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Sunday, March 31, 2019

(3/31/2019 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Goodness. The self importance of these fools is off the charts.

Sober curious? I'm curious how these buffoons get such drivel printed.

3/31/2019 09:00:00 AM

Saturday, March 30, 2019

(3/30/2019 09:18:00 PM) - Al

Hader with a nice inning.


3/30/2019 09:18:00 PM

(3/30/2019 11:00:00 AM) - Al

That's funny, I heard this was the greatest plan in history!


3/30/2019 11:00:00 AM

(3/30/2019 08:00:00 AM) - Al

If you don't like my beliefs...don't worry, I can change them if I see a poll that says otherwise.


3/30/2019 08:00:00 AM

(3/30/2019 08:00:00 AM) - Al

I blame the National Auto Association.

They should, of course, be banned.

3/30/2019 08:00:00 AM

Friday, March 29, 2019

(3/29/2019 02:00:00 PM) - Al

I just got whiplash.

She introduced a bill that was so stupid, her own party was embarrassed to vote on it. And she's taking credit for that.

3/29/2019 02:00:00 PM

(3/29/2019 12:00:00 PM) - Al

While one side lied nonstop for 2+ years.

History will not be kind. They will try to rewrite it, but those of us that are not liberal hacks will laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

And laugh.

3/29/2019 12:00:00 PM

(3/29/2019 09:00:00 AM) - Al

They choose their heroes poorly.

3/29/2019 09:00:00 AM

(3/29/2019 08:00:00 AM) - Al

I've been told this never happens.

3/29/2019 08:00:00 AM

(3/29/2019 02:00:00 AM) - Al

The house of cards seems to be crashing down.

One lie after another often leads to that.

3/29/2019 02:00:00 AM

Thursday, March 28, 2019

(3/28/2019 11:56:00 PM) - Al

It will be interesting to see who gets a save chance in the next day or two if the opportunity arises. I would guess Barnes and Claudio would be the favorites,  but as Counsell showed with Burnes last year, he could just go with anyone and then let it ride. 

3/28/2019 11:56:00 PM

(3/28/2019 04:30:00 PM) - Al

I Want People To Think I Have Money To Throw Away for $1000, Alex.

3/28/2019 04:30:00 PM

(3/28/2019 01:00:00 PM) - Al

Normally, I would be talking about Opening Day. This year, that will be limited. Other things going on. Will discuss at a later time.

3/28/2019 01:00:00 PM

(3/28/2019 12:00:00 PM) - Al

It's funny because it's true.

It's easy to change your mind when you don't really believe in anything.

3/28/2019 12:00:00 PM

(3/28/2019 11:00:00 AM) - Al

If you have mental problems, none of these things will help at all. You need to get therapy or medication, and possibly both.

Pretending you can fix mental health issues with stupid crap like this is detrimental to those with struggles and those of us trying to understand them.

3/28/2019 11:00:00 AM

(3/28/2019 10:05:00 AM) - Al

Don't like what they stand for?

Give them a minute, they'll change.

3/28/2019 10:05:00 AM

(3/28/2019 08:30:00 AM) - Al

Well, prove it was not true.

Heh. They're so ignorant, it's hard to believe they walk upright. 

3/28/2019 08:30:00 AM

(3/28/2019 06:22:00 AM) - Al

For years when I was a retail manager, I was in the same district as the New Berlin store. I never heard it pronounced any other way than the German city.

Not once.

3/28/2019 06:22:00 AM

(3/28/2019 02:30:00 AM) - Al

As we saw with Justice Kavanaugh, the left will destroy anyone in an attempt for political gain. They are terrible people. They prove it every day.

Luckily, most of us are not tin foil hat wearing hacks and see right through it.

3/28/2019 02:30:00 AM

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

(3/27/2019 08:38:00 PM) - Al

These damn rubes just don't understand how much smarter the elites are.

3/27/2019 08:38:00 PM

(3/27/2019 04:00:00 PM) - Al

Want proof Obama's foreign policy was historically bad?

Read this.

3/27/2019 04:00:00 PM

(3/27/2019 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Puppies do not fix everything...but they sure help.

3/27/2019 03:00:00 PM

(3/27/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

When you lose editorial boards...

3/27/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/27/2019 01:49:00 PM) - Al

Well, his only hope was to plead not guilty because he's nuts. Let's not make him out to be a nice guy. That said, he's got 2 life sentences plus the kidnapping charge. He's an idiot to plead guilty...but I guess we all knew that.

3/27/2019 01:49:00 PM

(3/27/2019 01:00:00 PM) - Al

It's pathetic and sad. And it's exactly what they are.

3/27/2019 01:00:00 PM

(3/27/2019 12:00:00 PM) - Al

The four corner offense depends on the clock running out. In the real world, it doesn't.

3/27/2019 12:00:00 PM

(3/27/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

Huckabee is brilliant. If only he would have run for president without the religious crap attached.

3/27/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/27/2019 11:24:00 AM) - Al

They don't even pretend to give a damn about law enforcement, so, this fits perfectly.

3/27/2019 11:24:00 AM

(3/27/2019 02:00:00 AM) - Al

Many have argued the past few days that this is why they did the whole Trump thing, because they knew this would eventually leak.

