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Sunday, April 09, 2017

(4/09/2017 03:13:00 PM) - Al

Plenty of discussion today on Syria, as Trump's subordinates continued the tough talk this morning on the Sunday shows. Two distinct camps on Twitter, one saying to avoid conflict at all costs, the other saying it is long overdue to take care of business.

As is usually the case, there's probably a middle ground there as well, but middle ground is tough to find online. One must remember, we live in an age where the world is extremely small, yet many find an extraordinary ability to ignore atrocity, because they know the only way to stop such heinous acts is to kill the abusers. More than one person has openly wondered if the USA has the stomach for any sort of undertaking that involves more than drones, bombs, and missiles.

As often stated by experts, and repeated by me; you can do a lot of damage from long range, but in order to make any sort of lasting change, you need to hold those gains with troops on the ground. If you take out a bridge, for example, a new one will replace it in a week or month. If you remove a bridge and station a squad or platoon there, it will likely not be rebuilt...if it is, it will be elsewhere, likely at a less strategic location.

So, does it matter if half a million civilians have been killed or allowed to waste away since the infamous red line was crossed and the result was fictional diplomacy and leaving the problem for the next guy? Depends on your point of view. Would the USA react to Hitler's holocaust the same way today as it did then? More than likely, no.

{When one studies WW2 history, one learns that those horrors were either little known or not believed until after the war ended. Many Americans were German immigrants and/or had family still there. Hitler's Germany was a bastion of economic success and his regime was very popular among Germans at least up to and into the war, until it became painful to accept all the destruction the allies inflicted to roads, factories, and the inevitable collateral  damage that is a side effect of perpetual war...something the US has never suffered, except for unprovoked terror style attacks like Pearl Harbor and 9/11, a result of geography and military strength.}

I am not a believer in sitting back and pretending not see a a tumor, toothache, or other medical issue, that almost always leads to a significantly larger quandary at a later date...hence, what we are seeing now in Syria. Is there a magic, easy way out? That entire region is an enigma wrapped in a riddle...ISIS has gained strength and despite assurances they were less viable than a liberal in rural Utah, they continue to do kill, maim, and torture all over the world in the name of...well, your guess is as good as mine.

4/09/2017 03:13:00 PM

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