every time Obama commutes a sentence of a convicted traitor.

That's a shame.

1/19/2017 02:30:00 PM

(1/19/2017 12:58:00 PM) - Al

You stay classy CNN.

I would not allow them in the press room. I would not talk if they had a reporter in the group. What a pathetic group of losers.

1/19/2017 12:58:00 PM

(1/19/2017 12:42:00 PM) - Al

These are the same clowns insisting these hellishly successful private citizens aren't qualified to push paper and oversee bureaucrats.

But John Kerry (climate change is more of a threat than terrorists!) is.

1/19/2017 12:42:00 PM

(1/19/2017 12:30:00 PM) - Al

Cutting spending to bureaucratic paper pushers?

Of to a good start. 

1/19/2017 12:30:00 PM

(1/19/2017 11:33:00 AM) - Al

Per Adam, Feliz officially signs a 1y/$5.35M contract.

It would certainly appear he took less money for a closing opportunity. Even had he signed with a contender to pitch the 7th or 8th inning, I would have figured he would get $7-8M per.

1/19/2017 11:33:00 AM

(1/19/2017 11:31:00 AM) - Al

I may not have predicted this, but I am very proud of the fact I very quickly came up with the phrase "crazy like a fox" when others insisted Trump "didn't get it."

Since the day after Romney lost, he's been so far ahead of the naysayers, sometimes it appeared he was behind.

1/19/2017 11:31:00 AM

(1/19/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

This is why they lose elections.

1/19/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/19/2017 11:23:00 AM) - Al

Allow me to say this bit of noncontroversial fact...Melania Trump is far better looking than Bil Clinton. And Ivanka just exited the plane carrying a baby and looked like she was a model in a fashion show.

1/19/2017 11:23:00 AM

(1/19/2017 11:20:00 AM) - Al

What? Fiscal restraint works? Tax revenue goes up when tax rates are lowered or hold steady?

Damn, who woulda thunk it?

I, for one, am shocked.

1/19/2017 11:20:00 AM

(1/19/2017 11:10:00 AM) - Al

I agree completely.

I'd be far more worried if the liberals loved her because she believed in the status quo of spending oodles of cash to continue to get mediocre results.

Fact check: True.

1/19/2017 11:10:00 AM

(1/19/2017 11:07:00 AM) - Al

Rasmussen comes up with a 52% approval rating for Trump as he enters office.

Rather easy to see that as pretty accurate. Funny how easy it is to come up with an unbiased poll.

1/19/2017 11:07:00 AM

(1/19/2017 10:56:00 AM) - Al

This is probably the type of deal that Stearns has been looking for with Guerra.

That said, Straily had a pair of good seasons in 2012-13 before struggling with injuries in 2014-15, before his bounceback campaign.

1/19/2017 10:56:00 AM

(1/19/2017 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Gasp...100 days. And to think, the natives actually, you there.

Soon, they'll be drinking tap water and wearing flannel shirts, just like the rest of us stupid rubes.

1/19/2017 09:00:00 AM

(1/19/2017 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Only in the Times could a possible increase of 0.01 degrees be described as "trouncing and blown past."

The amusing thing is, they seem shocked the rubes have caught them crying wolf.

1/19/2017 08:00:00 AM

(1/19/2017 07:30:00 AM) - Al

No offense, but this is exactly what they wanted you to think. It wasn't even close to being accurate, but, no biggie.

That poll has been already been shown to be a complete farce, as they undersample conservatives.

1/19/2017 07:30:00 AM

(1/19/2017 04:00:00 AM) - Al

That's a shame.

Note the constant references to how hard they work. Never forget, those that feel the need to brag about how many they work do so out of guilt. Do you ever hear me bragging about how much I blog? Nope, because plenty of people write far more, and far better than myself.

1/19/2017 04:00:00 AM

(1/19/2017 01:30:00 AM) - Al

Fact check: True.

As Glenn is fond of pointing out, the Dems hate it when the GOP fight back like Dems.

Politics is not for the faint of heart.

1/19/2017 01:30:00 AM

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

(1/18/2017 08:30:00 PM) - Al

Let's make a sequel to a documentary that was 100% fictional and one lie after another.

Let me guess...this one says they weren't wrong...just "early."