3/27/2019 02:00:00 AM

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

(3/26/2019 09:47:00 PM) - Al

The dossier is pure fiction. You can't prove a negative. There is not a single thing in it that has been proven. All you see is this...well, they can't prove it's not true.

That's because it's impossible.

3/26/2019 09:47:00 PM

(3/26/2019 08:11:00 PM) - Al

Every single Senate Dem refuses to vote for idiocy.

She's a moron's moron.

3/26/2019 08:11:00 PM

(3/26/2019 08:08:00 PM) - Al

Jennings seems like an obvious candidate for a minor league contract with the Crew.

3/26/2019 08:08:00 PM

(3/26/2019 04:30:00 PM) - Al

Living out of a school bus? I've lived in worse.

3/26/2019 04:30:00 PM

(3/26/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

Chicago remains the most corrupt city in the USA.

They know he's guilty, and they just don't care.

The prosecutor wants to have a career, it would seem. 

3/26/2019 03:30:00 PM

(3/26/2019 03:00:00 PM) - Al

As a wise man has said, being a liberal means never having to say you're sorry.

3/26/2019 03:00:00 PM

(3/26/2019 02:33:00 PM) - Al

Tim Miles took a dead Nebraska program and brought it back to life. It is now a very attractive job, so it might bring in another quality coach, but it's a shame they gave up on him.

3/26/2019 02:33:00 PM

Monday, March 25, 2019

(3/25/2019 07:26:00 PM) - Al

I find it hard to believe no team would give even a middling prospect for a veteran innings eater like Straily. Is $5M considered too much for that these days?

He will certainly have plenty of interest, from a number of teams.

3/25/2019 07:26:00 PM

(3/25/2019 06:54:00 PM) - Al

I love it when stupid people punk themselves.

3/25/2019 06:54:00 PM

(3/25/2019 06:43:00 PM) - Al

A hack of mammoth proportion. What a fool.

3/25/2019 06:43:00 PM

(3/25/2019 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Not only that, but that fella ain't all that masculine either.

Oops. Never mind.

3/25/2019 03:00:00 PM

(3/25/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

Oh what a tangled web we weave...quite badly, I might add.

1. I'm so glad they're not on my side.

2. They choose their heroes poorly.

3/25/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/25/2019 02:08:00 PM) - Al

Class just oozes out of them...

3/25/2019 02:08:00 PM

(3/25/2019 01:30:00 PM) - Al

Dershowitz is a Dem, but he's honest. He has been this entire time, and the left has torn him apart for it.

The truth is far more devastating to liberals than anything we can make up.

If only there would have been a wise man that saw this the entire time and laughed about it. Now, remind me how it's colder because it's hotter.

Please, please keep talking.

3/25/2019 01:30:00 PM

(3/25/2019 12:00:00 PM) - Al


I love the way they missed this for 2.5 years, even after we pointed it out. They're so stupid, they still don't understand why letting people keep more of their money makes them work harder.

It's a puzzler. 

3/25/2019 12:00:00 PM

(3/25/2019 11:00:00 AM) - Al

I don't understand why the old media has such a low approval rating. It's a mystery we may never solve.

The funniest thing is how a week ago, Mueller was one of the finest human beings to ever walk the planet. Now, he's a darn fool, and oh, by the way, he's ugly too.

3/25/2019 11:00:00 AM

(3/25/2019 09:40:00 AM) - Al

Chatting with friend in Georgia this morning.  Took shower, ran errand, showed up at store at 9:41...opens at 10.

Realized I had added an hour onto time in my head while chatting, as GA is Eastern, of course.


3/25/2019 09:40:00 AM

(3/25/2019 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Bobby is white, stupid, and I love him.

3/25/2019 08:00:00 AM

(3/25/2019 07:30:00 AM) - Al

I think he lied.

By the way, Barry told us 100 times we could keep our plan and our doctor. Barry lied too. You would too if you had a record like they do.

3/25/2019 07:30:00 AM

(3/25/2019 06:30:00 AM) - Al

Somehow, Dan Rather saying stupid things is quite possibly the most fitting thing that happened. What a beautiful day to be a capitalist Republican in America.

Of course, so is every day since 1776.

3/25/2019 06:30:00 AM

(3/25/2019 02:00:00 AM) - Al

Well, he's a conservative, so he deserved it.

3/25/2019 02:00:00 AM

Sunday, March 24, 2019

(3/24/2019 09:30:00 PM) - Al

It is a mystery how it happened...


I will ignore their silliness until my last breath. Of course, I always did...I'm not a hack.

I would not bet on it

Even worse, he outsmarted them, and has the nerve to be hellishly successful too. 

3/24/2019 09:30:00 PM

(3/24/2019 07:00:00 PM) - Al

I recall a wise man saying they can delay and stall all they want, but eventually, they're gonna have to admit they have nothing and it's going to be off the charts embarrassing.

Guess what happened?

These things tend to occur when you base an "investigation" on the losing candidate trying to drunkenly make excuses after the election loss.

That said, if you were Hillary, you'd drink too. A lot.

Remember, you always accuse the other side of what you have done and are doing. It leads to confusion.

The irony? Barry was so worthless at foreign policy and economic policy, even his most ardent fans argue which one he was worse at. 

3/24/2019 07:00:00 PM

(3/24/2019 05:17:00 PM) - Al

Lie every day for almost 2.5 years, and it's not going to be forgiven.

