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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

(4/05/2017 07:21:00 PM) - Al

Finished Hillbilly Elegy last night. Many have said this book help explains why Trump won.

They're right.

{Sidenote: When I signed up to put this book "on hold" in the online library, I was #480...on one copy. After a couple months, I was #467. Luckily for me, they bought 199 more copies, so it started moving quickly a month ago, I was #63 a few days before getting it. I would recommend it.}

Of course, I just googled it and almost every result, other than the author's personal websites, is a bunch of liberals insisting the author; who grew up a proud hillbilly and redneck (terms he has no problem with, and answers without hesitation to both) in Appalachia, and is a self made man, who followed an unpopular blueprint...he joined the military, served his country, used the GI Bill to attend Ohio State, and then went to Yale a darn dope, because he feels the problems of the region is nothing that cannot be overcome by hard work and capitalism.

I cannot imagine why the left would find this patriotic viewpoint to be offensive. :)

This was my personal favorite...she insists what we need to fix that poverty stricken part of the country is...wait for it...more liberal politics! The exact same thing they have suffered under until just recently, when that part of the nation finally started voting Republican.

Another is here, which I would call "that guy that grew up there knows nothing compared to us Northeastern elites!"

The irony is, I assumed the author was probably left of center, though by the time I finished the book, I knew he was not. He told early on of how his grandpa never voted Republican, except for Reagan, who he was forced to support because he hated Mondale so. In one of my favorite tales, he talked about how upset many people were when they moved from rural Kentucky to small town Ohio to work in the factories when they encountered resistance in raising chickens in their yards.

{His grandma often referred to those "f%#king zoning laws."}

As he put it, imagine a suburban housewife looking out the window and seeing her new neighbor wringing the neck of one of his lesser egg producers and butchering it up for supper that night with his pocket knife, tossing the feet, head, and other unwanted parts over the fence or into the tall grass that grew by the old vehicle carcasses that inevitably would soon inhabit any open space a redneck had.

Another memorable section was when the author was in college, some know it all student with a scraggly beard stood up and said how pathetic it was that all those poor saps had to join the military because they were stupid and broke. The author, who had served for 4 years including a tour in Iraq, was so upset by idiots like this he decided to take as many classes as he could to get out of that environment ASAP...he finished college in just less than 2 years due to his hatred for fools who took pity on those that had served like himself.

4/05/2017 07:21:00 PM

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