1/18/2017 08:30:00 PM

(1/18/2017 07:18:00 PM) - Al

FSW and ESPN both have the Bucks on, but ESPN is about 7 seconds behind.

So, does that mean we're basically watching a tape delay every time we watch ESPN? I think it does.

1/18/2017 07:18:00 PM

(1/18/2017 07:10:00 PM) - Al

Fix it? He's the dictionary example of broken politics. The only thing he's good at is promising stuff without his nose actually growing as he does so.

It takes a blatant politician to blame your failed health care plan on the party that did not cast a single vote for it.

1/18/2017 07:10:00 PM

(1/18/2017 06:43:00 PM) - Al

Bagwell, Raines, and IRod elected to Hall.

Apparently, Bagwell and Raines got better after being on the ballot for 7 and 10 years.

I'm embarrassed for the baseball writers, because they're too ignorant to blush at their own incompetence.

1/18/2017 06:43:00 PM

(1/18/2017 04:39:00 PM) - Al

I've heard impassioned please for pardons for Mike Milken and Dave Petraeus in the past couple hours. I can't say I have much of an issue with either, though I assume Petraeus has little chance due to politics. seems like I think of him as a Dem, but nothing is listed on him if you google it. His "crime" was such a long time ago and he served his time, so it's just paperwork.

1/18/2017 04:39:00 PM

(1/18/2017 04:17:00 PM) - Al

I guess I just do not get it. Obama won in 2008 and picked his cabinet. Trump should do the same thing. The argument seems to be, well, he should choose moderates instead of people whose views are in line with his own. Why don't we just let the minority party pick the cabinet then? I do not recall hearing anyone in 2009 brag about what a glorious moderate group of nominees we have here, as communist Van Jones, far left liberal Hillary Clinton, and former armed occupier of university building Eric Holder were put forth and passed.--seen on a conservative message board

As others pointed out, Jones was just a figurehead advisor, not a cabinet member, but his point is a good one. They went so far as to change the rules to get their unqualified party loyalists passed, and are now complaining about it.

If it weren't double standards...

1/18/2017 04:17:00 PM

(1/18/2017 03:55:00 PM) - Al


The Manning pardon (technically, it was a commutation) was because of her transgenderness. All the rest is inconsequential, especially as this administration has shown many times it is apathetic about the military.


Matt's probably right, but since Obama did not use it in his argument (which was embarrassingly weak), I'm not sure we can debate it.

1/18/2017 03:55:00 PM

(1/18/2017 01:53:00 PM) - Al

I've never seen Dems so loudly disagreeing before. You know this is a hot button issue they are getting tons of calls/emails/letters on, and it's running 90%+ against.

1/18/2017 01:53:00 PM

(1/18/2017 01:25:00 PM) - Al

My favorite part of the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing is watching Dems cheer a room full of old white men telling a woman she's unqualified.--Comfortably Smug

Heh. There is nothing the left hates more than a strong, conservative woman. 

1/18/2017 01:25:00 PM

(1/18/2017 01:00:00 PM) - Al

Never forget, Reagan worked with a Dem House his entire presidency.

Leaders lead. Losers make excuses.

1/18/2017 01:00:00 PM

(1/18/2017 12:26:00 PM) - Al

This is normally the coldest time of year, with average highs and lows of 26/6. So, since we're warmer right now, this "warm stretch" is likely to continue, as the current above average temps is expected to last 7-10 days, and by the time that is over...guess'll be a warmer time of year, with higher norms.

The extended forecast goes until 2/4 on Accuweather, and there's not a single below zero temp on there. Let's hope they're right. 

Is that a negative? Only if you're a negative nellie of mammoth proportion.

1/18/2017 12:26:00 PM

(1/18/2017 12:00:00 PM) - Al

Peter King just pointed out that Trump using Twitter is just using modern communication used to be radio, TV, newspapers, and now it's not. That's an excellent point.

As others point out, the White House has a Twitter, and when the tweet is signed B.O. it means it was authored by the president, or at least, someone typing what the president dictated. The only reason the old media has a "problem" with Trump's Twitter is allows him to talk directly to the public, and not allow them to input their bias. I'm never heard a citizen complain...after all, if you do not care to read his tweets, you just don't follow him.