The hell with them. I would not vote for them if they were unopposed.

3/24/2019 05:17:00 PM

(3/24/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

They are a parody of themselves.

Also, even though Obama was a terrible president with frighteningly bad results, he was a god.

The results don't matter. You stupid rubes.

3/24/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/24/2019 01:00:00 PM) - Al

This is an outstanding point. He pretty much can do anything now.

If only there was a fairy tale the left could look to for help about constantly lying and not having the public believe them...

3/24/2019 01:00:00 PM

(3/24/2019 11:45:00 AM) - Al

Kratz to the Giants for a minor league infielder.  MLBTR has the details, I cannot link on my phone.

Getting anything except a waiver fee for him is unexpected.  Hopefully, he can get more big league time with SF.

3/24/2019 11:45:00 AM

(3/24/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

So easy to mock.

So glad they're not on my side.

3/24/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/24/2019 09:00:00 AM) - Al


3/24/2019 09:00:00 AM

Saturday, March 23, 2019

(3/23/2019 11:00:00 PM) - Al

Well, I guess that makes everything ok then...

These are the same people that insist a botched abortion at 9 months be left to die.


3/23/2019 11:00:00 PM

(3/23/2019 07:30:00 PM) - Al

Truth hurts.

3/23/2019 07:30:00 PM

(3/23/2019 06:00:00 PM) - Al


3/23/2019 06:00:00 PM

(3/23/2019 05:30:00 PM) - Al

Sowell is really smart, even if he is a racist.

3/23/2019 05:30:00 PM

(3/23/2019 04:00:00 PM) - Al


3/23/2019 04:00:00 PM

(3/23/2019 02:37:00 PM) - Al

As predictable as the day is long.

Just like they didn't need any evidence against Kavanaugh. It's easy when you don't really believe in anything.

3/23/2019 02:37:00 PM

(3/23/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

The irony? When I called them liars and fake news, I was being kind.

For 2 years, they just made stuff up and pretended it was true. It was not. Terrible, unprofessional hacks.

Their death is deserved. The hell with them. 

3/23/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/23/2019 12:00:00 PM) - Al

Well said.

Embarrassing hacks, one and all. And the old media showed why we ignore everything they say.

3/23/2019 12:00:00 PM

(3/23/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

The same number as flying pigs.

Tighten up them tin foil hats. Heh.

3/23/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/23/2019 07:00:00 AM) - Al

They dug their own grave.

That's a shame.

3/23/2019 07:00:00 AM

(3/23/2019 02:30:00 AM) - Al

As much as I hate to bring common sense into this, if there is a species of bigfoots, why do none ever die?

Because no one has ever found a carcass. Ever.

3/23/2019 02:30:00 AM

Friday, March 22, 2019

(3/22/2019 09:00:00 PM) - Al

Bill Kristol's worst enemy?

Bill Kristol.

What a loon.

3/22/2019 09:00:00 PM

(3/22/2019 07:30:00 PM) - Al

A liberal hypocrite?

I don't think I've ever seen that before...

3/22/2019 07:30:00 PM

(3/22/2019 06:30:00 PM) - Al


I am shocked...shocked, that the Dems and a military hero disagree.

3/22/2019 06:30:00 PM

(3/22/2019 05:54:00 PM) - Al

Worst thing that can happen in the big dance is to run into a hot team. Not a whole lot you can do either.

3/22/2019 05:54:00 PM

(3/22/2019 05:51:00 PM) - Al

It's funny because it's true.

They're hacks you see. Lying, terrible people, and hacks.

3/22/2019 05:51:00 PM

(3/22/2019 05:02:00 PM) - Al

If only there was a wise man who knew this 2 years ago...

This too

3/22/2019 05:02:00 PM

(3/22/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

Mine is funnier.

3/22/2019 03:30:00 PM

(3/22/2019 02:00:00 PM) - Al

They have no idea there is not a pharmacy every few miles in much of America.


3/22/2019 02:00:00 PM

(3/22/2019 12:58:00 PM) - Al

Peralta makes rotation, Anderson will begin season in bullpen.

3/22/2019 12:58:00 PM

(3/22/2019 12:34:00 PM) - Al

Brewers sign Alex Wilson, who has been effective, if a bit generic, for several seasons.

I would guess this is a major league contract, but not positive yet.

It is a major league deal. I assume Wahl will be put on the 60 day injured list to make room on the 40 man.

3/22/2019 12:34:00 PM

(3/22/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

When you are willing to bypass the "innocent until proven guilty" standard, it's apparent you're willing to bypass just about anything for political gain.

By the way, those women accusing the Virginia Dems and Ellison in MN are different. They're just sluts who happen to remember dates, times, and places; and didn't get caught lying on several occasions.

Because shut up. 

3/22/2019 12:30:00 PM

(3/22/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

They hate nothing more than people who love capitalism and not punishing the successful.

3/22/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/22/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

We forget how consistently good Tucker was.

3/22/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/22/2019 10:00:00 AM) - Al

The economy is so strong, even fools thrive.

3/22/2019 10:00:00 AM

(3/22/2019 09:30:00 AM) - Al

If only a wise man would have predicted this 2 years ago.

3/22/2019 09:30:00 AM

(3/22/2019 08:54:00 AM) - Al


McCain was a scumbag in 2008. Romney gave a woman cancer in 2012.

