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Friday, June 30, 2017

(6/30/2017 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Two things, has anyone ever pondered the fact that tea partiers, a group of mostly Republican, but also a few fiscal conservative independents and Dems, that were vilified as evil by the old media when they were, in fact, just everyday Americans who cleaned up after others and left their own gathering places cleaner than when they arrived MAYBE were also Trump know mostly Republican, but also a few fiscal conservative independents and Dems, that were vilified as evil by the old media when they were, in fact, just everyday Americans?

Two, Ann's post speaks of the questions many of the assumptions. I read them and I have yet to see a single derogatory mention of Mika's appearance. It says she was bleeding after a That's a hygiene issue after a medical procedure, not a comment on her looks. As others have said, Trump is a mighty young looking 70something married to a gorgeous former model, he likely knows exactly what facelift scars and aftermath look like.

--She was bleeding after a facelift.

--She's a mighty ugly broad.

Two statements, one on her looks, one factual, at least, Trump's side of the facts. Again, as pointed out, others are making an assumption, and those who choose to dislike Trump overreact to the assumption, not what he said.

As long as I'm discussing this, I need to cut and paste a few of Ann's comments. They are hilarious, because here we are, months into the Trump presidency, and they still can't figure out he plays them like a fiddle.

--Tsk tsk. When are you going to learn? Do we really have to use the cliche from Shakespeare again? You must think Trump is the luckiest idiot in the world? But there is a method to his madness (see?), he did this for a reason.

If you would stop being so intellectually lazy, you might wonder what is he really on about. But with that realization would also come fear.

Ah to be comfortably stupid. 


1) Correctly understands the media is his enemy.
2) Recognizes Joe and Mika as examples of press belligerence toward him.
3) Sees an opportunity to make the media the story.
4) Feels he has nothing to lose fighting back against an unpopular media.
5) Is not afraid to challenge the Washington establishment.
6) Knows a big chunk of the media will direct their attention to Mika and her facelift/victim-hood.
7) Rightly concludes that most of America will shrug off his tweets

--It's the Democrats/media that's classless and viscous.

Trump didn't make the rules, he's just playing by them.

What makes it so strange is that we're not used to seeing Republicans fight back. 

-- The media has no idea how cleverly he strings them along. They always fall for Trump's diversions and always resort to the only real weapon they have: public shaming. By refusing to be shamed, Trump wins every time. They have nothing to use against him.

-- Let your enemies know that if you kick this dog, it will bite back. People learn to stop kicking that dog.

They are still underestimating him. He's so stupid, he was a huge underdog, he had no chance. Yet even after the fact, we see his campaign strategy was brilliant. His appeal was to the same citizenry Obama and Hillary both do/did not even pretend not to despise.

They, and even some of the commenters, call them hillbillies and rednecks, and make fun of their trade school educations, patriotism, and the fact they're so stupid they do not even live on a coast. That went to a public school, and worked part time if they decided to go to school beyond 12th grade.

As Jeff Foxworthy described them a decade or more ago, these are the same folks that drive trucks, work for the fire and police departments, that join the military, that fill churches on Sundays, and the ones you call at 3AM when your furnace breaks down, your pipes are leaking, or you need to get to the hospital but your driveway has a foot of snow on it.

They hunt, fish, and camp. They drink beer instead of wine. Sushi = bait. They grill burgers and steaks and not only can't say or spell foie gras, they have no interest in eating it.

It's not President Trump's fault his vision of the USA matches theirs better than the left's. It's not just his either; it's the House, the Senate, and those 1000 seats since Obama moved in, making fun of those "bitter clingers" and "deplorables" and vowing to put miners out of work, because their product is far cheaper than the much cooler solar and wind, and those don't get your hands dirty...though they don't work when it's cloudy or calm, but, those hicks are too stupid to realize that!

Hopefully, they will continue to tease and mock with an air of superiority. 2018 should be a Dem turning point, and historically, it has been. The more time they take telling each other how dumb we are, the less they have to figure out what the hell has happened.

So in closing...keep concentrating on the tweets, the ghosts in Russia, Bigfoot, how dumb we are, and how we can someday, with great effort, be as polite, civil, and awesome as you are.

6/30/2017 10:00:00 AM

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