1/18/2017 12:00:00 PM

(1/18/2017 12:00:00 PM) - Al

Hard to believe a Kennedy is this full of common sense.

That said, my Facebook is full of people that are terrified of Devos and other nominees...and that's a good thing. They are afraid for the right reasons...they think the gravy train of union money is going to come to an end. One quote says it all..."She is going to funnel money away from teachers and into improving software and updating hardware. That is not good for my pension."

1/18/2017 12:00:00 PM

(1/18/2017 11:31:00 AM) - Al

Mike Rowe's "Oh Brother" was just put on You Tube.

Ironic in nature, but all very true. The more things change, the more things stay the same. It's only 6 minutes, so take a few moments and enjoy it.

1/18/2017 11:31:00 AM

(1/18/2017 11:30:00 AM) - Al

Why do I know the Obamacare numbers are lies?

Look who is saying them.

Note they mentioned 20M+ still have no coverage. Covering 10M has run the us one kizillion dollars. What's that old saying...if you think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free.

1/18/2017 11:30:00 AM

(1/18/2017 11:19:00 AM) - Al

Two thoughts to ponder today.

1. One has to wonder if the near unanimous disgust about the Manning pardon yesterday will have any effect on a possible Hillary pardon. Many casuals have no idea who Manning is, but, of course, everyone knows HC. However, some on the left would welcome it, which might help minimize the fallback. Given Obama's focus on his legacy, which ironically, has fallen dramatically in the past 90 days (I have seen the phrase "his legacy is getting Trump elected" from a dozen different authors.); as it's tough to imagine him pardoning her...but to be blunt, if you can excuse treason, you can excuse anything. The gals and lucky guy on Outnumbered just blasted the decision, as did many Dem politicians, many calling it shameful and indefensible.

2. Lost in the elation/safe space seeking election results is the historical nature. Many insisted Obama's victory was memorable, but I never understood it. I get the fact he was the first black president, I don't preface my nouns with such adjectives because they're not needed in today's world. I could have said the "gender reassigned" Manning above, but I chose not to, because, really, who cares? I never once considered that a black person would not be elected president at some point, and probably before 2050 (what I would call the near future). Colin Powell probably would have won had he ran for either party.

However, Trump's win was predicted only by a very few, and that tiny amount was dismissed as kooks and fools (I said he would lose by a single state, and was roundly dismissed as a fool, despite the fact I just used Real Clear Politics.) until the results began coming in. The polls were mostly wrong, the pundits were mostly wrong, and the old media, despite cheerleading for the opponent openly, were showed to be powerless. For the next half century, every poll and seemingly huge lead will have to be prefaced with, "Remember Trump."

1/18/2017 11:19:00 AM

(1/18/2017 10:55:00 AM) - Al

I'm so glad she's not on my side.

1/18/2017 10:55:00 AM

(1/18/2017 10:23:00 AM) - Al

Eric Thames will be the latest data point as teams try to project how star-level performance in the Korea Baseball Organization carries over to Major League Baseball, and Fangraphs’ David Laurila spoke to Brewers GM David Stearns about the factors that went into signing Thames. Stearns explained that improved plate discipline despite a vast increase in the number of breaking balls Thames saw in Korea played into the decision, as did a number of analytics processes and statistical projections. “As more players play in the KBO, or any other foreign league, and then come back to the States, projection systems are going to continue to improve,” said the Milwaukee GM. “Clearly, the translation of KBO stats to (MLB) stats isn’t as straightforward as translating a Triple-A environment to a Major League environment, but it still played a role in our evaluation.”--MLBTR

First of all, the KBO is nowhere near AAA, it's best comparison may be the Mexican League, which has some former major leaguers and AAA vets playing alongside young native born 19-22 year olds, and the stats show it, as the more experienced guys put up video game like numbers, .425 BA, .500+ OBP and so on.

1/18/2017 10:23:00 AM

These are the good old days. Some folks are just too busy wishing the streets were paved with gold to enjoy the good times.

Whatever strikes me as interesting, and serious Milwaukee Brewers thoughts. If you are a believer in respecting OBP, throwing strikes, and keeping the ball in the park, you may have found the place you've been searching for. I believe in low taxes, small government, and am not afraid to be labeled patriotic. If you are interested in sausage race results, walk up music, or professional wrestling, you may wish to click elsewhere.

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