The more things change, the more the "crying wolf" and then claiming the next guy is worse stays the same.

It's what you do when you have nothing except punishing the successful and insisting a utopian America involves standing in line for moldy bread because it makes everyone "equal."

3/22/2019 08:54:00 AM

(3/22/2019 07:35:00 AM) - Al

Quick thought...if Kimbrel could be had for 1y/$18M, I think a dozen teams would be on him. I think he ends up with 2-3y even now.

3/22/2019 07:35:00 AM

(3/22/2019 07:30:00 AM) - Al

Remember when we were called uneducated bigots?

3/22/2019 07:30:00 AM

Thursday, March 21, 2019

(3/21/2019 11:57:00 PM) - Al

I'm not sure if they're ignorant or intelligent.

Either way, they do not understand you do not stop bad men by punishing good men.

3/21/2019 11:57:00 PM

(3/21/2019 07:40:00 PM) - Al

Knebel has partial tear of the UCL. Will get 2nd opinion. Tommy John surgery a possibility, or rehab.

3/21/2019 07:40:00 PM

(3/21/2019 05:38:00 PM) - Al

The worst part about this is it makes Kratz have one less suitor, in theory at least, if Pina and Grandal stay healthy.

3/21/2019 05:38:00 PM

(3/21/2019 01:49:00 PM) - Al

Knebel to have elbow checked out.

3/21/2019 01:49:00 PM

(3/21/2019 11:01:00 AM) - Al

Math is so awesome.

3/21/2019 11:01:00 AM

(3/21/2019 06:00:00 AM) - Al

Another beautiful military video.

3/21/2019 06:00:00 AM

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

(3/20/2019 07:47:00 PM) - Al

The Athletic reporting a deal between the Crew and Kimbrel may be close."

Notice that says nothing,  but still noteworthy.

3/20/2019 07:47:00 PM

(3/20/2019 01:52:00 PM) - Al

Heyman reports Brewers' interest in Kimbrel "pretty serious."

Also reports Arby's new 2 for $5 fish sandwich special is "pretty fishy."

3/20/2019 01:52:00 PM

(3/20/2019 01:12:00 PM) - Al

Tomlin opts out, will look elsewhere.

3/20/2019 01:12:00 PM

(3/20/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

This would be one of the funniest things to ever happen.

3/20/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/20/2019 10:29:00 AM) - Al

Rumor has it Kimbrel and the Brewers are continuing to discuss a contract, probably of the short term variety. Could this prompt other teams to jump in with a 1-3 year offer?

Yep. Most certainly. I will say this, however...if it leaked, it is probably very serious talks. That doesn't mean an agreement will happen though.

3/20/2019 10:29:00 AM

(3/20/2019 08:00:00 AM) - Al

2019 roster projection





I'm guessing they go with Petricka instead of Peralta to begin the season. I think Kratz will be released or traded so he can remain in the majors. I think Spangenberg may sneak his way to the majors when the bullpen is rested, but the team plays 31 games in the first 34 days. I would expect Houser and Peralta to both be up before May, even if the team is healthy. I also think we'll see our old friend Nate Orf back in the majors before the all star break. I bet we'll see Troy Stokes make his debut in the OF earlier than most think. Finally, Aaron Wilkerson will be an important piece of the 2019 club.

Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

3/20/2019 08:00:00 AM

(3/20/2019 06:00:00 AM) - Al

If you wonder why CNN's ratings are in the toilet, it's directly related to the fact they would rather cater to the far left than not suck.

3/20/2019 06:00:00 AM

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

(3/19/2019 11:29:00 PM) - Al

I just scheduled my roster guess to post tomorrow morning, so Kimbrel signing is probably minutes away...:)

3/19/2019 11:29:00 PM

(3/19/2019 07:31:00 PM) - Al

I assume Fields has an early opt out, as he probably had at least a dozen minor league contract offers.

I am not sure if he can go back down once he is brought up, so he may actually hurt the bullpen versatility. Hence, let's hope he is good.

3/19/2019 07:31:00 PM

(3/19/2019 01:00:00 PM) - Al

I hope she never shuts up.

3/19/2019 01:00:00 PM

(3/19/2019 12:45:00 PM) - Al

At clinic for the 6th identical procedure for the Rambling wife. Just remembered I forgot to post my roster thoughts last night, ended up working later than I had expected.  I will be babysitting her much of the day, so will try to do that today.

3/19/2019 12:45:00 PM

(3/19/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

MLBTR's Brewers' outlook and recap.

3/19/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/19/2019 11:11:00 AM) - Al

Trout to sign huge extension, 12y/$430M.

The problem is not the second number, it's the first. He is worth crazy money today, but is very unlikely to be worth a fraction of that in 12 years.

3/19/2019 11:11:00 AM

(3/19/2019 11:00:00 AM) - Al

Silly talk from the power hungry and the ignorant.

3/19/2019 11:00:00 AM

(3/19/2019 08:30:00 AM) - Al

Young adults are pretty much the 5 year olds of 1950...

3/19/2019 08:30:00 AM

(3/19/2019 05:00:00 AM) - Al


3/19/2019 05:00:00 AM

Monday, March 18, 2019

(3/18/2019 07:56:00 PM) - Al

Gio takes a minor league deal with the Yankees.

3/18/2019 07:56:00 PM

(3/18/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

I agree wholeheartedly with Glenn here.

In fact, I was offended all 8 times I clicked on the link. I'm so offended, I'm going to go back and check it again so I can fire off an email to the editor.

3/18/2019 03:30:00 PM

(3/18/2019 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Wood is a nice young role player, but the Bucks are in the hunt for a title. Short term goals simply outweigh long term goals when you have the best record in the league.

3/18/2019 03:00:00 PM

(3/18/2019 02:54:00 PM) - Al

I have not done a roster projection because it appears to me only the backup catcher spot is a question mark (barring injuries, of course), but I've got several email requests for one. I'll knock one out tonight.

3/18/2019 02:54:00 PM

(3/18/2019 02:36:00 PM) - Al

The bloom is off the rose.

Amazing how harshly his regime is condemned now that folks won't be accused of racism by his nutty followers.

Barry's presidency will be judged harshly by history. You can tell that simply by how offended Carter is every time Obama's failed 8 years is compared to his failed 4.

3/18/2019 02:36:00 PM

(3/18/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

A wise man pointed out recycling was a ball of hooey 3+ decades ago. It still is. It's also an economic depressor, as it lessens the amount of new manufacturing that needs to take place.

Whenever the answer is more government jobs, less private sector jobs, and more cost to the taxpayers, the odds are almost 100% they being suckered.

Told you so.

3/18/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/18/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

The fact is, they are consistently wrong about most everything.

That's what happens when you make decisions based on emotion instead of fact.

3/18/2019 12:30:00 PM

(3/18/2019 09:00:00 AM) - Al

The fact they hate the Jews is not new. It just didn't get talked about while their god was president.

3/18/2019 09:00:00 AM

(3/18/2019 03:30:00 AM) - Al

Rules? They do not need to follow no stinking rules...

3/18/2019 03:30:00 AM

Sunday, March 17, 2019

(3/17/2019 10:36:00 PM) - Al

They choose their heroes badly.

3/17/2019 10:36:00 PM

(3/17/2019 10:31:00 PM) - Al

Badgers play at about 3:30pm Friday on TBS.

3/17/2019 10:31:00 PM

(3/17/2019 01:17:00 PM) - Al

I wonder if these players are aware the season begins in less than 2 weeks.

3/17/2019 01:17:00 PM

(3/17/2019 07:00:00 AM) - Al

Even though he received a major league contract over the winter, Brewers infielder/outfielder Cory Spangenberg may open the season in the minors, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes.--MLBTR

Early candidate for least knowledgeable sentence of the season. As I knew when I was 6, a major league contract only means you are on the 40 man. Every team has 12-15 players on a major league contract that will open the year in the minor leagues, a fact apparently lost on "Connor."

3/17/2019 07:00:00 AM

(3/17/2019 03:30:00 AM) - Al

Funny, I don't recall the old media minding this at all back in the day...

3/17/2019 03:30:00 AM

(3/17/2019 02:00:00 AM) - Al

ECON101 was probably too early in the morning...

3/17/2019 02:00:00 AM

Saturday, March 16, 2019

(3/16/2019 09:00:00 PM) - Al

Other than that...

3/16/2019 09:00:00 PM

(3/16/2019 07:12:00 PM) - Al

I giggle whenever I see their ratings. Deservedly low.

3/16/2019 07:12:00 PM

(3/16/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

Heh. This is what they based the entire Mueller faux investigation on.

What a bunch of transparent ignorant hacks. .

3/16/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/16/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

At the very least, they'll carry only 4 bench players often. Gamel might even be the one to go down for a stretch if they want to add an extra arm for a while.

3/16/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/16/2019 09:11:00 AM) - Al

Attention whore complains about attention.

Heh. That's really stupid even for her.

3/16/2019 09:11:00 AM

(3/16/2019 01:00:00 AM) - Al

Well...good for them.

3/16/2019 01:00:00 AM

Friday, March 15, 2019

(3/15/2019 04:30:00 PM) - Al

If I didn't know better, I'd think they were hypocrites.

3/15/2019 04:30:00 PM

(3/15/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

We only talk about that if he believes in letting people keep more of the money they earn...

3/15/2019 03:30:00 PM

(3/15/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

What's the old John Edwards fact? There are two Americas, and he's a scumbag in both of them.

3/15/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/15/2019 01:30:00 PM) - Al

Funny how little you hear about these economic successes. It's almost as if the old media doesn't want the rubes to know...

3/15/2019 01:30:00 PM

(3/15/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

Stearns admits Kratz is 3rd on depth chart and basically insurance. Looks like they will trade him late this month if a team wants to put him in the majors...assuming Pina and Grandal stay healthy.

3/15/2019 12:30:00 PM

(3/15/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

Well, he's right...

3/15/2019 12:30:00 PM

(3/15/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

By the way, you should conserve fuel by walking and, you know, not doing stuff.

But I can do whatever I want. Because I'm a hypocrite named Bobby.

3/15/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/15/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

So, Jamie, when did you start using drugs again? Oh man, how did you know? Just a lucky guess.

Many people are turning to yoga and mindfulness...

Heh. No, no they are not. Grow the hell up. 

3/15/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/15/2019 09:30:00 AM) - Al

Heh. If he just escapes indictment due to biased government agencies, he'd be the total package...

3/15/2019 09:30:00 AM

Thursday, March 14, 2019

(3/14/2019 11:59:00 PM) - Al

I always find it ironic that the left blames the NRA for every shooting in the USA, but then stands silently when a shooting occurs elsewhere in the world, as if they simply cannot fathom that evil, terrible people exist.

It's almost as if it's all just politics to some.

3/14/2019 11:59:00 PM

(3/14/2019 10:30:00 PM) - Al

As I predicted a decade ago, college is slowly dying. This may be the death blow.

3/14/2019 10:30:00 PM

(3/14/2019 07:30:00 PM) - Al

If one did not know better, one might think this was all just a facade.

3/14/2019 07:30:00 PM

(3/14/2019 03:00:00 PM) - Al

Phillips is a WI-Platteville grad and coached oodles of WI kids at North Dakota State. Ohio is doomed to losing for years and will wonder why.

3/14/2019 03:00:00 PM

(3/14/2019 02:00:00 PM) - Al

Bobby is in.

He goes by Beto for the same reason Liz said she was a native American...that's all they got.

Since the world ended in 2013, we're just on borrowed time anyway...funny how that darn math always leads them to look like they're crying wolf.

That's what happens when you cry wolf to punish the successful.

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine.

3/14/2019 02:00:00 PM

(3/14/2019 01:00:00 PM) - Al

I always enjoy the way this is reported as some kind of recent news.

She broke the law and it was covered up. This ain't tough.

3/14/2019 01:00:00 PM

(3/14/2019 11:01:00 AM) - Al

Coincidentally, the Swedish government has far more money than the US government.

3/14/2019 11:01:00 AM

(3/14/2019 07:00:00 AM) - Al

I don't like the earlier deadline. I don't know how it's a positive at all.

Love the 26 man roster, though I could do without the pitcher maximum...what would a Kieschnick type be considered? It's not necessary either...if a team wants to carry 14 arms and 12 position players, more power to them.

3/14/2019 07:00:00 AM

(3/14/2019 06:00:00 AM) - Al


And they make fun of the rubes in flyover country.

3/14/2019 06:00:00 AM

(3/14/2019 04:00:00 AM) - Al

It doesn't matter, as long as he can pad the coffers of his union money launderers.

A good economy means nothing to the left. If no one is struggling, who's going to vote for them?

3/14/2019 04:00:00 AM

(3/14/2019 01:00:00 AM) - Al

That's a damn shame.

3/14/2019 01:00:00 AM

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

(3/13/2019 08:30:00 PM) - Al

She's too stupid to note the irony.

ADDED: Yeah, them liars should be ashamed of themselves!! BWAHAHA!

3/13/2019 08:30:00 PM

(3/13/2019 06:30:00 PM) - Al

If you don't like it, don't go to school there.

Otherwise, shut the hell up.

3/13/2019 06:30:00 PM

(3/13/2019 04:30:00 PM) - Al

I've been carb free, or under 20 grams a day, for months, except for cheat days and weeks. I remain down 50 pounds and feel far better every morning.

The irony is, these buffoons that think they are healthier by skipping meat on Monday as they eat pasta, energy drinks, and sweets.

3/13/2019 04:30:00 PM

(3/13/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

What happens when a few people elect someone in one party primaries.

3/13/2019 03:30:00 PM

(3/13/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

That's a shame.

3/13/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/13/2019 01:58:00 PM) - Al

Jeffress likely to open season on injured list, per Counsell.

3/13/2019 01:58:00 PM

(3/13/2019 01:30:00 PM) - Al

Just think of the savings the residents will be rewarded with...heh.

3/13/2019 01:30:00 PM

(3/13/2019 12:00:00 PM) - Al

There just isn't anywhere left to cut.

3/13/2019 12:00:00 PM

(3/13/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

Liberal Hollywood stars do not need to follow the rules.

The rules are for the little people.

The Rambling son did so well on his ACT test, that he gets several college postcards and letters every day. Almost all are from what I would call stuck up private schools, though I don't think I've seen any Ivy League return addresses.

Just a coincidence

3/13/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/13/2019 08:38:00 AM) - Al

Yes, why would anyone think there was criminal activity?

3/13/2019 08:38:00 AM

(3/13/2019 08:30:00 AM) - Al

Well said.

My parents paid my tuition,but I worked 60+ hours a week for most of my college career, because I refused to be poor. The hell with them.

3/13/2019 08:30:00 AM

(3/13/2019 07:30:00 AM) - Al

Who saw this coming?

3/13/2019 07:30:00 AM

(3/13/2019 04:30:00 AM) - Al

To be fair, she doesn't remember the prosperity under Reagan, not how gifted he was.

3/13/2019 04:30:00 AM

(3/13/2019 01:30:00 AM) - Al

Fake news.

There's so much fake news, it's difficult to find the real.

3/13/2019 01:30:00 AM

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

(3/12/2019 06:33:00 PM) - Al

Moustakas will be the 2B, which has been obvious since no one else has played there.

Many seem to be faux worried about him, much as they were Shaw. However, Mike is almost certain to be similar...solid glove, below average range. If he hits anything like projected, he should easily make up for the range issue with above average offense.

3/12/2019 06:33:00 PM

(3/12/2019 06:27:00 PM) - Al

It's hard to be consistent when you just make it up as you go along.

3/12/2019 06:27:00 PM

(3/12/2019 10:00:00 AM) - Al

About time the public catches up with me, who has been pushing this for 40 years.

3/12/2019 10:00:00 AM

(3/12/2019 08:00:00 AM) - Al

Well, his daughter did marry a Jew. That's what you would expect a raging anti Semite to say, ain't it? 

3/12/2019 08:00:00 AM

Monday, March 11, 2019

(3/11/2019 06:05:00 PM) - Al


Why don't they pick on some other bigot?

3/11/2019 06:05:00 PM

(3/11/2019 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Uecker received full playoff share.

3/11/2019 09:00:00 AM

(3/11/2019 06:00:00 AM) - Al

Navratilova is trying to figure out how she lost the left.

It's easy used to be left. When the left moved further left, you are solely in the middle.

JFK's doctrine, meanwhile, low taxes and a strong defense, is more right than a few RINO's currently in office...

3/11/2019 06:00:00 AM

Sunday, March 10, 2019

(3/10/2019 09:58:00 PM) - Al

Accuse your opponents of doing what you are guilty of.

3/10/2019 09:58:00 PM

(3/10/2019 07:49:00 PM) - Al

Waiting in line is a perfect example of socialism, I'll give them that.

3/10/2019 07:49:00 PM

(3/10/2019 01:22:00 PM) - Al

But is it satire if it could happen?

3/10/2019 01:22:00 PM

(3/10/2019 09:55:00 AM) - Al

The Rambling wife and myself worked with Maddie's aunt and uncle many years ago at the Toys R Us in Eau Claire.

If you are in the Chip Falls area, this is a great way to spend your afternoon. Or, if you are busy napping or doing other things, or hours away, the Go Fund Me page is a simple and easy way to do the same thing, and you don't even have to deal with those pesky people.

3/10/2019 09:55:00 AM

(3/10/2019 09:46:00 AM) - Al


3/10/2019 09:46:00 AM

Saturday, March 09, 2019

(3/09/2019 03:30:00 PM) - Al

Bernie can't decide whether he should lie now or lie later.

It's tough when you're only plan is to make everyone a have not.

3/09/2019 03:30:00 PM

(3/09/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

Don't they know? He had a pen and a phone!

3/09/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/09/2019 01:30:00 PM) - Al

Think how good it would be had they not procrastinated!

3/09/2019 01:30:00 PM

(3/09/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

Sure will miss him.

3/09/2019 12:30:00 PM

(3/09/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

The end of the world is always a decade away.

3/09/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/09/2019 10:26:00 AM) - Al

I don't know how many times I have to splain it to ya...there's just nothing left to cut.

3/09/2019 10:26:00 AM

Friday, March 08, 2019

(3/08/2019 04:00:00 PM) - Al


Remember, a godlike president insisted 6% was "full employment."

He lied. And he was an economic child.

3/08/2019 04:00:00 PM

(3/08/2019 03:15:00 PM) - Al

All 162 games on TV.

These are the good old days.

3/08/2019 03:15:00 PM

(3/08/2019 02:49:00 PM) - Al

Spend and tax, tax and spend.

I, for one, am shocked.

I must admit, the increase in the gas tax, the most regressive tax in existence, was a special kind of ignorant. Nothing says punishing those that commute to work more than making them pay more for the privilege of doing so.

If only there would have been some hint that the left would do this...

3/08/2019 02:49:00 PM

(3/08/2019 01:12:00 PM) - Al

The snow seems to be disintegrating into liquid. The temp on my car mirror says 32.

I have alerted the authorities. I am afraid the catastrophic result of climate change is upon us.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to commence looting.

3/08/2019 01:12:00 PM

Thursday, March 07, 2019

(3/07/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

Heh. Who would have figured?

Everyone that passed ECON101.

3/07/2019 12:30:00 PM

(3/07/2019 10:00:00 AM) - Al

The left has defended racists in VA and anti Semitic behavior among their own.

They have lost all credibility as a party for the underdog.

I'm so glad they're not on my side. 

ADDED: Rahm tells the truth the others are afraid to say. 

3/07/2019 10:00:00 AM

(3/07/2019 08:00:00 AM) - Al

This was a SNL skit back in the late 70's.

Now, it's the Democrat party.

3/07/2019 08:00:00 AM

(3/07/2019 03:30:00 AM) - Al

The funny thing is, the old media insists no one likes him.

3/07/2019 03:30:00 AM

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

(3/06/2019 10:06:00 PM) - Al

Jeffress leaves outing with shoulder soreness.

Why depth is so important. Nobody leaves Arizona with their top 25. 

3/06/2019 10:06:00 PM

(3/06/2019 07:19:00 PM) - Al

No Bucks or Badgers tonight. Both play tomorrow night.

One year, I recall they never played at the same time after JAN, at least in the regular season. They often both played on Saturday or Sunday,  but one played a matinee and one in the evening. Tomorrow will be infinity times it has happened this season.

3/06/2019 07:19:00 PM

(3/06/2019 02:50:00 PM) - Al

Top Dems tell me this is utopia.

3/06/2019 02:50:00 PM

(3/06/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

Me too.

3/06/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/06/2019 09:00:00 AM) - Al

Great line Kat.

3/06/2019 09:00:00 AM

(3/06/2019 07:30:00 AM) - Al


3/06/2019 07:30:00 AM

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

(3/05/2019 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Sounded like half the crowd in Phoenix last night were Bucks' fans.

As I have mentioned often, I can't believe people pay money to see spring training games, never mind travel cross country to do so. I guess warm weather has more appeal to some.

3/05/2019 10:00:00 AM

(3/05/2019 08:30:00 AM) - Al


The end of the world already happened. You stupid rubes.

3/05/2019 08:30:00 AM

(3/05/2019 01:00:00 AM) - Al

Rambling wife stopped by post office to pick up registered package requiring a signature.

Closed at 430.

If only their hours were the size of their pensions. Or how much money they lose daily. 

ADDED: Proof I married well, Rambling wife replied, "Ain't that the truth?"

3/05/2019 01:00:00 AM

Monday, March 04, 2019

(3/04/2019 10:45:00 PM) - Al

Heh. Tennessee holds a 3 hour meeting and admits they have no idea if the people in the picture went to school there.

Meanwhile, the governor of Virginia admits it was him and no one gives a rat's ass.

3/04/2019 10:45:00 PM

(3/04/2019 02:30:00 PM) - Al

Stearns does not say much, but he does talk a lot.

3/04/2019 02:30:00 PM

(3/04/2019 01:30:00 PM) - Al

Fact check: True.

3/04/2019 01:30:00 PM

(3/04/2019 12:30:00 PM) - Al

They know it's true. That's why they call it a lie.

That's why I'm glad they're not on my side.

3/04/2019 12:30:00 PM

(3/04/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al

I was assured that 3% growth was impossible for an economy as large as the USA's.

Sometimes, I wonder if the left isd being totally honest with me...

3/04/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/04/2019 10:31:00 AM) - Al

This reeks of being a favor to big tobacco.

Billions in tax subsidies goes to tobacco producers every year. Why?

Because the government knows better.

3/04/2019 10:31:00 AM

(3/04/2019 10:00:00 AM) - Al

The idea of "transforming" the greatest country in the history of the planet is, to be blunt, rather stupid and shortsighted.

3/04/2019 10:00:00 AM

Sunday, March 03, 2019

(3/03/2019 11:42:00 PM) - Al

Wahl out for season.

I would assume he will be placed on the 60 day DL which opens up a spot on the 40 man for an addition, or for a nonroster invitee to make the 25 man (and in effect, the 40 man) roster.

3/03/2019 11:42:00 PM

(3/03/2019 05:49:00 PM) - Al

Image may contain: 1 person

The thing about this? It doesn't cost a thing.

3/03/2019 05:49:00 PM

(3/03/2019 03:47:00 PM) - Al

Just saw a woman carrying a carry on size bag and an empty box as she got into a waiting vehicle at the airport. 

The box was about shoebox size, though with taller sides. I can only imagine, at some point during her journey, she made a conscious, thought out decision that, well, "That box is far too nice to throw away," with perhaps an, "It's just the perfect size for mailing" added on at the end to justify to herself that she just transported trash across the country.

3/03/2019 03:47:00 PM

(3/03/2019 10:00:00 AM) - Al

Nice to see the rest of society catching up.

3/03/2019 10:00:00 AM

Saturday, March 02, 2019

(3/02/2019 08:01:00 PM) - Al

If only there was some sort of economic theory which has shown this to be the case for centuries.

Wages are determined by the free market. Any encroachment on this will lead to inequality on one side or the other.

3/02/2019 08:01:00 PM

(3/02/2019 08:00:00 PM) - Al

Pocahontas is a horrible person. And, Caucasian.

3/02/2019 08:00:00 PM

(3/02/2019 09:30:00 AM) - Al

Bucks extend Bledsoe, will sign Gasol when he clears waivers, and win another game on the west coast.

Quite a day.

3/02/2019 09:30:00 AM

(3/02/2019 08:30:00 AM) - Al

Well, that's different...

Accuse your opponent of doing that what you are doing...

3/02/2019 08:30:00 AM

(3/02/2019 07:21:00 AM) - Al

It's true. That's why it's fake.

3/02/2019 07:21:00 AM

Friday, March 01, 2019

(3/01/2019 03:00:00 PM) - Al

I wonder if people that ride bikes in the winter realize how stupid they look?

3/01/2019 03:00:00 PM

(3/01/2019 11:30:00 AM) - Al


3/01/2019 11:30:00 AM

(3/01/2019 10:30:00 AM) - Al

The old media pushes socialism because they, by nature, are low paid and not very good at what they do.

3/01/2019 10:30:00 AM

(3/01/2019 09:30:00 AM) - Al

This means it's working perfectly.

Test scores lower...let's dump more money into unions!

Rinse and repeat.

3/01/2019 09:30:00 AM

(3/01/2019 08:33:00 AM) - Al

Not feeling 100% today, so my post about my GA buddy is probably not going to happen, as it will take some time and emotions.

3/01/2019 08:33:00 AM

(3/01/2019 07:47:00 AM) - Al

Crime is always down when the economy is good.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

3/01/2019 07:47:00 AM

These are the good old days. Some folks are just too busy wishing the streets were paved with gold to enjoy the good times.

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